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DH - The Gray Lady and Harry


Oh snap, if you looked at this and haven't read... not that bad of a spoiler.

I did spiff it up a little on the computer. Not so great at that, ignore the ugh ness.

Harry's long hair? Not liking so much.... I did my best though.

And it's really hard doing ghosts in watercolor. ^^;
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HP psc2400
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This is sort of how I envisioned her. Her lineage was a surprise to me, though.
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I love the way you drew the gray lady, she looks so beautiful! :)
saryn's avatar
I love how you drew Harry's hair.

I also wanted to mentioned that I've really enjoyed looking through your gallery and I really enjoy the way you draw and paint. Would you mind in I asked a technical question? Maybe not on this piece quite so much, but for example on the Neville/Luna painting, what do you use to outline? Pencil? Pen? It doesn't look like a watercolor or ink outline, so I was just really curious.

Keep up the nice work. ;)
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Just a cheapo ballpoint pen I found in my drawer. Haha... I have the most ghetto art supplies ever. My watercolors are from a $2 art kit, along with crappy crayons and such. Nothing fancy, you just have to know how to work it.
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is this the same ghost he talk to in the Deathly Hallows.
Me-In-Honey's avatar
well I love how you drew Harry with long hair, he even looks hot!
lapetitballerina's avatar
I think you did his hair rather well. Its not like he cared about his hair when he was traveling from one place to another.
kiwikewte's avatar
Yeah, a lot of artists are ignoring that. They want Harry to look stunning and supermodel... but you're right, he had bigger things to worry about than his hair.
SabinasFairy's avatar
Omgoodness, I've fallen in love with it. Theres something about Harry that is so appealing. And you did a wonderful job with the ghost! :D
Cool pic. The artists tend to overlook Harry's long hair. Heh heh, on the other hand, I couldn't help but think he looked a bit like John Lennon.
GinnyLovesHarry's avatar
i like it!! very good job and cool!!
H-Johanna's avatar
Ghosts in watercolour. I know making things see through is very difficult with watercolour (I tried, hell) but you did very well.
hillsecret's avatar
Harry's hair turned out way better than you were describing it to me.
Puchiko-Chan's avatar
I like how you can see the bricks through the gray lady. :]
Of course, the whole painting is wonderful. <3
AgiVega's avatar
The Grey Lady is very pretty, but shouldn't she bit slightly more translucent? :roll:
kiwikewte's avatar
As I said, I had trouble with it. The pencil lines and layer of brown paint I put on her didn't scan oh so well. Ah, the woes of traditional artwork.
Shmivv's avatar
Cool pic! She kinda looks like how I pictured fleur
shattered-black-rose's avatar
Wow, long hair does not suit Harry. Don't get me wrong, you've done a good job with it, and his profile looks excellent... it's just not a good hairstyle on him.

Yeaaah, ghosts are hard in just about any medium. I've never actually tried watercolouring them... hmmm...

I was so excited that we FINALLY got to meet the Grey Lady, since most HP fans have known about her existence & name for a long time.
PonytailComplex's avatar
Ooh, so purrty. And despite my hatred of long-haired Harry, I think you've pulled it off quite well. Yay for DH fanart!
LibertyRenegade's avatar
Yay!!! I LOVE the shaggy hair! People tend to overlook it.
Linzart's avatar
MEH! you did well with the goust and Harrys pretty good....SOME ONE GIVE ME SOME SCISSERS NOWWWWWW
ElfFairy77's avatar
HAha! I knew it wouldn't be long before you started posting DH art! I actually just got a tablet and added some too...check it out Kiwi!
kisses-from-an-angel's avatar
oh wow, i love this!

this is actually how i pictured it! :D
i love the long hair on harry, but it makes him look like james :giggle: but that's not bad because they look mostly identical XP

keep up the great work!
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This is beautiful! I love how the grey lady came out, I could never imagine painting something like that in water color. I actually like Harry's long hair, its a different look for him (but a good one)
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