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In September, specifically September 10th -> September 16th, I will be hosting a whole week of Street art related journals and events over at projecteducate
So I'm sure a few of you are asking some questions, so here a few answers...

What is Project Educate?
Project Educate, originally launched in 2008 by the Community Relations team, is a project to promote and support artistic growth and knowledge throughout the community. The project includes informative articles, contests, interviews, and various other events for artistic and community involvement.

What does hosting a week involve?
Community Volunteers are asked to host a week (in some case two weeks) for their area of focus (i.e. Chats, Fashion Photography, Text Art etc.). In this week the Volunteer(s) involved are responsible for organizing events, posting articles, planning contests, conducting interviews and more. The purpose of which is, to bring your area to light, educate those unsure of what the area entails, highlight members of the community that are noteworthy, as well as have fun and offer prizes and incentives for community participation.

Can I get involved too?
Of course; In fact I am counting on community participation. There will be several ways for people to join in;
:bulletred: First of all I will be conducting interviews with artists from all aspects of the street art galleries Freehand Graffiti, Installations, Sketch Design, Stencils, Stickers and Wheatpasting. I have a few deviants in mind for these interviews and will be contacting them over the next week or so, but I always welcome volunteers.
:bulletred: Tutorials: This would be a biggy, the whole point of project educate is to teach each other. What better way to do that than to show them step by step. Anyone who is interested in providing a tutorial then drop me a note.
:bulletred: Competitions, a great way for all to get involved. A will be hosting a graff battle over the week. I have prizes lined up but still looking for to make it extra special so if anyone is up for featuring winners or offering prizes let me know.
:bulletred: Anything else you can think of don't hesitate to let me know. Want to write something up? Let me know, remember this is all about community involvement.

That's pretty much all I have for now but keep watching this space and don't hesitate to let me know if you have any ideas.
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epic week incoming :D
kiwi-pdd's avatar
I'll do my best ^__^
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This sounds dope! I'm down to help out in any way, tutorials, opinion journals, what-have-you. :) I'll try to enter the competition as well.

Maybe someone could write a journal about the history of street art/graffiti? Or have different members state what "graffiti" means to them? I dunno, just tossing ideas here haha.
kiwi-pdd's avatar
Sweet :D

And I like the idea of 'what does grafitti mean to you?', I might just use that if I can work it in ;)
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:la: Exciting stuff! You're uber organised ;)
kiwi-pdd's avatar
I'm really not, but I'm trying ;)

Just don't want to be left looking foolish. Plus my other half keeps threatening to give me DIY work if I'm not actively 'working' :lol:
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Oh gosh, keep up with that project educate stuff :nod: Must avoid the DIY! :D
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Over the last two weekends alone I have fitted a chandelier, two dimmer switches and painted/varnished/hung a mantel piece. The living room does now look delightfully gothic though :D
Kaz-D's avatar
:lol: Fantastic work I say! :D
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