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Ask #13 by KiyoshiIzumi02 Ask #13 :iconkiyoshiizumi02:KiyoshiIzumi02 6 5 Nightmare Slayer Bio: Katherine by KiyoshiIzumi02 Nightmare Slayer Bio: Katherine :iconkiyoshiizumi02:KiyoshiIzumi02 5 8
Nightmare Slayer - Chapter 6
Chapter 6. Tomorrow Is Mine.
As we walked into the weapons room, I was surprised to see over 100 different obsidian weapons..
“Choose your weapon.” Lenka said.
I looked around eagerly for a spear. And then I saw it. A 10 foot spear hanging on the wall. It had a dark violet hilt, a thick triangular blade at the end that was tinted purple, and it had wing-like appendages on each side, facing downward.
“That one.” I said.
“Ah yes.. Crescent Moon.” Lenka said, taking the weapon off the wall and presenting it to me. “With this weapon, will you shall smite Nightmares, creatures of Chaos and true evil?”
“Yes.” I said. “I accept.”
He gently put the weapon in my hands.
As I held Crescent Moon, I felt it’s power flow through me..
“When do I begin Nightmare hunting?” I asked.
“Tomorrow night.” Lenka said, smiling proudly.
“Well then.. Tomorrow is mine.” I said, smirking.
-The Next Day
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Nightmare Slayer - Chapter 5
Chapter 5. Training Begins.
Its been almost a week and a half since the first Nightmare attack. It was from there that I had discovered that not only were Nightmares and Nightmare Slayers real, I was half demon. And with my abilities, I was destined to save the world.
“Great Form!” My Uncle, Lenka said.
I threw another spin kick, following up with a downward kick.
Lenka dodged every move I made, and even blocked a few with his arms. Jeez, for a old man he was pretty fast!
“How are you so fast?!” I shouted in anger.
“Practice makes perfect my dear.” Lenka said, catching my leg in a mid-spin kick, and slamming me downward.
Luckily the room we were training in had a floor that was padded with soft material, so I didn’t feel much pain.
“Dammit.. again I’m on the floor.” I said, getting up.
“Your attacks are strong and coordinated, but you let your arrogance get the best of you.” Lenka said, dusting his arms off.
I sigh
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Nightmare Slayer - Chapter 4
Chapter 4. Myths and Monsters.
It was dark.. and I heard beeping. As i regained feeling in my body, I could feel that I was in something soft. A bed? I opened my eyes.
Not again.. I was in a hospital bed. It was only then that I noticed my dad next to me in a chair.
“Oh my god! Your awake!” My dad got up and hugged me.
But I don’t get it. Why was I in a hospital bed? I didn’t get hurt. In fact, nobody got hurt from that.. ordeal.
“Dad? Why am I in the hospital?” I asked, as I hugged him back.
“Some.. bear, wolf creature came in the city. I heard rumors that you fought it off. It was all over the news.” My dad said.
“Dad.. I.. threw dark fire at that thing..” I said. “What’s going on?”
My dad sighed. It was that kind of sigh that meant, ‘something you didn’t know was about to be explained.’
“Katherine.. your not exactly.. a normal Inkling.” He said.
“What do you mean?”
:iconkiyoshiizumi02:KiyoshiIzumi02 2 5
Nightmare Slayer - Chapter 3
Chapter 3. My First Nightmare Fight.
Phew. That sure got messy in the previous chapter huh? Its only gonna get messier.
Its been about 2 weeks since school started. Every day was the same as usual, I go to school, learn, come home, do homework, text Marionette, sleep, have heart popping nightmare, wake up, repeat. But I had a feeling that today was gonna be different.
As I walked out of the school building alongside Marionette, she stopped and grabbed my hand.
“Hey, you wanna hang out at the mall today? In the city.” Marionette said.
“Oh, sure.” I responded, in a calm voice.
“Maybe for once we can see each other in our casual clothing!” Marionette squealed.
“Should we meet back at the school?” I asked.
“Yes of course!” Marionette said. “See you here at 4 pm!”
And she was off running. There was something about her that made my cold heart feel warm sometimes. As I headed home, I felt a great pain s
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Happy Hallowoomy! (Halloween) by KiyoshiIzumi02 Happy Hallowoomy! (Halloween) :iconkiyoshiizumi02:KiyoshiIzumi02 8 9 Succubus Theresa  by KiyoshiIzumi02 Succubus Theresa :iconkiyoshiizumi02:KiyoshiIzumi02 8 7
