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Sonika's 'New Look'

WHoo! I was afraid I wasn't going to be able to get his done on time-- but here it is! My entry for Sonika's contest!

EDiT: I won! :o
OMG! I won!! I'm so so happy I could cry!! TTwTT
My heart was like-- totally beating so fast in my heart when I suddenly saw the congrats comments and I went to look at Sonika's site and the Engloids blog. 8'D I literally jumped out of my chair and started jumping around the house like a lunatic 'cause I was so happy!! XD (It was a bad idea though since I'm kinda sick right now and went into a bit of a coughing fit right after XP )
But really! I'm so happy! Sonika! I will be waiting for you!! ;A;;
I'd also like to say thanks to everyone!
I'd like to say thanks to the ones who informed me of the contest in the first place-- also, all the people who supported me-- all of you really helped in getting this done! I really thought I wasn't going to be able to finish this on time, but you people made-- just the thought of all of you really made me pursue to finish my entry despite certain blocks or problems! Really, thank you all! :heart::heart::heart::heart::heart:
I'd also like to thank everyone who liked my design and voted for it! I'm really glad you all liked it, I couldn't be more happy. :heart::heart::heart::heart::heart:
To Everyone!! :heart::heart::glomp::heart::heart:
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It deserves to win ^^
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May i upload a hand drawing of Sonika like this? I would like to see if my hand sketch compares to yours and what you think...
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Go ahead. I'd like to see it as well. ^^
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As soon as the wireless connection is back on, I'll post it soon.
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Here it comes!!!
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Congratz :D
She looks great ^^
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this design is wayy easier to remember than her origional!
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I really like this better than the CGI design
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I already drew a picture with her new design C:
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WOW congradulations!!!!!
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Congrats on winning ^^
I love this outfit for her xD tis so perfect
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is reaalu beautifull
This is amazing!! :D I love her outfit! I'm thinking of cosplaying as Sonika, do you think I can use your picture as a sort of base for the cosplay??

I apologize, if I sound stupid, I'm new to cosplaying D:
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I don't mind at all! As a matter of fact, I'd be thrilled to let you use it as a base! :glomp: And don't say you sound stupid! I'm a bit of a rookie cosplayer too! :XD:
That's awesome, thank you!! :D <333
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Congratulations on winning <3
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Even though you won, Sonika's boxart looks kind of altered from this look. She has a realistic feel that makes me feel strange, but I am glad you won^^
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you're welcome^^
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