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Commissions closed.

By kjech
Commissions as of May 2018 have been closed. Everyone that's in queue right now don't fret, your commission will still be delivered, but new ones can't be requested for now. I hope i can open them again in the near future!
Thanks to everyone that was/is interested! m(_ _)m
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Heyy!! I love your art style , it's beautiful and unique😍 can you please tell me when will the commission start ?

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Thanks a lot!
Just keep an eye here and on twitter, i'll make an announcement when I open them.
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Just a question, because I'm not artsy at all--whats the diff between sketches and lineart? 
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A sketch is just a fast and dirty first drawing you make to see how something is going to end up. Lineart means, i take the sketch and make a clean version of it.
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question for the next time you open these, how much extra is it to add 1 more character? (basically 2 characters in one pic)
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That's a case by case scenario.
Depends on the complexity, the tier, etc.
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ah i see! thanks for replying!
yaaass! i want a commission
you spek portuguese?
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I was supremely satisfied with my commission. To anyone who's looking to get artwork done and has the money, I would not only recommend getting a commission but encourage it. Just seeing my characters come to life like this inspired my writing and helped me finish my book.
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Thanks a lot! I'm really glad you liked your commission this much. It really helps to keep on going to see people happy with the results!:D
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Thanks a lot! ^^
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Absolutely. It exceeded my expectations by a mile!
Oh no I missed out 😭 when will it be open again? After summer?
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Not sure yet, i need to finish my backlog of commissions first and it's taking longer than expected.
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hi!!! would i be able to commission you?? i really like your art style ;;
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Sure, just send me a note with your request!
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hello, i love your artstyle ! i was wondering, in wich country do you live ?
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Hello! Thanks a lot ^^
I'm currently living in japan.
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Just by curiosity, are you drawing males :) ?
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I don't have a problem with drawing anything Meow :3 
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