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I promise, last one of John Simm.

Last one for at least a while.


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The Master from the BBC
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yosuehere's avatar
This is my favorite drawing of the master yet!!!
MistressAinley's avatar
Don't stop please xD
Love it :heart:
Doghcat's avatar
I ADORE this.
The expression with the teary eyes... *dies*
felineattraction's avatar
i love it when sim cries its CUTE!
he cries as sam as well and its adorable!
jeanlennon's avatar
It's always nice to see the Master smile...even if there is an evil thought behind it;) Love your semi-impressionist style here!
Lilylily7000's avatar
This.part.KILLED ME!!!!!! I mean, I have bad luck keeping the characters I like alive to begin with, but they just kill the master over and over and over! Its emotional torture lol! And 5 minutes after, THEY TOOK AWAY DAVID TENNANT! GGGGRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!
But anyhow, I LOVE this picture!
Edzel2's avatar
This is wonderful!
Lilylily7000's avatar
Love the Master ;D
Geilie's avatar
It can never be to many pictures of John Simm so just keep going! :XD: Great job! I love how you have done his face!
kiwiisntfruit's avatar
Noooo, encouragement will destroy my resolve!

Thanks so much!
Geilie's avatar
If it makes you draw more John Simm, I'm not sorry! :XD:

No worries!
Embbera's avatar
Ohhhh so cute!
Lovely crooked smile!

May I ask about the reference? Is it from an EoT screenshot or something?

Faved, of course :D
kiwiisntfruit's avatar
Psychopaths shouldn't be as cute as John Simm. And yet, and still.

The reference is from a screencap right after the Master works out that the Doctor isn't going to shoot holes into him in EoT.

Thanks for the comment and the fav!
Embbera's avatar
God, indeed they shouldn't be.

You're welcome and thanks for the info! :aww:
GallifreyanGeek's avatar
*huggles Master* I can't help it! He looks so adorable in this picture. :love:
kiwiisntfruit's avatar
It should be illegal, how insane/evil/UTTERLY CUTE Simm!Master is.

3LW00D's avatar
What?! No more pictures of Simm!Master? *sniff*

Oh all right....

But this one is amazing!
kiwiisntfruit's avatar

So many things to can't all be Simm!Master. Also, my gallery would start to creep me out, I think.
3LW00D's avatar
Yeah ok, that is a good point.
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lutrasilvereye's avatar
Instant love. You capture John Simm so well :D
kiwiisntfruit's avatar
Thanks! John Simm = :heart:.
Slykark's avatar
Oh, hello John Simm. Lovely, lovely John Simm.

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