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SnK - Wings of Freedom

One of the drawings that was supposed to be in my artbook...

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Everything is visionary stunning. I love the shading and the feathers and a nice effect to the drawing. The only thing I could consider is to add a background you know? It would make this picture pop out more. I also feel like that Levi and Eren have a... you know, CONNECTION. I have nothing else to say but a nice job!

T o. g e t. t h e. w o r d. m i n i m u m. t o. 0, i. h a v e. t o. t a l k. l i k e. t h i s.

You needed a critic so HER YE GO.
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I LOVE everything about this! The shading, the way you drew the profiles and the HANDS Bear Emoji-08 (Rolling Love) [V1] 
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Thus; I now ship Ereri more XD
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Can you stop being so amazing with everything you do? It looks better than the actual anime ;u;
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Ikr? I mean, before i clicked on it and before my mind registered a couple things like "Whaaaat? Noooo, they wouldn't imply that relationship", i kid of thought it was official like a screenshot or something. ^^'
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YES!! This is awesome!
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OHH MY GAWD. This is sooo perfect!! akxnlxsankclansck!!! Love 
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This is beautifully done. I only wished that the top of Levi's head wasn't cut off. Other than that, the color is nice and fits with the style. Great job!
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Awesome. I ship them.^_^
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OTP right here
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OMG!!! YES!!! -@ <3
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Holy crap the colors!!
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I love how soft the colors look. So calm looking, you almost forget what it's from :)
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i dont ship it but it looks okaaaaaay *crosses out levi*
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I don't ship it but that still is cool.
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This looks so beautiful :iconwooowplz:
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Perrrrrfect!! Gou Matsuoka (Sexy Body Fangirling Alt) [V2] This is so beautiful! Sasami Sasasegawa (Kengo fangirling) [V3] 
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Thanks so much this means the anime world for me XDD

Flugel Der Freiheit!!
or Jiyuu no Tsubasa!!
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This is beauuuutifuuuul! The colouring, the gestures, the lighting... Everything *Free Icon/Emote* Molang (I Love It!) Also OTP!! Yissss Hanji1 
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Oh this looks awesome!
Amazing work OAO
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