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Arwen and Elanor_by_kiwidoc

By kiwidoc
As soon as I saw this beautiful image [link] I knew exactly what I wanted to do with it. She is leaning down and forward, so she immediately made me think of Arwen and Elanor Gamgee. After the events on LOTR when Sam’s daughter Elanor grows up she becomes Maid of Honour to the Lady Arwen. The idea of the tall and slender elf alongside the tiny, curvaceous hobbit has been one of my favourite mental pictures for many years.

Having already found my Arwen I needed an Elanor. I found the perfect face, and the perfect body but they were in two different shots of the same model, while the feet belonged to a third model altogether! Having blended these, the complications didn’t stop there. The original door in the background was the right size for Elanor, not for Arwen … so of course this needed replacing with a round, hobbit door (with a suitable knocker). Last but not least my Arwen needed some jewelry, as she is after all a queen.

Blending so many different elements that all had their own colour and lighting schemes, and different levels of noise, focus, texture etc was a real challenge. The final image had well over 50 layers, even after I had already combined many layers as I worked. It took a lot of time, and a lot of experimenting, but hopefully it was worth it.

I’ve finally got around to making the pic to show the stock images I used to make Elanor as a before & after image. You can see it here [link] This pic also gives you a much closer view of the details, including the hairy feet!

Figure One of the beautiful Wintergreen series from Elandria :iconelandria:

Earring From Miss Mary (mmp-stock) :iconmmp-stock:

Circlet Taken from part of a bracelet in a Visualjenna image :iconvisualjenna-stock:


Figure Adapted from three images by Faestock :iconfaestock: (2 from Golden Posy series + feet from a Lila shot)

Lilacs & lawn From Almudena-Stock :iconalmudena-stock:

Door KnockerFrom Quaddles :iconquaddles:

Hobbit Door Base – Much adapted from a shot by Rivendell-Photostock :iconrivendell-photostock:

The following clubs have permission to show my art in their galleries.
:icontolkien: . :iconthelotrclub: . :iconaragorn: . :iconsilmarillion-club: . :iconavaloncommunity: . :iconenchantedforest: . :icondreamers-of-avalon: . :iconfantasy-fellowship: . :iconrealm-of-fantasy: . :iconceltic-dreaming: . :icontribeofcelts: . :iconmanipulatethis: . :iconphotomanip--club: . :iconabstractsilence: . :iconeliteartists: . :iconartistsunknow: . :icondream-club: . :iconcarly-fanclub:
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This is so beautiful :) The colors, the dressess, and the looks in their faces :) And I love that you managed to produce hobbit height in comparison to elven height - it is so rare a gift to draw such things properly. :) Without hobbits too small or too tall and with too big heads. And Elanor is q. pretty as she should be. This is another of very rare gifts of illustrators - make hobbits not so ugly as some half-goblins :) but at the same time evidently not remotely so beautiful as elves. 
Doll-Of-Murder's avatar
that. is a BEAUTIFUL even dress.
kiwidoc's avatar
Sorry to take so long to reply - I've been away for a couple of years, and I'm slowly getting through all my messages. I can't take credit for Arwen's dress - all credit goes to the fabulous Elandria.
Doll-Of-Murder's avatar
well Elandria did a fantastic job. i want one xD
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This is so sweet! I had completely forgot that Elanor becomes a maid of honour to Arwen. This is the only picture I've seen depicting that :)
kiwidoc's avatar
Sorry about the long delay - I've been away from DA for ages and I'm just catching up. Thanks muchly for the comment :) I particularly love the mind puctires I get when I read a lot of the appendices.
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Sorry to take so long to reply - I've been away for a couple of years, and I'm slowly getting through all my messages. You can have Elanor's dress, but only if you are under 3ft 3 inches tall!
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This is really great.:D
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This is is blended so nicely that it looks like a photo- straight from another world.
A rarely depicted scene from LOTR. Thanks for sharing!
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:iconchocolatethanx: I really apprecuate this - photorealism is one of my goals :w00t: btw I love your avatar :thumbsup:
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Hubby giggled at your avatar as well.
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wonderful work! such a gorgeous manip. the wisteria looks so beautiful outside- and so nice with the little door. very nicely put together :-)
kiwidoc's avatar
:iconchocolatethanx: I really appreciate the comment.
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no problem at all- you're very welcome :-)
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:blowkiss: :hug: :blowkiss: Thanks muchly :D
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Wow! That's an amazing idea!

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