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RotBTFD Next Gen: Prince of Death by Kiwi-R, literature

RotBTFD Next Gen: A Distraught Chief by Kiwi-R, literature

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RWBY Theory 3.5: Just a Few Thoughts I Had... by Kiwi-R, literature

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Unsung War Heroes Preview by Kiwi-R, visual art

RotBTFD Next Gen: Prince of Death

Corona, 16 years after the Global Winter “Okay. Ready?” Rapunzel held a small bowl of grapes in her hands. Her smile was bright as she looked at the chameleon sitting in the dining table in front of her. At his nod, she tossed the bowl into the air, the grapes flying every which way. “Go!” Pastel shot his tongue out in rapid fire succession. One grape disappeared after the other before any could hit the ground, with the last one caught just an inch from the table’s surface. He grinned and lifted his head in triumph. Rapunzel clapped her hands gleefully. “That was amazing, Pastel! You’ve still got it!” Next to her, Eugene rolled his eyes in hidden fondness. He would have said something snarky, but he was too enraptured with the lemon pie sitting in front of him. The sound of a door opening got the royal couple’s attention. They turned their heads to the sound and spotted their son, Tod, walking in. He had a head of long blonde hair
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I adore writing fiction and drawing cartoons. I even do a bit in comics sometimes. If I see a blank journal/sketchbook, it makes me feel like writing or drawing in it. Just another bad habit of mine. ^^'

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Spirited Away
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RWBY, Snow White with Red Hair, Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood, GRIMM, all of the Dragon Ball series, and ZOO
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I'm an all-rounder. It all depends on how the song goes.
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One Piece is the main one, but I'm not one to pick favorites. The closest I can get to having a fave is Stephen King's "The Wind Through The Keyhole."
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All of Black OPS Zombies (Though I don't actually play it. I act more like the eyes in the sky, looking out for anyting my brother might miss.) and Mortal Kombat

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I've got a question for you guys. Would you rather I...

1 vote individual chapters of BLUD Volume 1? the entirety of BLUD Volume 1 in one sitting?
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Hello every one! I got this great idea for a writing challenge! It's not any sort of contest or has rewards. I just thought this would be something fun for people to do in their free time if they wanted to. So here's how it goes. You will be given a prompt and the goal will be to finish the story. You can either finish the story yourself, or even turn it into a chapter that you then pass onto someone else to finish by writing the next one. Wherever the story goes is all up to you. Just remember to credit me on where the prompt came from. Enjoy writing! Here is the prompt: After school, I meet my dad for the first time in two weeks. I first spot him when his dark blue Buick rounds a corner and appears down the street. He has the driver’s window rolled down and tosses something out of it into an unsuspecting person’s yard. Reaching the kids’ crosswalk is the only time he stops. The crossing guard ushers some kids, a few of them my classmates, as fast as she can to the
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Are you ready???
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Thank u so much for the llama! ^^Bunny Emoji-87 (Thanks) [V5]

You're so very welcome! :D

Thanks for the faves! I'm sure I have more you'll like and more to come!

You're very welcome! I can't wait to see what you have in store! :D

Got another BlackSun comic that should be finished soon. Other than that... got my major RWBY project, Big Issues. I'll be starting the Vytal Tournament next month!

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