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Tutorial Compilation

I was debating with myself, whether I should upload something like this or not. ^^; In the end I decided to make it easier for you, rather than collecting the links in a journal post. ;)
So, now you might ask what this is? That's simple. I am writing tutorials on how to use markers and I cover a few topics within that general subject. It doesn't really matter what brand you are using as the methods of using markers don't really change. So rather than writing about it somewhere on my DA page I decided to upload a compilation list. 
This list is NOT finished, it is evolving and new things will be added. ;)


Applying Colour

Analogous Colour Scheme
part 1 | part 2 | part 3 | part 4 | part 5

(Split) Complementary Colour Scheme
part 1

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Thanks for the links.  :-)
Adeacia's avatar
Thank you very very much for this! :heart:
TheAC's avatar
Looking at these tutorials x.x  I realize I leave out so many minor details when I draw.... thanks for the help! It's all very educational!
KiwiChameleon's avatar
I am glad to hear it. Thanks. :D
TheAC's avatar
It's np, it is really an eye opener! lol  I really need to work on dressing my characters >.< it's one of the major details I neglect~
CommanderHomo's avatar
I went through your gallery and 
I liked all of your works, especially " Qamar ",
it looked so amazing and this tutorial complect is
amazing as well ! ♥♥♥
Thanks for uploading this ! ♥
KiwiChameleon's avatar
Thank you very much. :) It's lovely to hear that someone else likes 'Qamar' as it is still somehow a rather personal piece (even though it might not look like it). ^^
CommanderHomo's avatar
well, I really do like it a lot~
Especially it's Arabian ( Name is Arabic, so he is Arabian, right? ),
and I really see beauty in that piece~
And I like people with albinism even through it's somehow
and I like eyes on drawing too ;
Sorry that I didn't comment on picture ~ ♥
KiwiChameleon's avatar
He isn't Arabic per se, but he lives in a heavily Arabic inspired culture. ;)
CommanderHomo's avatar
oh well, I still love that art piece ! ♡
Sil-Coke's avatar
I'm happy you are loading up this Tutorials here on DA. Ich love it :D
yiori87's avatar
great work kiwi
ErikaRWilliamson's avatar
This compilation is very helpful, thank you so much for the time and effort of putting it together. It has really helped me a lot. Keep up the fantastic and gorgeous work! :heart:
KiwiChameleon's avatar
I'll try my best. :)
Yuriqueen's avatar
I'm so totally in love with this right now :3
Isiael's avatar
This is awesome. You rock!
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