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Hello guys,

Now you can buy my art here on Deviantart. I enabled a few artworks for sale. If you have a special wish or like to have an artwork which is not for sale until now, let me know in a comment.

Thank you for all your likes and kind words. I read every single comment, although I do not reply to each one.

Many hugs!
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2 min read
Hello everyone,

recently I am not so present as I wish to be. I always read your comments and always enjoy it :hug: ... and at the same time I am sad that I don't have the time to draw. It happend a lot of things the past two years. Now I will move (I didn't choose to move in winter) and I again will have no time. I hope it will come again soon. My family and my work demand my whole time. It is kind of irony that I drew around 300 pictures 2015 and only 10 pictures over the course of the two following years. Today was busy, too.
And then I dicided to edit one picture of my gallery and had fun to do it. I miss it. I hope to be more present next year.

:heart:I wish you all a wonderful Advent time, peace and merry christmas!:heart:

Keja Blank

For unto us a Child is born,
unto us a Son is given,
and the government shall be upon His shoulder;
and his name shall be called
Mighty God,
Everlasting Father,
Prince of Peace.

Isaiah 9:6

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2 min read
 Kakashi Hatake - T-Shirt Design by KejaBlank    

For all those who asked about this design:
The T-shirt is available here again:



A big Thanks goes to :iconsuki-cosplay: who made this possible.

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2 min read
Hello everyone,

I wish you all a happy new year! May you all be blessed!
2016 was a very turbulent year with many challenges and changes. I am a mommy now and this is the reason, why I didn't have so much time. Currently I still don't have time to do more than one artwork in two months, because the job as a mommy and lead an agency besides needs all my capacity. I hope, you all can be patient with me. I am sure, there will be again a time with more spare time to do a lot of artworks.
This is also the reason, why I won't take commissions for an undefined period of time.

All the best for you all, hugs and kisses.
Keja Blank

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3 min read
Hello everyone!

I hope, you all had a good summer. Here in Germany I get the impression, the summer slightly moves from the span June-August to July-October. Anytime we will have summer in winter when it continues that way we will wear shorts at christmas. ;-)

As you already have realized, I haven't posted so much recently. Due to a few changes in private and my agency this year it is not possible for me to upload more than one artwork in 2 months. Next year I surely can do more. Last year was truly an exception for having that much time to draw. Sometimes real life forces me to do other things - I guess, you all know, what I am talking about. Good artworks need creativity and time and i rarely have both at the moment.

For all those, who like to see more Kakashi Art:
Now and then I will do the one or other art, but not so many artworks as last year. I am sorry for all who waited for many more art. It is not possible for me right now.
I want to go on with my serie of "Scott Lynchs books - The Gentlemen Bastards", because I have stopped to do the rest of the characters 2 years ago. For the release of the fourth book will be this year (I hope) I will do a few more portraits of the main characters.

So far. Be blessed and take care!

Keja Blank

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