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Karl Lewis
United Kingdom
Edinburgh based photographer interested in images that express an idea. Currently the ideas I am working on are about archetypes of women, and the labels men put on them.

Dear L____,

Life is never easy. Sometimes the hardest thing is to face the day to day drudgery of being responsible for others. Sometimes the hardest thing is accepting that our powers here are so small and limited, and that there are so many things – and especially people – that lie entirely outside our control, or instil within us feelings we cannot control. Sometimes the hardest thing is trying to face what we think others think of us. Sometimes the hardest thing is living with what we have done to others, or what others have done to us. Sometimes the hardest thing is getting out of bed in the morning. Sometimes it is the feelings we have that are hardest to deal with. Or the lack of them. Especially hard is the abysmal feeling of loneliness.

Sometimes the hardest thing of all is accepting who we are.

But although there is very little we can do about most of life's difficulties, not only does accepting ourselves for who we are lie entirely within our own power, but also the fact that we can do this whenever we choose is our greatest source of hope. For when we look at all of life's “bigger” problems, we see that they essentially boil down to the fact we have persuaded ourselves – or something else has managed to persuade us – that deep inside we are “not worthy”. Not worthy of love. Not worthy of respect. Not worthy of being a parent. Not worthy of our friends. Not worthy of light.

Not worthy of life.

And how did they manage to persuade us of this lie? How could they have set us against ourselves in this way? How could we have tricked ourselves so cruelly? Or allowed ourselves to have been tricked by another?

Well, the answer is simple and mundane. Because we are human beings. And we think like human beings. And like all human beings we are inconsistent – like opposites forced together. And if someone can make us think we should be otherwise; or holds our dark side up to us and places it in view in just such a way so we cannot help but judge it as all we are; or if our love for another leads us to see only hate for ourself; or if they make us think that the only reason we can't be is because of ourselves; or that what is within our power lies outside it. If this can be done to us by us – and it is a part of us that we must accept that not only can we can be our own greatest adversaries, but that both other people and other things can bring on such feelings of unworthiness without any intention of doing so – then we can fall into a cycle of powerlessness. Not having the faith in ourselves to fight our oppressor we find ourselves surrendering control. And in surrendering control, we lose the only weapon we have left to defy our adversary – our own uniquely human capacity of choice.

For we must choose to defy her.

So how are we to counter this treachery? If we truly understand that the source of our malaise is none other but ourselves then we can surely look our oppressor in the eye and use her own logic against her: “if all you say is true you are therefore no better than I, nor more worthy. So why should I listen to you?”. But such sentiments need to be felt, not just argued. For argument without feeling is a cold defence, and is soon overwhelmed by the heat of the feelings our oppressor fires back. Or their hollowness. For she knows well how to make us seem so empty that when we look inside it is as if contemplating the abyss, so that in our fear we confuse that abyss with ourself, and despair. And thus she makes us believe that in her bottle she holds the only answer. And this is just one of the many cruel and false illusions she wields.

Some would say there is no hope without first accepting that we need a superior being's help to overcome our own powerlessness. That Alcohol is for some an adversary that cannot be defeated but by faith. But though I say this is surely one way, I also say that there is hope even without an explicit faith in God, or Goddess. For there is strength in fellowship. In knowing that others have faced this daemon and prevailed against her. And that they have experienced all that you are experiencing. And that knowing this they say there is still hope, for they are living breathing examples of people who have chosen.

Chosen to live.

I do, truly, hope and wish that you can do the same. And if I can be of any help, then I am always here.




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Kizdundas Featured By Owner Oct 11, 2018
Please post some more from your shoot with the American harpist, she is a very stunning lady
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Thank you for your kind comment!
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