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Suburban Apocalypse

Suburban Apocalypse

I thought the title fits, and some have said it looks like something outta the game Half Life lol hey, would someone grab me the newspaper please!?!? :) lol I bet the people inside were like "what is this guy doing with a camera in my driveway!?!??"


Thoughts welcomed!

I can't answer all comments, but I try my best! I appreciate all the fav's and feedback a LOT, thank you everyone very much!
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Dec 3, 2007, 4:45:56 PM
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This photo is amazing! I find it quite unique about the top right corner looking as if an explosion is happening. Then adding the color and roughness to the picture just gives it that creepy old look. I also was interested because of the trees. They look as if the plant life can't be sustained anymore, along with the grass which looks as if the heat has scorched it to the ground. Just to stand in that area at that moment would blow my mind away. To be standing in the street breathing those last breathes before death hits us all. That would be one frightning exsperience.
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Lovely golden orange sunset! :clap:
Hey, is it okay if I use this in a single cover for a song I'm releasing? It's badass
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Ah, I love the scenery and it has this indescribably beautiful aura that makes the picture like...POP! :''D
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Too funny!

This picture is simply amazing! Everything about it! Fabulous capture!!!
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Great shot and a great Title for that! ;) "Its the End of the World, as we know it and I feel fine" ;)
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Brilliant and very vibrant work! I had to feature you in Colors of Architecture. Thanks for creating such great work :)
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Its almost like you photoshopped this = ) looks so unreal, nice shot though
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heh, I have people wondering what the heck I'm doing with that camera all the time. I find it interesting that almost nobody ever actually ASKS though. They'll just 'politely' ignore me...

Meh, I get my pictures done. That's all that matters to me.
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...points... stares...
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You've been featured [link]
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:jawdrop: Love the colors! and how the orange and red reflects off the houses. Really nice capture. :aww:
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This is another fantastic photo.
Again the colouring is gorgeous...

I really must try more processing technique on my photos!
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I absolutely love this picture, awesome image, and i'm sure the ride back to the police station for trespassing was soooo totally worth it lol. The fact that i love the colour orange is just an added bonus.
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Really nice. I can feel a kind of heat coming off this piece.
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Very quiet for an apocalypse, course each comes in it's own ways
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:) Maybe they're all dead :)
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All your work is amazing, I really love this one!
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Not to belabor the point, but it feels like one just stepped out their door to greet the end...
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I love the surreal feel. Absolutely amazing colors and stunning how they pervade the entire photo. Good title. I would love to see the movie that starts from this scene! That is, if I could watch the movie that start from this scene! :laughing: :laughing: Not exactly sure...
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i really like this.very atmospheric
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It looks very apocalyptic! :D
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