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Land of the Lost



Their cave hideout has been compromised and Holly, Will, and Rick Marshall are forced to venture out into the Land of the Lost with only a few crystals and the trusty flyswatter. The Sleestaks appear to have them outnumbered, and Grumpy and Alice have arrived to bring more trouble, but fear not, for the Marshalls will not go down without a fight! (and Chaka is there too)

Inspired by the classic T.V. show rather than the new Will Ferrell version. It was fun, but can't compare to the hilarity of the old school classic!
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Goodness... I bookmarked this page years ago, but never faved the pic?! OK, time to fix that... [adds to favorites folder]

I love this rather serious take on the classic old tv show. Bloody wounds? Crossbow bolts stuck IN our heroes? HOLLY brandishing a weapon? Things do indeed seem dire for the Marshalls, but I don't think that all is lost in this land! They've gotten out of tighter jams before... OK, maybe not tighter than THIS, but still... they are resourceful and motivated. Plus, Dilandu's point in the comments DOES seem like a likely way for them to make their escape.

Edited to fix typo.