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Windows classic theme for Windows 8 RTM, 8.1, 10

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Published: September 6, 2012
For everyone who prefer classic Windows theme, this is the closest to the original theme.

Just move it to C:\Windows\Resources\Ease of Access Themes folder and use it.

Of course, You can use this theme file on both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows 8.
Applying the Classic theme will change the Start screen background and tile color to classic view as well.

NEW: theme is compatible with Windows 10 Technical Preview as well!
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butterfinger24New Deviant

I think once Windows 10 reaches its end of life and Microsoft makes Windows just "Windows", they'll slowly start to decline. I could be wrong of course, I probably am, but I think making Windows as a service might not work out that well. I suppose they have to try. I've thought about switching to a chromebook. Couldn't care less about Crapple. I have a good feeling about Android.

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Luke019New Deviant

This is not a "normal" theme but a high contrast theme wich break colors on different programs like MsExcel ..or others.

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efo123xdNew Deviant

very nice

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I used this on windows 8.1, and encountered graphic rendering issues with programs like photoshop cs6.
(it should also be noted im using intel i7 integrated graphics.)
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ahoosNew Deviant

thank you!:)

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OMG Thankyou soooo muchhh bro . I LOVE YOU:w00t:

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This is gonna help save my eyes ..

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You :) :) :)

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Yeah ... where is the Donate button .. or link to PayPal ...

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Beige on Windows 10 .. just what I wanted :) kizo2703 >> You Rock :) :) :)

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works great! thanks!

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This just turned everything gray. Don't waste your time

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Mine is beige on Windows 10 .. just what I wanted :)kizo2703 >> You Rock :) :) :)

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I put this in Ease Of Access Themes and it's still not available when I go to change my theme.

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still the best theme for window 10 plus it still works

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Wow, thank you so much for this efforts. Win 10 was annoying on so many levels.

Finally win10 looks OKAY, but in some parts even better than some much older windows versions. In combination with classic shell and aero tweaker and of course the xp sound theme, it is useable, thank so much, i would donate if there where a button!?
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Yeah ... where is the Donate button .. or link to PayPal ...

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And how do you disable apps thinking im using high contrast?

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I also suggest using colorclassic from (protable & freware) with HC themes for highly colors customize . and the "classic color control panel(win 7-ike)" is useful too.
for less windows border u can use Winareo Tweaker.
Good luck:) (Smile) 
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Thank you so much for this. Works perfectly especially with Edge Chromium.

Currently (Win 10 x64 1903) tray icons look like this -  Any way to fix that?
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i love it. the only problem is windows 10 font smoothing when you set gray color for explorer background with +110 dispaly scale. (too lazy fonts)
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