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Eclair's Bio (2019) by KiyoshiIzumi02 Eclair's Bio (2019) :iconkiyoshiizumi02:KiyoshiIzumi02 12 10
Guardians of Oceania - Chapter 4.
Chapter 4. The Chosen 3.  
-Last time on.. Guardians of Oceania!-
~Eclair, learning of the the approaching doom of Oceania, rushed to Kakariko Village, where she has unlocked her true potential. But how will she explain this to our other heroes?~
I felt.. different. Energized.. Powerful... what was this feeling...? As I stepped out of the room, a new door opened for me. As I walked out, I could see my family waiting for me. But.. when they saw me, they all looked shocked.
“Mom.. Dad..?” I asked. “What’s wrong?”
“Eclairis.. Is that really you?” My mom asked. “You look so.. different.”
“What do you mean?” I asked back.
“Your eyes... and your.. hair..” My father said.
I ran over to my mom and snatched my phone out of her hands, turned on the camera and flipped the screen.
I nearly dropped my phone.
My tentacles weren’t Pink anymore... They were now sky blue.. and my eyes
:iconkiyoshiizumi02:KiyoshiIzumi02 2 0
Sectora - Goddess of Chaos by KiyoshiIzumi02 Sectora - Goddess of Chaos :iconkiyoshiizumi02:KiyoshiIzumi02 10 2 Kiyoshi's Bio (Pokemon Universe) by KiyoshiIzumi02 Kiyoshi's Bio (Pokemon Universe) :iconkiyoshiizumi02:KiyoshiIzumi02 10 23
Guardians of Oceania - Sectora's Dreams
I curled up in my void bubble of a prison.... Cold.. and.. sad. I could hear nothing but silence. I was all alone... as the stars were my only comfort.
... They disgraced me.. all because I thought I could rule over their pathetic little Galaxy better than they could...
...why...? Why did they imprison me..?
I thought they.. cared for me.. loved me...
-She re imagines the day she was created-
I was only a formless child.. not in control of my abilities...
And as I looked at their galaxy.. Proxima.. I wanted to help them fix it. Their world seemed as if it were going to fall into ruin without a ruler.
But they saw me as a threat... so they tried to keep me away from their little dimension, and locked me away...
But I refuse to be controlled. I AM NOT THEIR PUPPET.
-Her bubble cracks a bit.-
:iconkiyoshiizumi02:KiyoshiIzumi02 1 0
Guardians of Oceania - Chapter 3.
Chapter 3. Sheikah Shrine.
As I made my way down to Octo Canyon, I used one of the teleportation devices go to Kakariko Village. My home.
I approached the door to my house. I hesitatingly knocked on the door, and waited for an answer.
“Coming!” A female voice said from behind the door.
I tried hard to hold back my tears. I knew EXACTLY who it was..
The door swung open, and in the doorway was a young woman in her mid 30s. She had tan skin, red eyes, and long white hair pulled into a bun. She wore the traditional Sheikah attire.. she was.. my mother.
She was holding a tray with teacups and a teapot on it.
“Hello there young lady! How my I help-“
She said, dropping the tray as she instantly recognized me. “E-Eclairis..?”
“Hi mom...” I said, with tears filling my eyes.
She fell to her knees and pulled me into her arms, hugging me tightly. I couldn’t help but hug back.
“T-They took you from us 4 years ago!” Mom squeake
:iconkiyoshiizumi02:KiyoshiIzumi02 3 4
Guardians of Oceania - Chapter 2.
Chapter 2. Dream of Light.  
<Continuing from Eclair>
...Where am I?  
As the bright light cleared up, a golden dragon with gleaming white eyes appeared before me.
“W-Woah!” I said, jumping back. “Who are you?!”
“Many refer to me as.. the God of Light.” The Dragon said.
...The God Of Light? But I only heard stories about him from my mother..
“Do not be alarmed.” He said. “But your world is in danger.”
“What do you mean?” I asked.
“A powerful force threatens your dimension.” The God of Light said. “Her name is Sectora.”
“Interesting...” I said. “But why are you telling me?”
“Because I have chosen you.” He said. “Your power, combined with the Power of two other warriors, can combat her.”
A portal appeared below me, and 3 silhouettes appeared. One was a pink octoling holding a spear with with gleaming blue eyes, and the other two w
:iconkiyoshiizumi02:KiyoshiIzumi02 3 3
Guardians of Oceania - Chapter 1.
Chapter 1. Ranked Battle Beatdown.
As we stepped out the door, the sunlight gleamed, illuminating our neighborhood. We lived in a huge suburban area, which was pretty far away from Inkopolis.. so we usually took the subway there.
“Oh wait!” Eclair exclaimed.
“What is it?” I asked.
Eclair darted back inside and came back wearing a metal strap with her Inkbrush attached to her back, and in her left hand was.. my N-Zap.
“We forgot to grab our weapons huh?” I said, scratching the back of my head.
“Yeah..” Eclair said with a nervous smile, handing me my N-Zap.
We started walking down the sidewalk, heading to the Station.
“So are we gonna do doubles, or do you want to call Lorin too?” I asked.
