Image Theft Fail

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By kkart
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I think this one takes the cake...."I stole your images, put them back or I will call a lawyer." Seriously.

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ladyasharaHobbyist Digital Artist

That is all
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ikai-zixieProfessional General Artist
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seremela05Student Digital Artist
:rofl: ahahahaha wow...that is have to agree: that one takes the cake
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If that guy did call his lawyer.
He's the one getting caught.
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KarmillinaHobbyist Digital Artist
The business the author of the pic would make.

"oh yeah??? then I sue you for blatant theft and copyright infringement you bitch"

I don't know about you, but I'd do it XD
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NArcISisTKitTEnHobbyist Traditional Artist
lmao epicness in fail XD
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Art theft is a hard job :nod:
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omg fail. :faint:
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blumin hell
that made my day :D
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EricForFriendsProfessional Photographer
Some businessman - running his email in Gmail... be afraid, be very afraid! :fear:
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House-of-KadamonHobbyist Digital Artist
Asshole, anyone? God, kill it- kill it dead with fire.
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EllenEinkaufProfessional Photographer
uhhhhh??? ...some people need help.
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WTF - hilarious...I think....I'm gobsmacked! :faint:
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The editor in chief of a newspaper where I am got a note that one of the names in the captions was incorrect and to correct it. He discovered that the entity making that request was using the photo without permission or paying the photographer, but with the 'correct' caption.
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JynxpixieHobbyist General Artist
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this particular thing might not be real, but i will bet big money that this has happened at some point. maybe not exactly like this, but i'm sure someone said something similar :P
it makes me sad, cause i'm just no longer amazed at how stupid humanity is Dx because there are people out there who think like this!
'i stole your stuff, but you stole it back. i'm calling my lawyer!' xO
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go to the link. It's real.
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Poison-StripesHobbyist General Artist
Major epic fail! :rofl:
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Ayame-HyuugaHobbyist Traditional Artist
Made me laugh...SO fucking hard! :rofl:
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VroomBroom Photographer
That is an epic fail! LOL!
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mearakallistaProfessional Photographer
Hahaha as if!!!!! IDIOT! D:
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