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We Were Meant to Live_page11 by Kiyda We Were Meant to Live_page11 by Kiyda
dear Prof. Poppycock, i'm almost done. one more page, and i can rest easy.

first me and skye off to college
from the left, cococat, lisa and her feet, Jamie, and my little hobbit-girl-cousin Erin
then lastly Austin and a little bud.

strangely enough i'm actually gonna explain this page o_O;
Austin and the bud. what does the bud symbolize? It symbolizes late birth and the beginning of the epiphany, his love of nature, and his romantic features. why is he sleeping? Good question, mainly the things he doens't know and 'cause he deserves a rest. ._.
Jamie's face says in yellow "of cabbages and kings" and then in yellow it is supposed to say "and why the see is boiling hot." I remember when he did his profile where his face was entirely made up of the poem "The Walrus and the Carpenter" in Alice in Wonderland.
Lisa's symbolism is her blantant innerchild, her human frailty is her bare feet and the cat is just 'cause she's goofy.
Erin? It's 'cause i miss her innocent smile, there's no hidden pain or feelings behind it. It pure joyful innocence
Skye and me are packed, holding hands, ready to go. why? the eagerness of leaving, and draft of wind feels like another epiphany, a changing of winds, and stuff. you know. when you become and adult and "go out into the world." "we'll go together."

notice there's no panels now. so much color. its is the freedom of possiblities and a range of all artistic techniques.

Lyrics: Switchfoot
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SoraPyper Featured By Owner Apr 26, 2006  Professional General Artist
heh heh cute picture and awsome song^_^
BatteriesNotIncluded Featured By Owner Dec 14, 2005   Traditional Artist
Konei Featured By Owner Dec 6, 2005
Yay for Chocokitty *w* and OMG your cousin is so cute <3

That's a lotta symbolism o_o don't think I ever have, nor ever will do such a thing with my stuff because I am lazy and uncreative like that. Yes. And the way you described you and Skye somehow reminds of KH... especially the "we'll go together" thing.
Kiyda Featured By Owner Dec 6, 2005  Student Traditional Artist
sankyuu. you should see pretending to be a butterfly. >w< i just wanna pick her up and squeeze her.

you might, accidentally you know.
i meant it that.
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December 4, 2005
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