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My Bio
Coder, Minecraftian, Brony, Pianist.
Well hey there!

I'm kjhf (the name are my initials). You may also see me about as kjhf1273.

I code Java/C/C++/C# and have an understanding of MySQL/JS/HTML.
My coding experience started from coding a Javabot for an IRC channel. The bot had simple commands to begin with (such as !google example displayed a link to Google with example as the search query), but it was eventually fleshed out into a gaming bot, such as playing a variant of Top Trumps.
I later started coding plugins for Bukkit Minecraft (dev.bukkit.org/profiles/kjhf) and I'm currently working for a server called Deviant Evil (www.deviantevil.net).
My C work came in response to my job -- I work as an Electronic Engineer, though I don't have my degree (yet!)

I'm also a pianist -- I compose my songs, as well as playing other people's, of course. I love jazz and anything with a good swing beat.
At the moment I'm also into electronic music and trance. Trying to play these on the piano is very interesting at times.

And finally, I'm also a Brony. For those who don't know what that is, it means I watch My Little Pony (gen 4).
"Just why?!" May you ask? Consider these reasons:

The Actors:
The VAs and directors have already starred in our favourite cartoons, such as Ben 10, Foster's Home for Imaginary friends, Family Guy (Tara Strong); Powerpuff Girls (Lauren Faust, the director), Star Trek (Q -- John de Lancie) and so, so many more.

The Animation: is just awesome. You have to watch the show to see how well animated it is.

The Characters: Actually have a personality; They aren't shallow; They can be related to.

The Community: is just as epic, if not more so than the show itself. The community produces artwork, games and mods, music, videos, and all by supporting ideals from the show -- Love and Tolerance. The community often hold fund raisers for charity. The Humble Brony Bundle raised the most in the Humble Indie Bundle V competition. Seeds of Kindness collects for projects in Uganda. Many more charities are available through Everfree Radio (everfreeradio.com/) -- the Bronies' own radio station (seriously, what other fandoms have their own radio station!?)

The Interaction between The Hub, Hasbro, and the community
Fanservice. The Hub used "Twilightlicious" in a Tweet. The word itself is used by Tara Strong (AKA queen of the Bronies). It shows a very close and tightly knit group.

... And for those who already watch the show... Derpy Hooves is best pony.

So welcome. If you want to befriend me, go right ahead and do so.
Game on!

Some other things:

Skype: Upon request
Steam: kjhf1273
YouTube: www.youtube.com/user/kjhf1273

My favourite Ponies in order (and hence likelihood of being drawn):
> Derpy Hooves
> Vinyl Scratch
> Octavia
> Dashie
> AJ
> Scootaloo
> Daring Do
> Lyra
> Luna
> Fluttershy
> Snowflake / RoidRage
> Spike
> Granny Smith
> Doctor Hooves
> Sweetie Belle
> Babs Seed
> Bon Bon
> Twilight
> Pinky
> Big Mac
> Celestia
> Rarity
> Trixie
> Apple Bloom
> Diamond Tiara & Silver Spoon

[More added on request]

Rainbow Dash
Which Pokemon Fire Starter Are You?

Favourite Movies
Team America, Hot Fuzz
Favourite TV Shows
MLP! Simpsons
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
RHCP, Brony Musicians
Favourite Writers
David Eddings
Favourite Games
Favourite Gaming Platform
Tools of the Trade
Other Interests

Good day to you all :)

Good day to you all :)

Hey guys, I'm posting just to say I'm still on here, just lurking a lot more on here than normal rather than Minecrafting. This is owing to having a metric crapton of work to do from university. In saying that, work has settled a lot more recently, and I'm ready for more Minecraft! If you have artwork you want me to try and do a Minecraft creation of, let me know! As last time, I would like the art to be your creation, or in the public domain, or if you've already got the author's permission. Have an awesome week, ~Kjhf

Accepting Minecraft art suggestions :)

Accepting Minecraft art suggestions :)

Hey all, big thank you for watching me! If you're here and you aren't watching me, hello anyway ! :D For the next 5 people, if you send me a note with a link to **your artwork** on, I'll do a Minecraft creation of it on a first-come-first-served basis! Though I'd prefer it to be pony related, it doesn't have to be. I only ask it's your own artwork because I don't like reuploading others' work without asking them first. Have an awesome week, ~Kjhf

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Hollaaaaaa !!!!

Raptor lays down begging for belly rub.*
EbonyDrawsHobbyist Digital Artist
wow sorry this took so long, i havent checked this account in months
my new account is Scribble--Bean !! please follow me there if you're still interested in my art <3
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Thanks for the llama
thanks for the llama
Thank you for the Llama :D
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Thanks for the badge. :)