Nightmare Slayer- Chapter 2.
Chapter 2. From Shadows.
Hey. Me again. Your probably wondering, why am I so antisocial? Well I guess you deserve an explanation.
I didn’t start out this way...
-Skip back 12 years-
I was a happy young girl.. that is.. until the nightmares started.
I was 6.
“Daddy!!” I ran into my father’s room as fast as i could, jumped into his bed, hiding under his sheets.
“W-Whoa! Katherine? What’s wrong?” He asked.
“Theres a witch! It wants to eat me!!” I screamed.
“Witch..?” My father asked. “Witches aren’t real Katie.” He pulled the sheets off of me and held me in his arms.
“They.. aren’t?” I asked, shuddering in his arms. “But it seemed so real..”
“No my dear.. there’s nothing in this world that can hurt you.” He said, reassuring me.
But the nightmare i had before i came into his room.. was terrifying.
...The world was in ruin, on fire and dying.. and i was seeing
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Nightmare Slayer - Chapter 1
Chapter 1. My first day of school.
Hey again. So as our story begins, its gonna be a bit boring for the first few chapters. Bare with me.
Its 10:28 PM. Tomorrow is my first day of school in 12th grade. Honestly, im not looking forward to it. Most teenagers that see me in my neighborhood assume 1 out of the 2 things. Im absolutely gorgeous and they must be friends with me, or that im a Emo Girl that must be avoided at all costs. And I don’t take lightly to either.
Im pretty smart, so grades shouldn’t be a problem for me or anything.
Sigh... Hopefully things go well..
-The Next Day-
As i walked through the doors, literally everyone turned heads at me. I, of course didn’t bother looking back at them. I looked the the schedule i had received on my phone and walked into my first class.
“We have a new student joining us today!” Said the teacher.
She had long orange hair and pale skin, blue eyes and wore a button down shirt with a tie and a skirt. Your typical te
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Super Crown by KiyoshiIzumi02 Super Crown :iconkiyoshiizumi02:KiyoshiIzumi02 9 16 Kiyoshi's Bio by KiyoshiIzumi02 Kiyoshi's Bio :iconkiyoshiizumi02:KiyoshiIzumi02 8 8
Nightmare Slayer Prologue
... Where am I..? This place is so dark..
I see... a light? I’ve gotta get out of here..
A bright light gleamed over my face. I was in a hospital bed. As i sat up, i looked around the room i was in.
... A white room. There was a window to my left, a Television in front of me, and a table next to me with a pot of flowers and a remote. I could hear the slow beeping noises of the heart rate machine. Why was i here?
It wasn’t long before a nurse passed by my room and saw me awake. But what confused me more was how shocked she was when she came running inside.
“Shes awake!” The nurse screamed.
Had I been in a coma of some kind? I tugged at her sleeve.
She looked down at me.
“Katherine?” She responded. “How do you feel?”
“I feel.. strange.” I said. “How long was i asleep?”
“6 Months.” The nurse said.
As a 7 year old kid, this didn’t bother me much at first, but i was quite confused.
:iconkiyoshiizumi02:KiyoshiIzumi02 1 3
Nightmare Slayer - Trailer
The world began in darkness... but was filled with light. And with that light, came life.
As eons went by, the hole in man’s hearts created Darkness. From that darkness arose the nightmares, beings that fed on positivity. Years went by as many people lost their lives to the Nightmares.
Until one man rose up, and created ancient weapons from the ancient crystal of Obsidian, known as the “Obsidian Weapons.” With them, he killed every nightmare in sight, saving humanity before it was too late.
This man was the first Nightmare Slayer.
Centuries later, now in the Inkling and Octoling era, Nightmares have begun to rise again, but so will the Nightmare Slayers.
As The Nightmare Creatures rose from the ground, they yearn to end all life as we know it... But a young warrior points her sharpened spear at them, glistening in a dull violet.
She lurches at the Nightmares, with a mighty slash, and she defeats them all.
She looks back, with her red eyes gleaming in the Darkness....
:iconkiyoshiizumi02:KiyoshiIzumi02 0 0
Sienna's Bio by KiyoshiIzumi02 Sienna's Bio :iconkiyoshiizumi02:KiyoshiIzumi02 6 8 Lorin's Bio by KiyoshiIzumi02 Lorin's Bio :iconkiyoshiizumi02:KiyoshiIzumi02 8 13


