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Lana DOESN'T Do 'Cute'!

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I, for reasons I can't fathom, have started imagining the Mario and Luigi series redone with the Loud House, with Lincoln and Lucy acting as the title bros. It makes no sense, I am aware, but I can't get the idea out of my head.

What are some things that could make Lana cry? My thought is Hops going missing.

Yeah. Hops (or any of her pets) going missing - or worse - would quite possibly be the #1 thing that could make her cry.

I just had this idea of Lincoln wanting revenge against Luan for a particularly stinging prank she pulled on him. So he convinces Lisa to splice his genes (temporarily) into Mr. Coconuts. He is successful in scaring Luan, but Lisa's invention breaks so she has to try to fix it. Lincoln tries to pass the time by messing with Luan further, to the point she's chasing him around the house with a broom.

Does that sound like something that could happen in an episode?

It's a little far out there for the Loud House. If it were a dream, then sure.

The concept itself? Or something about it particularly?