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Faded Evening Summer Skies

Longmont, Colorado ....the sun starts to set behind the front range of the Colorado Rockies as a massive field of Sunflowers kiss the end of the day goodbye.

Entered in the Sony photography contest

Season represented: Summer

Captured on my Sony a550 using using Minolta 18-200mm lens, Fotodiox GND and CPL filters, tripod and shutter release cable.

Hope you all like it

See more on my website all work copyrighted 2010 John De Bord. Feel free to link to this shot on Facebook, Twitter, etc. I welcome the extra exposure!
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Someone used our photos here (yours, mine and others too...), without any information or question... are you all right about it?…
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I see no issues in what they did. They linked back to my site here on DA and I encourage people to share my work as much as they can with linking back. This equates to my work being seen by more people and means more print sales for me :) Marketing 101 my friend. Now if they had used my photo, removed my sig and had no link back, that is a whole other story and is theft. In this case however, it is not and is no different than someone sharing your photo on twitter.
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Hello Dear Deviant Friend!
Your talent has been recognized and put on display in
:bulletblack::bulletblue::bulletwhite:The Queen's Picks 2012:bulletwhite::bulletblue::bulletblack:
Thank you for sharing your amazing talent with
the World! :earth:
And remember, dear...

"Every successful artist has at least one person
who really believes in them." :heart:

~ Patricia Piccinini; artist, sculptor



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I was looking at the picture nearly minute and suddenly i felt very happy and relaxed....
Thanks for this shared feeling .Incredible picture,unmatched....
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I really love this scene! especially the sunflower, it was almost like somewhere out from this world.....
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i waaant to go theeere!!!!!
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To photograph is painting with light. You do it, indeed. I love the light and glorious colouring your pictures show.
Beautiful composition, nice subject, wonderful light and colors.
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beautiful scene. Interesting misty mountain, half dissapeared in the background. I really really love it and see how the clouds make it giving more definition to the silhouetted shape!
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I've never walked through a sunflower field... Very pretty. :)
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If I have my way, you will be
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Would love to see that every day
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Beautiful shot. I'm lucky to get one sunflower at a time.
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Gorgeous atmosphere. :)
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I really like the layers in this photo.
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I'm in love with this picture...hell I'm in love with all your sunflower photos, but this one strikes me differently than the others and I think it's because of the shadow of the mountain looming in the background. It makes me think of all the little sunflowers being like individual people in the world, and the mountain like all the obstacles they face...yeah I'm probably reading too much into this :P Fantastic work!! Aaas usual =]
Hahaha, I looked at that and thought, "I know I've seen that before." I think that may be the field I drive by on my way to church. ^_^ This is a lovely shot; almost as nice as the real thing.
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i don't know if this is blasphemous to tell a photographer or not but . . . sometimes i'm as much attracted, if not more so, to where you find yourself in the world to take these photographs as i am to the photos themselves. haha, does that make sense?

great work.
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I love sunflowers <3.
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this photo was exactly what I needed after whole day of removing snow from my pavement. I keep coming back to it as it feels like the essence of summer. the combination of my beloved flowers and the mountains in the background make it perfect. the warm sunlight is magical. may I please use it as a wallpaper?
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ohh nice and here in Germany it is winter xD
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