Demon Tales Part 15: Like Mother, Like Daughter by DarkMario2
Mature content
Demon Tales Part 15: Like Mother, Like Daughter :icondarkmario2:DarkMario2 28 36
Jamaican's Pencilrian Power by JamaicanHedgie08 Jamaican's Pencilrian Power :iconjamaicanhedgie08:JamaicanHedgie08 12 5 Video game character sketch dump by YoshiandBlinx Video game character sketch dump :iconyoshiandblinx:YoshiandBlinx 9 1 Gwen (GMOD style) by JamaicanHedgie08 Gwen (GMOD style) :iconjamaicanhedgie08:JamaicanHedgie08 11 2 Ask the Splat Crew 1721 by DarkMario2 Ask the Splat Crew 1721 :icondarkmario2:DarkMario2 35 24 Ask the Splat Crew 1723 by DarkMario2 Ask the Splat Crew 1723 :icondarkmario2:DarkMario2 37 8 Ask the Splat Crew 1722 by DarkMario2 Ask the Splat Crew 1722 :icondarkmario2:DarkMario2 32 7 House Guest (pg. 9) by YoshiandBlinx House Guest (pg. 9) :iconyoshiandblinx:YoshiandBlinx 9 0 Ask the Splat Crew 1720 by DarkMario2 Ask the Splat Crew 1720 :icondarkmario2:DarkMario2 34 41 Ask the Splat Crew 1719 by DarkMario2 Ask the Splat Crew 1719 :icondarkmario2:DarkMario2 29 12 Ask the Splat Crew 1718 by DarkMario2 Ask the Splat Crew 1718 :icondarkmario2:DarkMario2 32 7 The Queen of Twerk by JamaicanHedgie08 The Queen of Twerk :iconjamaicanhedgie08:JamaicanHedgie08 19 19 .:Render:. Thank you for the 2K Twitter Follower by MoiraMicole .:Render:. Thank you for the 2K Twitter Follower :iconmoiramicole:MoiraMicole 21 4 Ask the Splat Crew 1716 by DarkMario2 Ask the Splat Crew 1716 :icondarkmario2:DarkMario2 40 20 Ask the Splat Crew 1715 by DarkMario2 Ask the Splat Crew 1715 :icondarkmario2:DarkMario2 40 25 Ask the Splat Crew 1714 by DarkMario2 Ask the Splat Crew 1714 :icondarkmario2:DarkMario2 37 8


