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Little Buddy

By kkart
This is one little fuzzy and hairy Red Fox Kit!

This past weekend, Myself along with some of the guys I shoot with; John [link] Josh [link] and Jay [link] decided to shoot a Fox den up in the mountains. Let me tell you, this was a blast! We waited close to 4 1/2 hours but the 30 minutes we had with mama vixen and her kits was priceless!

This was quite a rare instance with this shot taken at a fleeting moment when one kit was sitting down, watching closely the other kits and mom while staring back at all of us who were photographing. All of 3 seconds worth to get the shot off before he ran off to play with the others.

Sony a550
Tamron 200-400mm lens
Puffin Pad

Go watch the videos on youtube shot on location! [link] and [link]

I hope you all like it

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See more on my website all work copyrighted 2009 John De Bord. Feel free to link to this shot on Facebook, Twitter, etc. I welcome the extra exposure!
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4.5 hours wait to photograph these foxes shows that you have patience and dedication in your work :)  The photos are priceless :)  How did you become aware of their location?  :)
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This is incredible (and your other two attached pictures)! Thanks so much for taking the time to snap these and share with us!
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Oh my God I can't ever stop loving animal cubs <3
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That is SO adorable!! Awesome capture :D
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This is just too cute :3
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Brilliant work and gallery mate.
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Ooh a red fox. Good choice :)
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So much intelligence in those eyes...
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I love this cute little fox ñuuu <3
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Beautiful work! :)
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Oh! Look at that little fella :) Beautiful work!
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thats Fantastic mr.Fox!!!
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it´s so adorable!
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Something about that furry adorable and loveable!
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haha that's what I call fluffy XD
Nixbegriffen's avatar
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So tiny and cute!! :D :la:
Looks like the watchful, "thoughtful" type, almost wise/wiley.

Great pic, very atypical.
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