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Tutorial: Nightshade's Vanity

A Walkthrough: Nightshade's Vanity


This Tutorial features:

- Copic markers
- Copic airbrush system


...another tutorial [on marker techniques]


I have been working on this tutorial for the last 4 weeks, I think; on and off. Phew, and I am really happy that I managed to finish it. :lol: It took me some time to compile it all.

I wanted to have it done much earlier but I couldn't for various reasons. Now I can work on some other stuff again. ^^

You can download the tutorial if you want. I hope it's helpful and I didn't talk any gibberish. :XD:

Be careful though, the filesize is huge! ^^°

Feedback is always appreciated! ^^

The background texture for the tutorial was taken from =ImaginaryRosse's stock.

tutorial, text, artwork, photos © me
(do not copy or redistribute)
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Gecko1993's avatar
Thank-You! I always wanted to try and expand my creativity with Copic Markers! This is SO COOL, and the end-result looks so pretty!
Noace's avatar
This tutorial is absolutely beautiful and shows how much effort you put into each one of your pieces. Good work.
VenusinaMarciana's avatar
awsome tutorial, it really helps me a loooot, just a personal point of view here but i really think the background almost ruin the work, you put such awsome effort in the drawing, to end it up with a digital background, i would been even lovelier with a watercolor and white paint to make the stars in the background, of course this is just a personal view =P 
KiwiChameleon's avatar
Thank you very much for your comment and I am happy to hear it helps you. ^^ By now it's an old drawing and I am well aware of its shortcomings and mistakes, but you got the 'digital' background wrong. It's all done with markers, so I'm not sure where you got that idea from. ^^° The only things that's digital about this image is, that I scanned it.
VenusinaMarciana's avatar
omg my mistake D= hehe it looks digital XD, but the important thing is that the tutorial is usefull XD sorry
KiwiChameleon's avatar
No need to apologise. ^^ I hear quite often these days that people think I did use digital means... to me it's blatantly obvious it's done with markers. XD
VenusinaMarciana's avatar
noobs mistake XD 
JollyGolightly's avatar
DivalovecdmXDTIME's avatar
ho por dios no lo puedo creer¡¡¡ tu ases maravillas¡¡¡
Babydoll-chan's avatar
Thx, very helpfull :heart:
Clashe's avatar
Also, why did you use the airbrush rather than just color the dress in blue?
KiwiChameleon's avatar
One simple word: texture. ;) When you work with the airbrush you get a very different texture than putting colour on the paper with the marker directly. That's the sole reason.
Clashe's avatar
:O that is gorgeous! Also your lineart is wonderful, will you be doing a lineart tutorial anytime? :)
KiwiChameleon's avatar
Thank you very much. ^^ I have never thought about doing a lineart tutorial and you're the first one to mention it. ;) Out of curiosity, what would you want to know/learn?
Clashe's avatar
I guess general tips, how to ink neatly and cleanly, and also things about line weights, paper type/size, ink/pens, etc. I think my difficulty is usually that my lines don't look natural or flow nicely. And even though I usually work with an 005 micron when inking initially the lines look thick or shaky and bump into each other X_x.Sorry I'm not sure if I'm explaining this well, but I guess basically I mean that it has been difficult making my inks look natural and smooth, and to find balance between line weights.
KiwiChameleon's avatar
Don't worry, I understand what you meant. ^^ Doing a tutorial on "line art" might be worth a shot at some point. :)
Clashe's avatar
xclevermadness's avatar
how the h do you come up with great poses?
KiwiChameleon's avatar
I'm not quite sure what you mean with great poses, but I always try to find poses which fit the character's character. :)
lilmoe-moe's avatar
Wow is all i can say. Thank you
FadingStarlights's avatar
end product => [link] need me say more?
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