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Random Favourites

There is no limit
to those who have hearts beating
in sync
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Rain by BaxiaArt Rain :iconbaxiaart:BaxiaArt 1,365 38 Ghostly by Mrs-White Ghostly :iconmrs-white:Mrs-White 261 54
Another time
Gather your soul
and take what you need, within
our memories grow roots
:iconweidenlied:Weidenlied 6 7
Knite Reboot Gif Promo by yuumei Knite Reboot Gif Promo :iconyuumei:yuumei 6,013 158
let me dream
please, I want
to be alone
with my thoughts, those
works of art that revolve
inside my mind and seldom
escape the bounds they so
try to break, the ones
that were created through
fear of pain and rejection,
it’s to protect me, I don’t want
to show my
breakthroughs and have them
trampled with ignorant feet,
you understand, but
I yearn
for the warm embrace of
acceptance, for the
eccentric works that
exist because of
my love for knowledge
to live and
breathe through others,
to slither through their perceptions and
alter views, to
change the world, but
alas, I am too scared, and
the dreams inside
my head shall never
crawl out as
words, no matter how
much they
:iconlittlemisswriter7:LittleMissWriter7 5 0
The Night Sky
I like to see my mind as the night sky.
When I withdraw into myself, I enter an expanse of black. It’s peppered with pinpricks of light. There is no up or down, just my mind. 
My thoughts are like shooting stars.
My thoughts take flight inside there with shining wings, taking shape as comets and meteors. They flit about, lighting a shaky path. Too easily they slip through my fingers. The ones who stay, they turn into stars, joining the others in an endless pattern of constellations.
What’s outside is like the sun. 
It outshines every thought in my head, fills me with the sense of the outside, an anchor to reality. It’s too bright, too powerful, greater than me in my entirety. Reality is so huge, so heavy, it crushes my frail stars if the sun rises too early. 
The dark is the unknown. 
It’s the space between stars, the black. It’s skipped over in favour of the beautiful stars. Yet, it’s integral to the night sky. Without the dark,
:iconlittlemisswriter7:LittleMissWriter7 4 8
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My fantasies cannot contain what’s at the sea beyond
And all that lies across the blue
Is not to wait for me, forever
And so, I unfold my wings at last
Embraced in foreign feeling
This common gift, not trusted still
Once thought as only weight
About I flutter in disbelief
In awe, but as strong as ever
From the endless sky the grounds feel small
All humans seem mundane
All people same, all valleys one, all mountains plain and even
Yet I fear to fall to my death no more
For death is worth the price of living
:iconflamealive:FlameAlive 9 1
light study by myjerart light study :iconmyjerart:myjerart 129 8



artist • writer
Artist | Professional
Kiyo is the creator of her own publications that combine imagery and words, like her illustrated art & poetry book, Dreamscape. She shares three visual poetry series online weekly; the Micro Poetry, Haiku and About Love Series. Mostly written in free-form, they are pieces inspired by nature, philosophy, day-to-day thoughts and emotions. Next to poetry, she also enjoys writing Poetic Prose in the shapes of micro fiction and short stories, her works sparked by the many facets of life, and often touched with a hint of fantasy.

On deviantART, Kiyo can also be found on her personal account, the Lady-Yume, where she uploads poetry in response to prompts, non visual versions of her personal Visual Poetry favourites, contests, collabs and other pieces.

Want to get in touch? You can find Kiyo on various social media sites, and she can always be reached at hello(at)kiyo-art(dot)com (:

:bulletgreen: Dreamscape; an illustrated journey in art and poetry {the visual edition}
:bulletgreen: Dreamscape; a poetic journey through life's encounters {the poetry only edition}

:bulletgreen: Velvet Heights from the Haiku series honoured with a Daily Deviation on May 11th, 2018
:bulletgreen: Look, She Blossoms from the Micro Poetry series honoured with First place for LadyLincoln's "Spring Poetry Melodies Contest"

Social Media
Instagram | Twitter | Facebook | Tumblr | Goodreads
BOOK DreamscapePoetryEd Cover by Kiyo-Poetry

Hello everyone,

In November of 2017 I released my art & poetry book, Dreamscape, an illustrated journey in art and poetry,
which is filled with 26 works of original fantasy art and a wide variety of poems.

Today I can happily announce the accompanying new release of the poetry edition!;
Dreamscape, a poetic journey through life' encounters

This poetic edition focuses solely on the inspirational words and includes the same rich variety of poems, ranging
from haiku to free-form pieces. Additionally, it features an extension of twenty not previously before published poems;
A small bonus for an even longer... escape.

“Lightweight strangers fly through my wild, curious mind — Imagery breathes life.”

You are invited on a poetic journey of chasing goals, wishes and daydreams, late nighttime ponderings, and staying strong
in those moments of falling down and getting up again, holding on to the valid courage to keep believing in yourself.

BOOK DreamscapePoetryEd Open by Kiyo-Poetry

This poetic version comes published in both hard- and softcover, measuring approximately 13 x 20 cm (5 x 8 inch),
with 156 black & white pages. Secondly, it is also available as an epub eBook version for your pads and e-readers,
so you can take it with you wherever you may wish to go.

Curious for more? Click here for an extensive preview to see some of the other pages inside;
and any other details about this book (pricing etc.) can be found on my site's new Books page (:

ART BOOK Dreamscape Open by Kiyo-Poetry ART BOOK Dreamscape Cover by Kiyo-Poetry

Simultaneously, I can also share that the visual edition, Dreamscape, an illustrated journey in art and poetry,
is now available in both hard- and softcover! It is still sold through Netherlands-based Boekenbestellen,
and as of now also through America-based Blurb, which delivers internationally and with the same vibrant quality.

For all further purchase links, I once more forward you to the new Books page, where you can find all the additional info (:

Curious for more? Click here for an extensive preview to view some of the fantasy artwork,
executed in an all-blue colour scheme with imagery that blends the thin line between fiction and reality...

And in Other News

Last but not least, I'd like to take a small moment to highlight what has been been, for me, a rather eventful
lit-related weekend, with my haiku "Velvet Heights" receiving the honour of a Daily Deviation on May 11th,
and my piece "Look, She Blossoms" (on my personal account, Lady-Yume, soon to added to the Micro Poetry series),
being awarded with the first place prize in LadyLincoln's Spring Melodies contest!

As can be expected, I still feel quite overwhelmed and humbled, but also incredibly happy to learn that people
— yes, I mean you! — enjoy my works like this, and makes it a treat to continue on sharing my words :love:

Thanks, as always, for taking the time to read and visit my profile.
Have anything to share or ask; drop me a line, I'd love to hear from you.

Love, Kiyo (Kiyo-Poetry / Lady-Yume) :heart:


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