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May 20, 2011
Tutorial: Nightshade's Vanity by =KiwiChameleon -- Suggester's words: =KiwiChameleon has very cool tutorials about markers and they are really detailed & easy to understand.
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Tutorial: Nightshade's Vanity



A Walkthrough: Nightshade's Vanity


This Tutorial features:

- Copic markers
- Copic airbrush system


...another tutorial [on marker techniques]


I have been working on this tutorial for the last 4 weeks, I think; on and off. Phew, and I am really happy that I managed to finish it. :lol: It took me some time to compile it all.

I wanted to have it done much earlier but I couldn't for various reasons. Now I can work on some other stuff again. ^^

You can download the tutorial if you want. I hope it's helpful and I didn't talk any gibberish. :XD:

Be careful though, the filesize is huge! ^^°

Feedback is always appreciated! ^^

The background texture for the tutorial was taken from =ImaginaryRosse's stock.

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Thank-You! I always wanted to try and expand my creativity with Copic Markers! This is SO COOL, and the end-result looks so pretty!