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By kkart
These days it's difficult to find photography on here which really stands out. I mean REALLY stands out, especially since DA isn't attracting the people it once did and so many here have left for other sites. That being said, incredible work can still be found and seen on here & you just have to know where to go to find it. 

I thought I would share with all of you work that I would give DD to if I was still a volunteer. These images IMHO all deserve it & are worthy. Amazing work. Inspiring work. Incredible work. 


Lucy by Lain-AwakeAtNight

Sunset-at-a-Lake-in-Kissimmee-Florida by CaptainKimo

Tiny Robin by missfortune11

Ellie by Wolfskuss

Stormy by Annabelle-Chabert

Teton Fall by porbital

Siberian Jay by chriskaula

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The hidden gems are indeed fewer and farther between than they used to be,scattered amongst a ridiculous amount of filth,bondage and shit now :o
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Great work. I wish dA was as it once was.. I don't like the way other sites operate but dA's interface and features are so much better than the competition's. Take 500px - it feels like a rushed together platform with only the basics added on. I hate the whole trending thing and the function that allows you to 'buy' an audience essentially with a premium sub. It's fake and it does not feel like a photographer's community.
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I´m still trying to amaze people with my photography on here. It is hard though. But every single fav or comments makes my heart melt. If i can amaze just one person, I´m happy. La love 
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hi :) 
happy to see you here
Welcome back again:hug:
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Holy cow how the hell are you? It's been a LONG time! 
LadyCarnal's avatar
work... life... survivor mode.. nothing else...
it wold be great time to be there again...
i hooope i have possibility to do this again!
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"survivor mode" lol That says it all. Oh how I can relate to that :) 
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Really superior photography. Great finds, John. :nod:
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yeah, i agree, all of these photos are really great :)
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Its hard to find good stiff on here. A photographer I'm watching, JustinDeRosa has a good gallery. 
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I absolutely agree with you about DA not attracting so many people since so many other sites exist ,plus so many people cant afford to pay such high membership  but I disagree that there aren't so many shots that really stand out .You didn' find them yet ,I believe  there is so many people with extraordinary ability to deliver magnificent shots .Like this work you choose to show us here , all shots are really really good , I fav all of them but there is so man many  similar in gallery of DA.Thanks for sharing this amazing captures:)
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Great pics John.. I'm still finding wonderful works too
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I just wish there was more of it 
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I still find tons!!
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