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  • Listening to: Evanescence
  • Watching: Digimon XD
  • Playing: restaurant city
  • Drinking: Cafe

ahhh! Today my boyfriend got on his plane to japan. Now I realized I have 13 days left in Austria!!!! *panic*

O_o!! uhaaa *goes crazy*
  • Reading: kanji
  • Playing: restaurant city
  • Eating: bananaaa
Konnichi wa mina-san!

Everytime, when I log in at Deviantart I try to think what I could write in my journal...I'm not really the journal/webblog-type, but I hate to see my journal empty >_< (for years!!)

And now I'm really in the mood for complaining XDDD about my eyes >_> They hurt and are red...I went to a doctor several times..I have medicine which is really lame sometimes...I know I have to wait, beacause since 2 weeks I sit in front of the Pc all day long and that kills me or my eyes >_<
So two more weeks!!!! aaa...

AND in about seven weeks I'm going to Japan *whohooo*
love that thought ^_^

. . .