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Ok. This has been hanging around in my USB for too long. Couldn't find time to shade it. Plus I've been a little busy and have other stuff to do. I'm also still rethinking my design for Sonika's contest... hrm....

Anyway, from left to right: Leon, Sonika, Big-Al, Prima, Miriam, Sweet Ann, and Lola.

The English Vocaloids need more love. D8
Leon, Lola, Miriam, Prima, & Sonika (c) Zero-g
Sweet Ann & Big-Al (c) PowerFX
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I love this so much *^*
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Awwwwesome, long before I joined dA I always saw this picture now I know who drew it ^^

I love Leon's design and Sweet Ann looks pretty cool to, I might have to nick your designs if I ever decide to draw the engloids!
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they are like a magic transforming and fighting team *A*
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Now don't I look sweet? Oh, I'm kidding, we all do really, right? And trust Al to be lingering in the back like that...
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какие все милые *о*
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All I have to say is....THE GANG'S ALL HERE XD
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Excuse me, I want to use this pic as a reference for my Engloids artwork. May I?
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At least, have you drawn Tonio elsewhere?
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I'm afraid I haven't... ^^;
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:iconrageguyplz: FFFFUUUU-

(Just kidding tho' =P)
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Although! You forgot Tonio! But it's ok! It is still adorable =]!
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Did not forget. He wasn't even announced yet when I drew this.
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Ah, ok! Sorry then, I did not know that >.<! I still like it though =]
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So much love for Engloids! And you did a great job drawing them cutesy~ =]!
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why can'tthese guys be more popular they have great songs I have to say
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I friggin love you OwO
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Er, thank you? :blush:
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I love the Engloids, especially Prima.
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Cute! :heart: You dd a very good job, kyo!
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