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AA: Echo by KiyokoAmaya AA: Echo :iconkiyokoamaya:KiyokoAmaya 2 0 AA: Zai by KiyokoAmaya AA: Zai :iconkiyokoamaya:KiyokoAmaya 3 1 AA: Birthdays and Sir Horsie by KiyokoAmaya AA: Birthdays and Sir Horsie :iconkiyokoamaya:KiyokoAmaya 12 4 AA: World's Wrath Part 2: Stable House by KiyokoAmaya AA: World's Wrath Part 2: Stable House :iconkiyokoamaya:KiyokoAmaya 10 3 AA: World's Wrath Part 2: Guardhouse by KiyokoAmaya AA: World's Wrath Part 2: Guardhouse :iconkiyokoamaya:KiyokoAmaya 6 3 AA: World's Wrath Part 2: Greenhouse [GIF] by KiyokoAmaya AA: World's Wrath Part 2: Greenhouse [GIF] :iconkiyokoamaya:KiyokoAmaya 6 2 AA: Arrival Birthdays by KiyokoAmaya AA: Arrival Birthdays :iconkiyokoamaya:KiyokoAmaya 8 3
AA: Tale of Two Courts
Neither Kiv nor Taulm were particularly surprised to hear of the celebrations planned for the month of Thawing. For most other events, it might have seemed overly lavish to celebrate for a solid two weeks, but for something that was an attempt to not just politically but psychologically cement the alliance between two previously warring factions, it was merely a start. Two weeks to try and offset some of the resentment and hate built over more than two years of hostility.
While Kiv wasn't exactly the type who was eager to spend so much time on partying, he wanted to assess for himself what he could of how genuine and strong this alliance might turn out to be or if it would just end up crumbling apart like the Kingdom had. Taulm was of a similar but more positive mind.
Besides, it seemed that a certain pest wouldn't cease with the noise unless Kiv went. Yes, the illusioned sound of Ruby, Alek's dog, was what was magically triggered when Alek tried to contact him via whisper tree
:iconkiyokoamaya:KiyokoAmaya 1 0
AA: Hospice
Xiuya looked up with surprise at Kiv's approach. "I thought you would still be with your healer friends," she said, but she smiled, making it clear to her 'nephew' that his company was far from unwelcome. After Song-Lu was struck by the Adabrene rain, healers naturally went into overtime. With some numbering among his closest friends, Kiv unsurprisingly did what he could to support them. While having to tend to casualties after an attack was never much fun by default, this time was especially trying with the main poison agent being completely new to everyone. Xiuya knew that Kiv had Kralspitzer parts from his past expedition which had been helpful to some degree, although by the time the news got to Song-Lu from Koben, the benefits were heavily diminished.
Kiv didn't smile back. "I'm tired," he said, and it was true that the always-present rings under his eyes were darker than usual.
Of course. Xiuya knew firsthand what it was like to support a healer who insisted on seeing to the wors
:iconkiyokoamaya:KiyokoAmaya 5 1
AA: Drabble Meme: Winter Set: Luthais
Yarn (early years | 415)
Elinara (or rather Ellie, as she liked to be called), Luthais’s grandmother on his mother’s side, sat with needles and yarn in her lap. “Would you like to learn how to knit, dear?”
Luthais was initially rather neutral on the idea, and so he did not answer immediately. But after a bit of consideration, he supposed the making of cloth was useful. It also seemed that his grandmother wished to teach him this, despite kindly phrasing the question so that he could easily refuse. He nodded and came closer.
Upon his confirmation, Ellie reached into her bag for a fresh ball of yarn as well as a smaller set of needles. A boisterous yell from another room (sounded like Shiyuli and Hanlin play-wrestling each other), however, startled her, and the yarn rolled away from her fingers.
Unthinkingly, Luthais gestured before it could unravel too much and get too far away on the floor. The ball obediently rolled back to where it had origina
:iconkiyokoamaya:KiyokoAmaya 4 1
AA: Mirrors Birthdays by KiyokoAmaya AA: Mirrors Birthdays :iconkiyokoamaya:KiyokoAmaya 6 5 AA: 7 of Coins by KiyokoAmaya AA: 7 of Coins :iconkiyokoamaya:KiyokoAmaya 5 0 AA: The Chariot by KiyokoAmaya AA: The Chariot :iconkiyokoamaya:KiyokoAmaya 10 2 AA: Fearchar O Griofa by KiyokoAmaya AA: Fearchar O Griofa :iconkiyokoamaya:KiyokoAmaya 8 2
AA: Drabble Meme: Set A: Autumn
(teenagerhood | 440)
“A sweet contest? I’m totally going to win!” Autumn declared in determination when she’d finished reading the flyer, thrusting a hand in the air in enthusiasm.
She flushed a bit in embarrassment as passerby glanced her way at her rather loud proclamation but nevertheless she was still excited! She tore the flyer from the wall after only a moment of hesitation about whether she was allowed to and hurried home to Prisca.
“Prisca, Prisca, look!” she said as she burst in the door of their mobile. Fortunately Prisca was by this point used enough to the teen’s sudden outbursts that she didn't knock over anything she was doing, instead pausing her hands in potion making calmly and looking up. There was no ‘look’ing to be done with the energetic way that Autumn was waving the paper around, rendering even the largest print a hopeless blur, but the girl continued, “It's a swee
:iconkiyokoamaya:KiyokoAmaya 3 0
AA: Starship Alva AU: Bioluminescence by KiyokoAmaya AA: Starship Alva AU: Bioluminescence :iconkiyokoamaya:KiyokoAmaya 18 5


[AA] lil elf compilation by Neye [AA] lil elf compilation :iconneye:Neye 69 9 AA - Shady Bazaar by shockabsorbers AA - Shady Bazaar :iconshockabsorbers:shockabsorbers 15 2 AA: Fantastic Bazaar by Usakan AA: Fantastic Bazaar :iconusakan:Usakan 18 2 AA: flower cheebs by avodkabottle AA: flower cheebs :iconavodkabottle:avodkabottle 32 15 [AA] Luthais by laticat [AA] Luthais :iconlaticat:laticat 13 2 [AA] Doodle sheet Petra by Neye [AA] Doodle sheet Petra :iconneye:Neye 16 4 Mermay Luthais by Silvefied Mermay Luthais :iconsilvefied:Silvefied 11 4 AA: Chibi Bday Seeds by Taivasora AA: Chibi Bday Seeds :icontaivasora:Taivasora 27 12 AA: Seedlings by Luuxiya AA: Seedlings :iconluuxiya:Luuxiya 12 5 [AA] Two Seeds Kids by Neye [AA] Two Seeds Kids :iconneye:Neye 26 11 AA: Lil' Seeds by MangaAnimeluver AA: Lil' Seeds :iconmangaanimeluver:MangaAnimeluver 11 8 AA: Landing by Usakan AA: Landing :iconusakan:Usakan 14 8 AA: Seeds Birthdays by Usakan AA: Seeds Birthdays :iconusakan:Usakan 16 23 AA: Island Children by Taivasora AA: Island Children :icontaivasora:Taivasora 60 10 AA - Bratkowice needs a life alert by gracefulsunshine AA - Bratkowice needs a life alert :icongracefulsunshine:gracefulsunshine 83 15 [AA] Welcome to the Bath House by Neye [AA] Welcome to the Bath House :iconneye:Neye 216 21





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