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Marker Colouring :advanced:

Marker Colouring: advanced techniques


This Tutorial features:

- Copic markers
- Tria markers

I decided to give the tutorial a total overhaul since the old version looked a bit dated in my opinion. The image is already from 2007, but that doesn't change the techniques used. ;) The descriptions are still the same but the layout is totally new. ^^ The text is much better readable, and I also adjusted the pictures. Furthermore, the tools and colours used should be visible at a glance now. ^____~


...another walkthrough [with markers]


My promised marker tutorial is finally here! ...or again? It might be familiar to some of you since it is a resubmit from my old account. ;)

It took me literally ages to do and I hope it's of some use to you guys. ;) Well, it's a rather long yet in depth tutorial on "how to use markers". Please enjoy!

The background texture for the tutorial was taken from =ImaginaryRosse's stock.

PS: Feedback is always appreciated! ^_~
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This is great. One of the best advanced tutorials. Thank you for sharing. 
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one of the best tutorials i´ve ever read :clap: ^^
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wow. . . I just want to say thanks for the tutorial. . .even though I've been working with markers for about 5 years, this tutorial actually gave me a few pointers I'd like to try out on my next piece. ^^
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I am glad to hear, that you still get something out of the tutorial even after being familiar with markers. :)
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If you don't mind me asking, what exactly is a "copic marker"?
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I don't mind at all. :) It's a pen that draws with pigmented alcohol based ink. 'Copic' is probably the best known brand for these markers, but there are others too. Here's what Wikipedia has to say about them: [link] . I hope that helps. ;)
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Thank you. ^^ Now I want some. >.>
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You're welcome. ^^
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Fantastic tutorial.
But lots of work and steps must be done with copic to do well.
But the end result is amazing
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your tutorials are awesome!
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We over at #MangaCreators have removed our sub-folder this piece was in and encourage you to submit it to our sister group #Manga-Apps.

Thanks for yours continued support of us. :heart:
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Thanks for the information. ^^
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Welcome. Have a great day!
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thanx this is goood!
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how long it took you to do this?
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Do you mean the picture or the tutorial?
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