Hey guys! To anyone who’s a RWBY fan out there, the Season 6 trailer was released!!

Also to anyone who knows my main oc, Kiyoshi, knows that he’s strongly connected to the RWBY universe. So I have a very important announcement.

As of October 27th, Kiyoshi will no longer be available for asks, as he will be leaving back to Remnant to continue the fight against Salem. (My head-canon is loosely affected by what happens in RWBY) As for Theresa, she will be taking his place as my main oc.

So I hope you all understand, and Stay Fresh Off The Hook!
Katherine is officially open for asks.
Nightmare Slayer Bio: Katherine
Full Name: Katherine Belladonna Akemi

Nicknames: Katy, Kat, Bearer Of Shadows, Emo Girl

Age: 18

Personality: Fearless, Quiet, Tough, Cold, Merciless, Highly Intelligent, Strong Hearted

Sexuality: Straight

Ink Color: Violet

Hairstyle: Half cuts

Skin Tone: 3

Eye Color: Emerald (Crimson when using Semblance)

Species: Inkling/Demon Hybrid

Gear: Negative Long-cuff Sweater, Dark Licorice Enperrials

Pants: Long

Weapon: Crescent Moon

Family: Kikuri Akemi (Mother), Riku Belladonna (Father), Lenka Belladonna (Uncle), Kagami Belladonna (Aunt)

Friends: Marionette Dupain-Cheng

Occupation: Nightmare Slayer

Likes: Reading, Sweet food, Tv, Music, Summer weather, Beating the living shit out of those who piss her off, Killing Nightmares, Being around Marionette

Dislikes: Nightmares, Imbalance, Being bothered, Perverts, The Cold, Overly friendly people, Jerks, Ignorance

Semblance: Shadow Manipulation

Other Abilities: Dream Dropping, Super Speed, Nightmare Immunity, Shockwave Creation

Enemies: Nightmares, Walpurgis

Bio: Katherine was a born a happy young girl, until The Nightmare Queen, Walpurgis, possessed her along with 9 other children. Walpurgis was feeding off of their fear, keeping them in a endless sleep. Until Katherine awoke from her sleep, as she had become immune to a Nightmare’s possession. As time went on, Katherine grew up to become antisocial due to losing most of her emotions from having nightmares from childhood. Now 18 years old, Katherine is about to caught up in a war she never would have expected...
Hey guys! As promised, after Chapter 6, I’m gonna post Katherine’s official bio. She will also be open for asks as well.
I’ve wanted to do something like this for a while, since my universe has so many elements within it, and it also tests my imagination!

My universe is a vast planet known as PRISM. Prism is made up of trillions of different continents, which can have inhabitants from almost ANY GAME, ANIME, OR CARTOON. (Hence how Kiyoshi was born in a RWBY based continent. [This will be further explained.]) Prism’s dominant species is Inklings and Octolings, so its not rare that they’re seen on almost EVERY continent, and usually when elements or characters from a certain game or show are implemented, they’re Splatoon oriented. (Once again connecting to how Kiyoshi is born in the RWBY continent and yet he’s a Inkling instead of human.) The main continent is Inkopolis/Octo Canyon, where Lorin, Sienna and Theresa live. The second largest continent is Remnant, thats where Kiyoshi was born. Remnant is home to Inklings and Octolings that were not affected by the Great Turf War, and instead live under constant siege of the Grimm, creatures born from negativity and imbalance. Now one would wonder, why don’t Grimm appear in Inkopolis? That’s because theres also different forms of magic on the planet. As the levels of magic effect certain things, such as Inklings/Octolings having a semblance/supernatural abilities, monsters, etc. Inkopolis’ magic level is technically pretty low, which is why not many inhabitants are shown to have abilities besides my ocs. As for Remnant however, its magic level is extremely high. Which is how even negativity can give birth to monsters. As for other key elements, it’s possible to summon certain weapons when on Remnant, or other continents with high magic levels such as soul weapons, weapons from ancient times (Excalibur, Master Sword, etc) or even The Keyblade. As clearly shown by Kiyoshi. Another big thing about Prism is that although it houses large continents, most of these continents are not aware of each other’s existence. Which is why Remnant’s inhabitants don’t know of the great Turf war, and Inkopolis’ dont know about Grimm. The magic of my universe is mysterious on it’s own, as although Inkopolis’ magic level is the LOWEST, At the same time its also the HIGHEST, as within Inkopolis, dimensional portals are constantly opening there, which leads to my ocs meeting other people’s ocs. So Inkopolis is technically a meeting place for other people’s ocs to meet mine. This also explains certain problems or paradoxes that could occur, but they don’t. Such as when someone has their own version of the idols while i have my own version. Depending on what the RP is focused on, usually we go off of my version of the idols, although most of the time, Kiyoshi or which ever oc i use goes under the other person’s universe.

If you have any further questions, comment below!


KiyoshiIzumi02's Profile Picture
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United States
I can be a very nice person, but i can also be cold if your not nice to me or my friends.

Switch friend code: SW-3319-5222-5909

WiiU name: KiyoshiIzumi

In Splatoon 2, I am Lvl 42 and Rank S, and my weapon mains are currently the Neo Splash-O-Matic & Splat Dualies.

Have any questions for me? Comment on my profile.


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