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Hey guys i've made a new account and it's kinda like fresh start for me so goodbye to KiyaSparleVampire and Hello to SparleRAINBOWMASUTA my new account name 

follow if you want me sparlerainbowmasuta.deviantart…
Hey guys i'm back will show more of my  artwork until I settle things with my mom :iconexcaliburfaceplz: and I'll get to go on the laptop and will be in and out but I will submit in new artwork soon~! :iconakirakogamiplz: Hope you enjoy~ and have a good school year so I guess that's how you would say it :iconlazywaveplz:
I found this song if Mary and it make me feel bad for her I now she wanted kill Garry but listening to the sing just makes me upset shoes that's she's been lonely

Sorry i haven't been able to post any picture's lately it's casue my desktop is being really shitty and it doesn't even turn on or let me scan idk when it can be fixed but it does soon
Ok I'm going to do it!! I'm planning to make a askHaganeLen account~ I know Len alot so i was thinking of starting it off on my birthday~ cause I'm getting a labtop for my birthday so when i get it I'll make it~ :icononionx3plz: i do mine best on it!! x3 Even if it drives me mad which it might.....:iconrinisangryplz: BUT WILL DO ITTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (╯益)╯
ok i know awhile i been drawing hagane Len but now Hagane Meiko is hunting me.....i been listening to rin's metals song...literally the hagane vocaloids are hunting me....:icononiontantrumplz: waaaaaaa~ and len's bullying me for not drawing him....:iconpervyhaganelenplz: its driving me mad...yet i never be able to draw rin....:iconrinisangryplz:
its 2013 and were still alive x3 thanks for all thos who watched and added my picture to favorite thanks everyone hope you guys have a great year~ :icononionx3plz:
hey sorry i haven't been putting up much drawings i been lazy....I just dk what to draw theses days and i got to play Ib game~ i hot a happy ending~:iconadorableplz:  it has such a good game~ :iconyuicryplz: im happy i played its a great game~ and i do my best to draw more stuff!! If im not too lazy~ - A- :icondignitylaughplz: And i just got just dance 4 it soo fun!! me and sister been dancing all day~ its addictive!! ITS SOOOOO FUNNY TO DANCE TOO!!! and we even go oppan Gangnam Style on the game and i danced to it like about 12 times~ its sooo fun!!
Ok i took a test call "What Soul Eater Guy Is For You?" and i got black star..i love black star but i can imagine dating mean he is hilrious!! :icongoodjobplz: Yes he can be funny , and yes he definiely a person who can make me fell better XD :iconallmyloveplz:…
i haven't been creative lately and I'm not happy about it.:doh: And i have been doing soo many bases lately but I'm drawing new OC then bases i guess i just been watch some anime shows~ oh there's a convention coming up in November and it's called anime USA~ i cant wait to go to it i might go as Rin or Luka a vocaloid~ or i might go has both RinKa rin/luka~ lolz i did go has that once~ :iconcblushplz: what you think should i do that? I'm curious~

:O_o: i hope i hope i go i didnt get to go to the one in Boston, Maryland~ i was soo bored that day...:bored: and up set that one my friends says on the last minute!!! that she can give me a ride!!! WHICH SHE COULD HAVE SAID EARLIER!!!! THEN I COULD HAVE GONE!!:rage: sigh~ well i just hope i go to the one in November here's link~ if you want to know about it~
i was just curious i want to see you if you guys want to draw my OC charaters but if you dont want to its fine
  If you guys do wanna try here are the characters. :happybounce:

RULES: can genderblend if you want
2.dont claim these characters as yours~
3.have fun with it~
Just to let you im sharing my account with a friend casue she keep on forgetting her password so she sharing mine with her~
Ok i drew some pictures on lines paper so im redrawing them~ its taking awhile so....yeah~
hi im back and i got new drawings!!! i hope you guys will like but most them are kinda depressing ^^; , i didnt really have a good time in my vacation so yea i drew some cool pictures too so i hope you enjoy them.
hey people i just wanna let you guys know im gonna go on vacation on the june 22 , so i wont be subimting pictures for awhile ill be gone for 2 weeks~ so i promise i'll be back with new drawings~ i'll miss u guys hope all of you guys are having a great summer~ BTW DANGOS RULE!!! lov u guys~ BTW today is purple day!!!since i drew so many pics with purple~
im not sure if im looking forward to summer i mean i know ill get to not see my dad~ yea~ but on the last day of school i have to go see him on the last day of school , but i get to go to the pool everyday ~ plus i have a good exercise~ hee hee im a fat person~ so i lose weight lol~ i hope i was non-drama summer cause i dont want any drama~
i have be in alot of latey but it's been all right plus i got this ever cute skin its not mine..but very i love dangos so yea..
hello i was a my dads house AKA perison...yea i dont being at my dads sooo happy i could pass out :faint: geez anyway i drew new pictures soo i hope you guys like them :onfire:
Today im just bored out of my mind one of my friends were looking in my sketch book :nuu: and there was alot of kissing couples and my friends said i should of get a boyfriend i want to get one but first most of the boys i know or go to my school r im kinda scared of getting one... :saddummy:  i want to get one that be awesome :squee: if i had one i want a boyfiend like the anime guys nice , sweet , there for u , and protect you , and of course he has to be cute!! :happybounce: but life is more important then boyfriend...sign.. (-_-)
life is boring as very there's up and downs, life is diffecult too you have to deal with lots of things like hw , jod , grades , bills , family problems , friends , and alot other tough stuff. I've expericned lots of thing in my life sercerts , lies , promises, broken promise, lost of trust , fear , derpession and pain . This what i had experinced , i wished i lived in a white life you know a peaceful life.