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Adult Theresa
This is pretty much how she will look after age 19. (she’s currently 17, gonna be 18 next month) Shes growing pretty fast!
Queen of Blades
Whenever Theresa mediates, swords surround her. She continues to further master her abilities.
Kiyoshi's bio (Summer Update #2)
Full Name: Kiyoshi Elysian Izumi

Japanese Kanji Meaning of Name: 清 泉 "Pure Fountian"

Nicknames: Kiyo, Yoshi

Birthday: September 21, 2000

Age: 17

Personality: Friendly, Loving, Highly Intelligent, Strong Hearted, Strong Willed, Heroic, Courageous

Species: Elysian Inkling

Ink Color: Cyan

Skin Tone: 5

Eye Color: Blue

Hairstyle: 4 (Short Shave)

Pants: Shorts

Gear: Half Rim Glasses, White V Neck Tee, Green Hunter Hi Tops

Family: Shion Izumi (Mother), Reno Izumi (Father)

Friends: Bayzer, Momo, Callie, Marie, Lorin, Sienna, JH08, Tyler, Tasha, Tanya, Inferno, Millard, Theresa

Turf War Weapon: Neo Splash-O-Matic

Ranked Battle Weapons: Splat Dualies (Rainmaker), Tri-Slosher (Splat Zones & Tower Control), Inkbrush (Clam Blitz)

Main Weapon: Kingdom Key Keyblade

Occupations: Guardian Of Inkopolis, Huntsman, Keyblade Wielder

Sexuality: Straight

Likes: Video games, Turf War, Drawing, Food, Comedy, Animals, Reading, Sleeping, Music (Japanese rock & pop, Squid Sister's music, Off The Hook's Music, English), Anime, Cartoons, Cheesecake

Dislikes: Heartless, Grimm, Evil Humans, Noise, Horror, People who don't support same gender relationships, Ignorance, Fighting for sport or fun, Any form of rough sexual harassment, Being bribed, Being controlled, Being referred to as a "servant", Being tricked, Others feeling weak because of his power, Haters

Semblance: Aura Manipulation

Other Powers: Rapid Healing, Elemental Magic

Transformations: Pre & Full Elysian Forms

Enemies: Octavio, Heartless, Grimm, Salem, Commander Tartar

Bio: Kiyoshi is a young inkling boy that was born in Remnant, a continent far off from where Inkopolis is. He lived in Vale Kingdom in a orphanage, as his parents had left him there when he was very young. When he turned 15, Kiyoshi took a entrance exam, and attended Beacon Academy to be trained as a huntsman. Sometime after the fall of Beacon, Kiyoshi headed out to find a new weapon, one that would suit him. After learning of the Legendary Keyblade, he set out on a journey to find it. In the end, he found an old abandoned temple, where the Keyblade slept. When he pulled it from it's pedestal, he saw the memories of the past wielders that ever used it. The keyblade then spoke last word to him, saying that he had proven himself worthy of such a weapon, and it was now his till the end of time. Kiyoshi then set out to find his parents, only to find out he was a Elysian Inkling, a race of Inklings that could manipulate Aura. His parents explained that the village they lived in was taken over by Grimm, and they wanted him safe. Kiyoshi went to his home village, where he took the Grimm down using the Keyblade, and saved everyone before it was too late. 2 years later, now 17 years old, Kiyoshi moved to Inkopolis to live on his own, from there he learned how to play turf war, and became a S rank Turf War master.

Octo Expansion

While walking through Inkopolis Square, Kiyoshi saw a beautiful young octoling walk out the tower, and he decided to approach her. The Octoling explained that she had recently escaped from a underground world infested with Octarians that were infected with a substance known as Sanitizer Ooze, she had saved the city, and that she came to Inkopolis to become part of the community. When Kiyoshi asked her name, she introduced herself as “8”, as she had lost her memories. After letting her live with him, Kiyoshi eventually renamed her as Theresa Mariposa, and from there the two became great friends.

Team InktoMysticon

Kiyoshi decided it was time that to make a team of his own, and Theresa was the first one to join. Theresa knew someone who could join, as she went off to find a young inkling. When she came back, the Inkling was a girl named Lorin, who was also the Legendary Agent 3, an inkling that saved Inkopolis 2 years ago. After a friendly meeting, Lorin agreed to join Kiyoshi's team. They needed a fourth, and Lorin knew someone who could join. After sending out a quick text, a young inkling girl with long golden tentacles came running into the square, and her name was Sienna. Sienna explained she was good friends with Lorin, and she was Agent 4 of the Splatoon Squidbeak. With her upbeat and happy nature, Sienna joined the team as well, and from there they became Team InktoMysticon!


* Hes usually seen reading or playing on his Nintendo Switch.

* Hes ambidextrous.

* His primary weapon of choice are his Keyblade, he also uses his Aura and Elements in combat.

Mentioned Characters

JH08 - JamaicanHedgie08

Tyler, Tasha, Tanya, Inferno - MOLTENOS

Millard - MillardSkullBoy

Bayzer - A friend from Amino

Momo - A friend from Amino
Time to reset the rules. The old ones will remain but with new ones added.

Follow them and your fine. Don’t, and i block you.

1. No stealing or using my art for any means necessary without my consent.

2. No hateful comments on my page or any of my posts towards others. Racist comments will be deleted and the person will be blocked.

3. I love getting comments, but if your gonna comment on multiple stuff at once, let the comment be meaningful.

4. If you are younger than 16, i will not have lewd rps with you.

5. Do not use any of my ocs without my consent. Or i will find you and report you.

6. Dont refer to any of my ocs as Mary Sues or any of that crap. If your jealous of the fact that they are overpowered, (Which they aren’t) I recommend leaving my page altogether or be blocked.

7. No asking to ship with any of my ocs.

8. No asking for collabs. My ocs are impossible to make.


10. Don’t try to make a Vs between one of my ocs and your ocs or characters from anime, video games, etc. I absolutely abhor when people do that, because for starters my ocs are pretty powerful, and even if by a long shot they’re weaker than the oc being pitted against them, I still hate it when people do it, because i make my ocs powerful so then they aren’t referred to as weak.

11. Attacking me or any form of annoying spam will get you slapped on my block list. Try anything further and you’ll get reported. Don’t test me.

12. Don’t ask to RP with me without getting to know me first. I dont care if you’ve watched me for months or years, if I’ve never had a single conversation with you, theres no point in a rp.

If you can follow all of these rules accordingly, we'll be great friends. Thanks for reading!


KiyoshiIzumi02's Profile Picture
United States
Read the whole thing.

Welcome to my second account.

I am a very nice person, but i can be cold if your not nice to me or my friends.

I currently own the Nintendo switch with the following games: Splatoon 2, Splatoon 2: Octo Expansion, MK8D, ARMS, LOZ: Breath of the wild, Super Bomberman R, Fate Extella The Umbral Star, and Sonic Forces.

In Splatoon 2, I am Lvl 36 and Rank -A, and my weapon main is currently the Splat Dualies.

In Octo Expansion, i chose the Octoling Girl.

In ARMS i main Spring Man.

Switch friend code: SW-3319-5222-5909

WiiU name: KiyoshiIzumi.

Have any questions for me? Comment on my profile.


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