Lorin is a friend of ours. I met her through an underground Agency known as the Squidbeak Splatoon. Long story short, Lorin and I both saved the city, then Eclair saved the world. Get the picture?
“Yeah! Definitely!” Eclair said, p
:iconkiyoshiizumi02:KiyoshiIzumi02 3 6
Agents 3 and 4 by KiyoshiIzumi02 Agents 3 and 4 :iconkiyoshiizumi02:KiyoshiIzumi02 11 7
Guardians of Oceania - Prologue.
The God Brothers grew bored of solitude from their self created universe, Proxima, so they decided to combine their power once more to create a being of Creation and Destruction, like mortals. Naming her Sectora, this new being quickly saw herself superior to her creators, and wished to destroy them. Seeing her as a threat, she was sealed away. But as the centuries passed, her prison began to weaken, and the God of Light quickly took notice of this. Wanting to stop her, he asked his brother to help destroy Sectora once and for all, but The God of Darkness took no interest. Enlisting on help from the mortals he created, the God of Light returned to Oceania, and chose 3 heroes.
As the sunlight gleamed through the bedroom window, the beams crept up the sheets of a King sized bed, eventually reaching two young Cephalopods, embracing each other while in deep slumber.  
As my phone alarm began going off, I heard the sound of a piano playing the song “Dearly Beloved”
:iconkiyoshiizumi02:KiyoshiIzumi02 2 3
Guardians of Oceania - Trailer (Read Description) by KiyoshiIzumi02 Guardians of Oceania - Trailer (Read Description) :iconkiyoshiizumi02:KiyoshiIzumi02 11 15
Kiyoshi's Moves (Read Description first)
- Kiyoshi has a imaginary limit known as “Aura.” DBZ and RWBY fans may find this concept VERY FAMILIAR, although this is going off loosely from RWBY’s Version. Anyhoo, His Aura represents his level of power and defense together, which extends to his semblance. So his Aura essentially protects him from more lethal attacks, such as sharp objects, so as he gets hit, his Aura will slowly deplete. Although certain moves he can preform can deplete it faster than being physically attacked.
- Also, his Aura is at 100% when fully charged.
Moving on:
* Moves can take certain amounts, such as a move taking 10% and leaving him with 90%. Once his aura is completely depleted, his semblance can no longer be utilized, and he’s completely vulnerable to attacks.
* As said before, certain physical attacks can bring his Aura down as well. Depending on how dangerous the attack is, such as an explosion, his Aura can go down 20-45%, as opposed to punches, kicks or slashe
:iconkiyoshiizumi02:KiyoshiIzumi02 1 0
INSANITY  by KiyoshiIzumi02 INSANITY :iconkiyoshiizumi02:KiyoshiIzumi02 7 0
My Universe Explained (Remastered)
My universe is a vast Galaxy known as Proxima. Proxima is made up of many of different planets, each inhabiting different beings. The planets came to be when Life and Death, the gods of this universe, brought it into existence.
The first and main planet is Oceania. This planet was initially known as Earth, inhabited by humans alone. One human, Salem, caused a great war to break out against the two Gods, and thus caused all human life to be wiped out. The gods entrusted one human, Ozma, to try and redeem human life. As time went on, humans continued to rise and fall due to Salem’s influence. Tired of the human’s continuous failure to seek true peace, the gods created a catastrophic event where the oceans would rise and wipe out all human life and all continents, so sea creatures may take over and evolve. Thus a new planet, Oceania, was born. Hence it’s name. Salem and Ozma survived however, due to the curse that was put upon them by the Gods. 12,000 years later, 2 enor
:iconkiyoshiizumi02:KiyoshiIzumi02 3 2
Kiyoshi's Bio by KiyoshiIzumi02 Kiyoshi's Bio :iconkiyoshiizumi02:KiyoshiIzumi02 13 4
Lore of Inklings and Octolings
While this was explained in “My Universe Explained”, I decided to expand further on the Lore of the Inklings and Octolings of my world.
Before the Great Turf War, Inklings and Octolings went by a different name of species before domesticating into simply “inkling” and “octoling.”
Hyrulean Inklings
The Hyrulean Inklings, or simply “Hylians”, were the first species of Inkling to emerge onto Oceania’s continents after the Mollusc Era. These Inklings were peaceful beings that didn’t believe in fighting or war, who unknowingly coexisted with the technologically enhanced Sheikah Octolings. Hylian Inklings were not much different to the Inklings we see in present time, as males went on to raise families after coming of age. The Leader of the Hylians was known as the king or queen (depending on gender), and anyone who was part of their family was considered Royal. Royals are treated with higher respect, as they are the ones who starte
:iconkiyoshiizumi02:KiyoshiIzumi02 3 0


