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The Storm Within



Full View Please!

Woo! MY FIRST MANIP! YAYS! Ok so I wanted to start manips off with a bang so I thought I'd enter =CSnyder's Stormy Weather Contest!

I hope you like guys... I am really noobish so I'd love some constructive criticism so I can learn!

Love you all!

Stock Used

:bulletblue: Eye Structure/Background= [link] from ~grace-stock

:bulletblue: White of Eye= [link] from ~DayDreamerStock

:bulletblue: Pupil= [link] from ~MysticrainbowStock

:bulletblue: Clouds= [link] from *Lausanne

:bulletblue: Waves= [link] from =Della-Stock

:bulletblue: Lightning= [link] from ~untodarkness-stock
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Interesting look to the picture, as if it was taken in a photograph and then remade in a digital painting program. The vision makes it easy enough to see, with the eyes upon the thunderous lightnings, and I may have to say that some spots are almost too dark, but it makes excellent contrast for sure. I don't know where you got all this stuff, but I'm sure this was referenced, but regardless, I find this a simplistically beautiful picture, even for the colorblind! Whether or not this would be difficult to actually do, painting this would be pretty tough for its details. If it's photography, then it looks nice enough already. The focus of the eye, however, is artistically stunning. I don't mind the light from the bottom and the dark from the top, so it makes it very easy to see.