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[OPEN] Bunbon Adopts - Set 19 *THEMED SET*

By Kiwicide
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Hello, cuties! Summer is officially here and I have some summer-ready Bunbons to share with you!
All of these Bunbons are based on summery treats and themes!

001: First come, first serve. You can buy as many as you want. 
002: Payment must be made within 24hrs of claiming a Bunbon. Failing to do so will result in the Bunbon being available for purchase again.
003: Please be sure to read the Bunbon Terms of Service before commenting.

Paypal and points accepted! Although Paypal is preferred. c:
Paypal payments will be made through invoices. If you choose to pay with Paypal I will need your email in order to send you an invoice. Paypal fees will not be applied.
If paying with points a widget will be set up for you on my profile.
Once payment has been received I will note you the separate adopt. 
Autobuy Tickets cannot be used on these adopts.

Blueberry Pineapple Delight: 520pts / $5.20 || MillennialQuilava
This Bunbon is chilly and full of fresh summer fruit! It has a body made entirely of whipped cream and layer of graham cracker on the bottom. Blueberry sauce covers the top half of its body along with fresh blueberries and chunks of sweet pineapple. 
Traits: Bent ears, fluffy tail and pixie wings.

Blueberry Lime Jiggler: 660pts / $6.60 || MillennialQuilava
A jiggly and transparent Bunbon made of lime jello. Inside it's clear body are lime slices and blueberries. On it's back is a mountain of whipped cream and sprinkles styled up to look super cool! It has a cool whipped cream tail mutation that holds a single blueberry on top.
Traits: Lopped ears and mutated whip cream and blueberry tail.

Summer Nights Cake: 980pts / $9.80
Ahh this Bunbon looks like a cool summer night where you can lay in the grass among the fireflies. It has a chocolate cake body covered in buttercream and fondant to look like a grassy hill with tones of green that graduate from dark to light. Small fondant flowers dot the body of this cutie and its mutated leaf tail provides cover from the rain or sun. For some reason fireflies seem to adore it and hover around it constantly, illuminating parts of its body.
Traits: Lopped ears, body gradient, non-edible firefly friends and a mutated leaf tail.

Beach Bunny Cake: 840pts / $8.40
Who's ready for the beach?! This Bunbon is! Equipped with a floppy hat, beach bag and stripey bikini - this little Bunbon is ready for some sun! Its body is made of vanilla cake that's a bit burnt but that's okay because it still looks fabulous!
Traits: Normal ears, fluffy tail, non-edible hat, non-edible bag and a non-edible bikini.

Cherry Bomb Cooler: 660pts / $6.60 || Cirrue
This Bunbon is ready for a party! Cherry cooler fills its glass body along with ice cubes and cherries. It has a cherry garnish and two massive sparklers it carries around with it to get the party started!
Traits: Exclusive glass body and non-edible sparklers.

Bunbons are a closed species by 
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MillennialQuilava's avatar
Can I get the Blueberry delight and Lime Jiggler please? The Lime Jiggler is a gift for my sister, I will be using my points to get those two.
Kiwicide's avatar
Sure! I set up a widget for you~ Please send the points through the widget on my profile. Once the payment has been accepted I'll note you your new Bunbons. c:
Cirrue's avatar
Okay. I have enough I would like to buy Cherry Bomb Cooler with points please ;0; 
Tough choice 
Kiwicide's avatar
Awesome! I've got a widget set up for you on my profile. c:
Cirrue's avatar
Hhhhhhnnggggg Blueberry lime is adorable but I’m stuck on mobile for a few more weeks and apparently you can’t see how many points you have on mobile. 

I wish you luck in selling them ;0;, if they are still open when I get home then I’ll be checking my point bank.
Kiwicide's avatar
Thank you~
I hope you're able to get one, if not from this set then from one in the future.
Vanillefuchs's avatar
to bad that merchendise like sticker or something is not allowed with the bunbons design that someone buy :( they would be perfect for my food maniac charakters as pets.
Kiwicide's avatar
I'm sorry, I completely misunderstood that. orz
Unfortunately, yes, I don't allow merch of the Bunbons but that's because one day I want to make my own merch for them. 
Vanillefuchs's avatar
u want make merch with the designs you selled to others?
or are u meaning that u want generell make merch with the bunbon species.

Kiwicide's avatar
I mean in general. Once a design is sold I can't use it.
But I do have lots of my own Bunbons that are NPCs that I plan on making merch with in the future. 
Vanillefuchs's avatar
gosh my english is so horrible im sorry im from germany and i cant write in english as well. i explain it what i mean more exactly.
i have my own charakters, the food maniacs, thats magical girls or mans thats looks like food, for example i have a cherry-currant mix girl namend Cleodora and my bunbon is a fruit bunbon, i have buy it cause i want that my cleodora get the rabbit as her pet, but now i read the rules more exactly and has read that u cant make merch, but if its a pet for my charakter i want make merch of both of them together u know? so thats why i ask if i can use this bunbon as a normal magical jelly rabbit with fruit inside or something, and dont as a bunbon. so that i can use the design i buyed. hope it was understandable what i mean^^
Kiwicide's avatar
The watermark is only there because I've had my designs stolen before and I want to prevent that. 
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