Ask the Splat Crew 1970 by DarkMario2 Ask the Splat Crew 1970 :icondarkmario2:DarkMario2 15 3 Ask the Splat Crew 1969 by DarkMario2 Ask the Splat Crew 1969 :icondarkmario2:DarkMario2 13 3 Ask the Splat Crew 1968 by DarkMario2 Ask the Splat Crew 1968 :icondarkmario2:DarkMario2 12 2 [3D Preview] Lightning Sword (From Fusion Fall) by makaihana975 [3D Preview] Lightning Sword (From Fusion Fall) :iconmakaihana975:makaihana975 7 1 [3D Preview] Power to Protect (Xenoblade Keyblade) by makaihana975 [3D Preview] Power to Protect (Xenoblade Keyblade) :iconmakaihana975:makaihana975 7 1 [3D Preview] Reaper's Scythe (Marluxia's Nobodies) by makaihana975 [3D Preview] Reaper's Scythe (Marluxia's Nobodies) :iconmakaihana975:makaihana975 8 3 [3D Preview] Dawn Til Dusk (KH3 Keyblade) by makaihana975 [3D Preview] Dawn Til Dusk (KH3 Keyblade) :iconmakaihana975:makaihana975 10 0 [3D Preview] Mickey's New Keyblade (KH3 Keyblade) by makaihana975 [3D Preview] Mickey's New Keyblade (KH3 Keyblade) :iconmakaihana975:makaihana975 13 0 [3D Preview] Favourite Deputy (KH3 Keyblade) by makaihana975 [3D Preview] Favourite Deputy (KH3 Keyblade) :iconmakaihana975:makaihana975 8 0 [3D Preview] Happy Gear (KH3 Keyblade) by makaihana975 [3D Preview] Happy Gear (KH3 Keyblade) :iconmakaihana975:makaihana975 10 0 Espadas by ksmile1313 Espadas :iconksmile1313:ksmile1313 321 16 Eight Below Part 4: Abandoned Station by DarkMario2 Eight Below Part 4: Abandoned Station :icondarkmario2:DarkMario2 41 23 C:FB RoseDragonfire by RaineSeryn C:FB RoseDragonfire :iconraineseryn:RaineSeryn 133 11 Heart for the Broken Queen by DanEvan-ArtWork Heart for the Broken Queen :icondanevan-artwork:DanEvan-ArtWork 180 3 Nick the Dog by JamaicanHedgie08 Nick the Dog :iconjamaicanhedgie08:JamaicanHedgie08 12 5 [REQUEST] Cat Ben by JamaicanHedgie08 [REQUEST] Cat Ben :iconjamaicanhedgie08:JamaicanHedgie08 10 5


