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Andul Hefner

Heres a brand spanken new drawing I've done, in a random oekaki I found.. lol
I'm quite happy with this, besides the fact that I couldnt actually post the re-touched parts of the picture because the website started going funky and wouldnt let me post the updated/editing stuffs.. Oh well, I copied it into a fresh file anyways just in case. I might go back and finish it up again but try some different style or something

Anywho. This is a character of mine from a story I'm sorta brain storming over. Basicly its about this guy. whos name is Andul Hefner, his first name is pronounced "Andool" I made it up.. seems to suit him.. lol. I just hope it doesnt mean something in another language.. >>' So, yeah. the story is about him and a human girl, how they meet I'm still sorta trying to think of.. but he is from a completely different demention so I'm trying to figure out nifty ways to bring her into Anduls world. which is quite dangerous..

there are many humanoid creatures, but quite a few of the tribes are very visious, or just plain greedy. theres a hand full of respectable/friendly species but it all depends on whereabouts they were brought up. Basicly this is just a world completely opposite from our own. instead of us evolving from apes/monkeys. All other animals evolved instead. trying to work a bit of magic into this as well and its all getting a bit confusing.. the best I can do is create characters and make up a background/culture for them and behaviour and what not x.x' I'm getting there.. maybe I'll actually start WRITING it.. lol...
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hehe. I put this pic on my ASB visa debit card.. :D
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She'z Alive! ;o And drawing. Nice.
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I saw the unfinished pic on DrowKaki. It's a shame it didn't post the update, but I think you can send a copy of this to Kern and he has access to upload it for you.
:3 Keep drawing on the 'kaki! We need active artists, and you're beyond talented! (I like the story idea, too, btw. You should definitely start writing it out! XD)