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I rather would like to write the title as قمر, but I guess DA won't let me... well, it doesn't even support exclamation marks, so I doubt very much that it'll support Arabic letters. :XD:
Qamar is a priest in the town, in which he grew up in and appears reserved to most people. Anyway, Qamar/ قمر is his name. He is a new character and I had this image of his in my head (plus the universe he lives in), though this is more of a concept, but quite close to what he is like in my head. His constitution isn't the best health wise, while he suffers from OCR3 (oculocutaneous albinism type 3), which is rare in his humanoid species and severely frowned upon. This 'disease' is also the cause of his bad eyesight in bright light, so he carries sunglasses with him all the time and uses his head scarf to cover his eyes. Generally he is more on the frail side in terms of body shape.

Also a miracle happened when I finished this picture: I actually like it. °-° Not sure how that happened... :O_o: I usually never like what I just drew and it rarely happens for me to like something I drew right after finishing it.

Some people might already have recognised the image (only those, who read my journal entries that is ;P). Yes, it's the one to which I wrote a tutorial. I know most people couldn't care less what I write in my journal, so here are the tutorial parts again. Now you can't say I didn't tell you. ò_ó

Analogous Colour Scheme part 1 [link] | part 2 [link] | part 3 [link] | part 4 [link] | part 5 [link]

...yes, yes, colour theory, markers, colouring and so on.

Tools: Copic multiliner (0.05 + 0.1 sepia, 0.2 orange + wine red), Neopiko Line-2 (0.1 warm grey), Kuretake Mangaka 01 liner 0.1 light blue, Copic marker, Letraset marker, Kuretake marker, Polychromos, Dr. Ph. Martin's pen white
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The colors are amazing ♥
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I simply love this image. I can't help but stare at it. Orange is one of my favorite colors as well, and this image just glows with it as well as many other hues that I can't get enough of. This is wonderful. c: You've such a great talent...
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this is an awesome work :D I just love it and the line and colouring work.
and I'm impressed with the text explanation :) it's awesome it's so detailed and professional.
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This deviation has been featured here: [link] Have a blessed day! :love:
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Wow, thank you so much! :D
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Wow, I love the vibrant colours. :o This is wonderful! <3
FreyaAbendstern's avatar
wow looks absolutely stunning as always :wow:
i absolutely love the softness of the hairshades and also the colors u use for the hair, looks fabolous
the design is very cool and all the shades are just amazing and makes me really jealous ^^;
go on with ur great work :clap:
KiwiChameleon's avatar
Thank you very much. :D
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wow i really love the detailed costume!!! (the red part looks like a embroidered fabric!)
awesome! :heart:
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It is supposed to be embroidered fabric. ;) Thanks. ^^
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Wow this is very beautiful! Very detailed, especially the skin! ^^
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I love the way you color the skin! And those hand fklgdnfsd omg

Is his hair white or not? If not, how is his eyebrows and eyelashes white? If the reason is "because that's the way I want it to be" it's okay, but it just bothers me a little... :----D
KiwiChameleon's avatar
Yes, his hair is almost white. So, does the white hair bother you, or was it something else? °-°
Haamulikka's avatar
Not the hair being white, more like the hair on the side where it has been cut short; it looks a little bit like the hair has been dyed.
KiwiChameleon's avatar
The hair roots are always a tad darker than the rest of the hair, and since it's cut so short in parts, the skin underneath shows through a bit more as well. White hair technically doesn't have any pigments and only appears white in light. ;) So there's a possibility that the shaved parts can look darker than they are. ^^
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okay :---) I already sort of knew that, but I thought that it still would be a little bit lighter...
KiwiChameleon's avatar
Haha, to me it sounded as if you wanted to hear an explanation from me. ;)
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Yeaaa... dA doesn't like Arabic type. I just love this.. ;___; I can't believe this is marker. Your colouring is top notch!!
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It's beautiful.
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das sieht wirklich super aus*-*
Die Colo ist genial
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