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Hello all! :wave:  #projecteducate will be hosting the Daily Deviation week shortly, so I thought it would be a good time to make a detailed list of DD guidelines. If you have any questions or if any part is not clear, don't be afraid to contact me! Also don't forget that these are guidelines, not rules.

General guidelines

:skull:I can only feature submission that are part of the Traditional art > Street art gallery.
If you want to suggest DDs from any other gallery check this list to find out who should you suggest it to.

:skull:The most common reason for rejection (at least in my case) is wrong categorization. For example all digital graffiti should be in the gallery Digital Art > Painting & Airbrushing > Graffiti and therefore any DD suggestions should be sent to the CV for digital art. Also photography of street art by other artists should be posted into the relevant gallery for photography Photography > Street Photography or subcategories of Photography > Urban & Rural like Urban Exploration, and not into Street Art & graffiti Category. Any such deviations if you wish to suggest them for a DD should be sent to the relevant CV.

:skull:Make sure that the deviant hasn't received a DD in the last six months, that's the most often they can be given.
FAQ #313: How can I find out if someone already has a Daily Deviation?

What I'm looking for

:skull:Keywords: Different, unique, unusual, epic, skilled, good photography, difficult, intricate, bold, humorous, challenging, risky. If something looks like someone spent a lot of hours working on it, I want to see it!

:skull:Another common reason for rejection is poor photography. I know that my photos are not perfect either and I'm not asking for completely professional photos, but think about how important photos are when you're representing your work... if your photo is blurry the details are lost, if your photo is dark we can't appreciate the true colors, if the photo is too small or too far it's impossible to appreciate your hard work, if the background is cluttered it's distracting, and so on. Also, consider that people can be negative if they see something up for a DD that they think is "not deserving" and that includes poorly photographed items. I don't want to bring bad attention to anyone. Learn how to take better photos of your work, not only for a DD but also because it's the best way to show off all your hard work and attract potential clients. TIP: Natural light whenever possible, NO FLASH!

:skull:I prefer to give DDs to under-recognized artists and under-recognized pieces/styles. If a suggestion is already popular (about 10k views or 1k faves) I probably won't feature it unless it really amazes me. Think about it, does it really need more attention? I prefer to leave room for less popular work deserving of more recognition.

:skull:I prefer to give DDs to deviants that are active members of the community, if someone hasn't logged in in a month or two I probably won't choose them.

:skull:I prefer to feature an artists' best work, which is also usually among their most recent works. Don't go too far back in time, anything from 2008 or before will be less likely to receive a DD from me.

:skull:Self-suggestions are highly encouraged! I love self-suggestions, I think that everyone should be proud of their work. Write me a few lines explaining why you think that's your best work, it helps me appreciate it. If I don't accept your suggestion don't be discouraged. If you're still unsure, I recommend that you read this blog entry written by `ChewedKandi about the importance and benefits of self-suggestions.

How to suggest

:skull:Send me a note titled "DD Suggestion".

:skull:I prefer thumbs over links, copy the thumb code that looks like this :thumb0000000: and paste it in the note.
Write a couple of lines telling me what you like about your suggestion.

:skull:If I don't accept your submission please don't be discouraged, it's impossible to accept every single one. Instead, send me another one next time you find something interesting

Relevant FAQ entries

FAQ #61: What is a Daily Deviation?
FAQ #18: Who selects Daily Deviations and how are they chosen?
FAQ #313: How can I find out if someone already has a Daily Deviation?
FAQ #873: What do I do when I disapprove of a Daily Deviation feature?

Finally a big thanks to ^Talty who wrote most of the original for this blog and allowed me to tweak it to suit :heart:
Writing is not my strong point

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