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Just Eyes

I stuffed this in the Manga & Anime section just because... :XD: Dunno, it's neither a close up nor a crop from a larger picture. This is the whole picture. ^^;
Please don't think I turned mental, but there's a reason for this image. Yes, once again it was for a tutorial with the focus on how to colour: EYES. That was hard, right? You'd never have guessed. ;)
Anyone interested to know how I coloured them, please divert your eyes here: [link].
While I was writing the tutorial one eyebrow was bugging me a lot and I fixed it up on the computer. Nothing major though, I promise.

Tools: Copic multiliner (black 0.1, sepia 0.1, sky blue 0.2), Copic marker, Letraset Flexmarker, Kuretake marker, Polychromos (ivory), white gel pen
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I'd be honored to have your work in my marker-madness 2015 ArtBook if you'd be so kind as to submit this beautifully crafted piece to our latest Journal!!
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this is seriously soo amazing! and the tutorial was very helpful! thank you!! xD
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Ich find es toll *___*
Kann mir richtig gut den restlichen Gesichtsausdruck vorstellen xD
Die Augenfarbe ist richtig schön*___*
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wa, wonderful tutorial, thank you for sharing! :)
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This is very beauiful! I can't believe it's copic.. I thought it was a digital art... Great work
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You're welcome!
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I really like this for not only the colors, but that the eyes are pretty expressive. It's almost like they're saying, "Why are you so close? Don't stare!"
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Thank you very much. :)
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They are VERY beautiful coloured eyes!!<3
I enjoy the way this was coloured it's very lovely.
And your tutorial was the best!
It's hard to get Letraset in america ;A;!!
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You should be able to create things like that with any type of marker, which has a brush nib on one end. ;)
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I agree with you ;A; but I really want to get Letraset they have such beautiful vibrant colours.
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That's true and the colours don't appear as grainy on paper as other marker brands. ^^
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Yes ^^- I agree:heart:
I wish they were a bit more accessible in the states.
We can get the letraset 12 set markers but that's about it ;A; not the full sets.
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wow das ist wirklich beeindruckend Ö_Ö
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