Did anyone else know that it was St. Patrick’s Day today? Because I certainly didn’t know. XD
Hey guys! Ive decided to make a small change to Eclair. From now on her original eye color before being empowered by Sheikah Energy was orange/hazel instead of purple.

Main reason being it fits better for her. You’ll all see later.

This won’t really affect the story as of now, although i will be editing the prologue to accommodate.. but since you’ve read this post already, you wont have to re-read the Prologue since all im changing is her eye color. Stay Fresh Off The Hook!
I’m gonna clear up my ask series and start over.

(Mostly cause peeps stopped askin questions and my ocs are all completely different compared to how they were depicted in the asks)
Hey guys! So I’ll be putting Guardians of Oceania on hold for a bit, but a very interesting poster will be coming later today.

Stay tuned..
Prologue, Chapter 2, and Trailer have all been updated.
I noticed that some of the people who were looking forward to seeing Guardians of Oceania aren’t really favoriting or commenting.
Hey everyone! Ive been doing some thinking, and as unpleasant as this is gonna sound, ive decided to put Kiyoshi in Sienna’s place as Agent 4.

As for Sienna, she will be scrapped. Why, you ask? Well after I disconnected Kiyoshi from the Kingdom Hearts universe and reincarnation was no longer needed, I thought it make sense for him to be a Agent and have a bigger role.

Hope you guys like my decision.. Stay Fresh Off The Hook!
Hey guys! Idk if this is real or not, but please pass this on! Better safe than sorry..

Filename by KiyoshiIzumi02
Hey everyone! So.. although I don’t own the game, i just finished binge watching Kingdom Hearts 3.

And due to the ending, (No spoilers don’t worry Lol)
Ive decided to rewrite Kiyoshi’s bio, along with “My Universe Explained.”

As of now, Kiyoshi can no longer wield the power of the Keyblade. Hope you guys like the change!

Stay Fresh Off The Hook!
I beat World Of Light last night.. phew.
I reposted Kiyoshi’s Bio for the following reasons:

- Tweaks on how his Ice Manipulation abilities are connected to his Semblance

- New friend is added, so i had to link them

- Father is now listed as Deceased

- Ranked Battle Weapon preferences have been changed

- Life story was changed a little

And thats about it! Stay Fresh Off The Hook!
Who remembers when I had just joined the community and I was still a scrub? Lol

Filename by KiyoshiIzumi02
Ive decided to rewrite Sectora. To those who have been reading the prologue up to Chapter 3, this is Sectora’s backstory. (Will be update the Prologue, and Chapter 2 in the future)

So the God Brothers created Sectora as a experiment for a being that had their celestial abilities, unlike the mortals in Proxima. But Sectora saw herself as a superior being to The God Brothers, as she had both of their powers, in which she wanted to “Dethrone” the both of them and rule Proxima. Seeing her as a threat, the brothers combined their power to imprison her. Centuries later, Sectora’s prison was beginning to weaken, so the God of Light enlisted that he and his brother should destroy her. But the God of Darkness took no interest, and the God of Light knew he couldn’t defeat Sectora on his own. But knowing that he and his brother had given a combination of their abilities to the mortals below, (In the form of Semblances) he chose 3 beings from that world to stop Sectora.

Eclair, because her abilities to wield light, essentially representing creation.

Lorin, because her ability to wield Lightning and thunder, essentially representing destruction.

And Kiyoshi, because his abilities to wield water and ice are essentially representing creation and destruction combined.

What do you guys think?


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I can be a very nice person, but i can also be cold if your not nice to me or my friends.

Switch friend code: SW-3319-5222-5909

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In Splatoon 2, I am Lvl 42 and Rank S+, and my weapon mains are currently the N-Zap 85 & Splat Dualies.

Have any questions for me? Comment on my profile.


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