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Another doodled Transformer: Jazz.
I have personal history with him: I saw it's french release box art in the toy store when I was 10 (in 1984, people !) and falled in love with it.
You can see pics of the item here: [link]
The French brand was Diaclone, not Transformers yet at the time... anyway, I had to have it, so I had to save the pocket money my mom was giving to me. It was 20 Francs per week (1 US Dollar was 8,5 francs in 1984) and the toy was 130 francs... that wasn't exactly cheap.
So I had to wait almost 7 weeks before I can afford it, meanwhile I got every single open day to the store so I can touch the box and watch it, dreaming...
Jazz is still my favourite transformer ever because he was the most challenging one for me, the one that made me grow a little, learning patience and sacrifice to get bigger reward.

What a cute and touching story, ain't it ?

The Porsche 935 is still one of my favorite cars since then and the pic I pasted in the corner is the beautiful box art from a 1/24 scale model kit by Tamiya.
I tried to update the legs in this drawing... there's something to develop here, me thinks.

Maybe someone will commission me to develop and complete a piece from this, who knows ? =3
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