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Burning by Kiwi-R Burning :iconkiwi-r:Kiwi-R 1 0 Steampunk Genie by Kiwi-R Steampunk Genie :iconkiwi-r:Kiwi-R 0 0 RotBTFD Next Gen: Frost and Black (Color) by Kiwi-R RotBTFD Next Gen: Frost and Black (Color) :iconkiwi-r:Kiwi-R 6 0 The Snow and Ice Queens (Color) by Kiwi-R The Snow and Ice Queens (Color) :iconkiwi-r:Kiwi-R 3 0
Breoldriss' Legacy, Part 5: Arrival
            Breoldriss wasn’t really known as being one of the most patient of people. In a fight, yes, she could easily keep a clear and focused head. In other things, that was not so much the case. When first hearing that the crows had finally arrived at the palace, she just barely kept herself from all out sprinting down the halls to greet them. She instead walked at a steady pace a little bit behind her mother as a giddy smile took over her face. It was almost hard for her to believe this was actually happening.
            After so many attempts to bring down the Rookery, it was thanks to Shaloq they now had success. Thinking back on their last conversation, Breo could still remember the excited smile on the young crow’s face. When she thought of that smile it made her then think of child-like innocence. At the same time, she felt like it was a missing puzzle p
:iconkiwi-r:Kiwi-R 0 0
RotBTFD Next Gen: Frost and Black (Basic Design) by Kiwi-R RotBTFD Next Gen: Frost and Black (Basic Design) :iconkiwi-r:Kiwi-R 2 3 Waking Up by Kiwi-R Waking Up :iconkiwi-r:Kiwi-R 0 0
Origin: Chapter 17
            The next several days were relatively peaceful as the small group traveled. Heading farther and farther north, it became apparent that the weather was getting colder. The night before reaching the base of the glaciers was a testament to this. A thick blanket of snow had covered the ground overnight just to prove even more how close winter actually was.
            Drakara had explained to Oreek that winter came much sooner in the Far North than in most other places. Oreek in turn did not find that fact very comforting. He understood that making sure there was enough food to last everyone through winter was top priority. Based off of what Drak had told him, doing so would be more difficult than usual. Longer winters meant there was less time in the rest of the year to really gather all that was necessary.
:iconkiwi-r:Kiwi-R 3 0
This is the exit...I think._Progression by Kiwi-R This is the exit...I think._Progression :iconkiwi-r:Kiwi-R 4 0 This is the exit...I think. by Kiwi-R This is the exit...I think. :iconkiwi-r:Kiwi-R 3 4
Breoldriss' Legacy,Part 4: Jifrae and Conspiracies
            Enjoying the quiet of her study, Queen Jifrae sipped calmly from her coffee mug and gave a satisfied sigh. It was still early morning but already there was work to be done. She had woken up before sunrise solely for the purpose of getting some quiet time to herself—that was not to be today. Her advisor had been waiting for her outside her chambers, a large stack of papers in his arms. Next thing she knew, a half-awake Jifrae was being sat at her desk all the while whining, “Can I at least have my coffee first?”
            Two hours of nothing but paperwork and dozing in and out of consciousness later, the Bird Queen was finally able to relax. Of course, she knew the peace wouldn’t last forever. There were two meetings she had to attend in the afternoon, not to mention her advisor would likely bring more boring paperwork for her to do before
:iconkiwi-r:Kiwi-R 0 0
Anna and Kristoff_Progression by Kiwi-R Anna and Kristoff_Progression :iconkiwi-r:Kiwi-R 2 0 Anna And Kristoff by Kiwi-R Anna And Kristoff :iconkiwi-r:Kiwi-R 2 0
U.W.H.: Is It Worth It?
    "Do not meet with him." Ez turned to his great grandfather with a solemn look. The old hedgehog lay bedridden and wheezing as he stared back at his last living relative in concern. Both of them knew the latter's illness was terminal, which was why the former was about to do what he believed necessary. That didn't stop Roxxo from trying to stop him though. The elderly hedgehog pleaded again, "I beg you not to meet with him, Ez. Surely there is another way."
    "There isn't one, Grampa Rox. I have looked for other ways and there isn't a single one," Ez replied. He walked towards the the bed the elder lay in, kneeling down at the end of it. "Believe me when I say that I don't want to do this, but this is to save our family." He then proceeded to stand back up and once again walk out the their makeshift house.
    Just as Ez was nearly out the door, Roxxo called out to him one last time. "Is his blood really the only thing left that can save us?" T
:iconkiwi-r:Kiwi-R 1 0
RotBTFD Next Gen: Evil Anna (Color) by Kiwi-R RotBTFD Next Gen: Evil Anna (Color) :iconkiwi-r:Kiwi-R 3 0 RotBTFD Next Gen: Princess Anna (Color) by Kiwi-R RotBTFD Next Gen: Princess Anna (Color) :iconkiwi-r:Kiwi-R 3 0


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Hello everyone! I'm back!

            First things first. Things are going to be done a bit different this time around than before. Over the break, I have been trying to write the chapters for Origin and Breoldriss' Legacy ahead of time. This way, I can focus more on all of my other work. Every Monday for the next few weeks, I will be going back and forth posting ONE chapter for each story. Once all of the pre-written chapters have been posted, THAT IS IT. No more will be posted until fall of this year. But don't fret! I will be working still on The Bird Queen so it will be ready for when summer comes around. Any artwork I do will be posted on Wednesdays (when/if I can).

                        Until next time! ^^

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I adore writing fiction and drawing cartoons. I even do a bit in comics sometimes. If I see a blank journal/sketchbook, it makes me feel like writing or drawing in it. Just another bad habit of mine. ^^'


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