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Black Hydrangea

Orz... I had the super duper idea to test how far can I go when combining coloured pencils with markers and still have a somewhat homogenous looking outcome. :/ I'd put that picture in the 'trial and error' corner... and I wasn't sure if I should upload it at all. ^^; Sorry for letting you wait... and see this. :XD:

At the end of last year I got myself a nice Polychromos set and was dying to try out the pencils together with markers. There are parts which I like about the picture and others that I don't, but I did learn the other thing or two in the process. Ah well, I'm glad this is finished and I want to move onto other pictures.
You know that I usually don't say this, but I'm only 85% happy with the scan... Why? ...because I used red again. Yes, scanners just can't handle red. =_=

Oh, and maybe a few words to the picture itself. My first idea was to draw some hydrangea, then I thought about how I didn't want to draw those fluffy light blue flowers and wanted to do something more black and white-ish, aaaaand in the end it became an unhealthy looking vampire. XD~


Edit: Wow, I didn't think people would like the picture this much... so I decided to share a few photos taken during the drawing of this piece. There aren't many, but maybe they are interesting nonetheless: [link] ;)

Edit 2:
OMG, a DD?! Wow, thank you so much! It's such an uplifting feeling, considering I was about to doubt my art again and was unsure about it for the last few months. ^^; Many, many thanks!

Edit 3:
I really want to thank everyone who gave this picture a favourite, who commented on it, or did both. You guys made my day! Thank you very much. ^^


Paper: Kent paper
Media: mechanical pencil 0.03, Copic multiliner 0.05 (black + sepia), Copic marker, Copic airbrush, Polychromos, Albrecht Dürer pencils + water, Dr. Ph. Martin's pen white
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Sunnyre's avatar
Wonderful artwork ! o.o
ArteSusanna's avatar
Wow, awesome work on the details! I like how you colored her hair.
ImthenD's avatar
wooooooooow *^*
0137Amy0137's avatar
Which colors did you used for the hair ?
I see yellow, brown and violet tones, a really interesting combination. :-)
KiwiChameleon's avatar
Oh my, it's been more than 2 years since I drew this and I used quite a few colours on the hair, not just the marker ones. Among those were certainly Brick White, Peal White and Rose Quartz. I'd have to lie about the rest, sorry. ^^°
0137Amy0137's avatar
Thank you very much, this helped me :-)
CaliRoll's avatar
i honestly cant get over how perfect that hair is *jealous*
Irokui's avatar
This is amazing !
Moqie's avatar
Wahnsinn, wie viele Favs du darauf bekommen hast, verdient.
Moqie's avatar
Edit; I'm a ugly idiot :D
*It's fantastic!
Amazing, that you have so much favourites on this amazing picture.

Only ugly idiot's write german on englisch pages.. :D
NatalieLotus's avatar
this is so awesome
nekotas's avatar
Wow thats amazing :O But I have a question is deleter kent paper really that good how everybody say ?
0137Amy0137's avatar
Deleter Kent Paper is one of the best marker papers in my opinion. Another good alternative is Strathmore Bristol paper with smooth surface.
Both are great :-)
nekotas's avatar
Thats right. I also have it since a few months and i really like it : )
KiwiChameleon's avatar
I have no idea who else is using it, so I don't know what others say. ^^° I have been using Deleter paper for many years by now (7-8 years, I think) and decided at some point to try out the Kent paper, because I wasn't too happy with the marker paper at that time. It works for me, though that might not be the case for everyone. ;)
nekotas's avatar
thanks for your opinion :] But now I am confused because I thought that the deleter paper is from kent or are these 2 from different brands?
KiwiChameleon's avatar
It's the other way round; Deleter is the company and 'Kent' is the name of one of their paper type series. Deleter produces all kinds of paper for comic artists. ;)
nekotas's avatar
thanks now I am not confused anymore ^^ And It´s already ordered :]
Elizabelizard's avatar
SO in love with this!
It's absolutely beautiful <3
Fluffy-Buttons's avatar
looks soooo amazing
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