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Commission Sasuke x Mizukage

By kivi1230
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Point commission for :iconaelandra: Hope you like it, dear :hug:!

Just one more commish and I'll get back to my stuffs and AT :iconyayzplz:

Please respect her preference and don't bash the pairing 'key?:icononisway:

Characters (c) Masashi Kishimoto
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Dear, authorized me well, Hei hei
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they really look good together, more like sex-friends than a couple but they look good ;) I love it
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Wowww i love it <3
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this is so beautiful ~ :heart:
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The background colour looks a little ultraviolet, and too white, which draws our attention to the too white space at the top rather than on the actual characters. Was it filtered through PhotoShop?

And I'm fairly sure Sasuke doesn't have that many ropes wound around his waist....(it looks a little baggy too)

But the characters drawn are a masterpiece, and I especially liked the part when you also included Sasuke's Akatsuki cloak.
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Wow. Nice glow.
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Holy Artwork! Excellent Quality drawing.
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okay, I hate Sasuke, I really do, that being said the work you did in here is amazing
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The pairing's a bit weird but I love the colours here!
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Woww so beautiful!! do you make a request??... It's Itachi/Mei :3 it sound very nice that couple *-*
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Oh my god, this is such a pretty picture!
Love it! :heart:
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soo pretty! <3

...wait, you do art trades?
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Thank you :meow:
I did them (and requests too) last year =]
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Such a wonderful piece! This has to be one of the BEST, if not the best, Sasu/Mei pic I've ever seen. I'm so glad you made this and let us show it in our SasukeHaremHeaven group.
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wow. this is nice
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This deserves waaaaay more favourites! It should be on the homepage of deviantART ><
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:"D Thank you!
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Awesome!!! the colouring is amazing!
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WOW!!The coloring is amazing!!Lovel work!
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Thank you very much, its very pretty
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