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Sonic Mobius 17 Xtra: OC's
• Iolande Murcelago was a Mobian bat whom was one of the orphans adopted after a war in Shamar by Nephthys after her parents were killed the local civil war. Iolande worked hard to keep up with her adoptive siblings, but she was always shy, insecure and repressed. But one day an attack by the Eggman Empire went wrong she got hurt and shrapnel got stuck in her head. This altered her personality forever and she reinvented herself as Jinx.
• As Jinx, she was more open, outgoing, optimistic and extrovert. But at the cost of her sanity. She often does random things and she seems to lack the mental ‘filter’ that blocks the silly or random ideas like with normal people. She makes no sense, but she has a heart of gold.
• In her new state, she could not work alongside her ‘Mama Nephy’ and the Fold splinter cell in the Robotnik Regime and neither could she join h
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Harry Potter Pillars of Strength Book 2 CH9
The message from the Grey Lady passed on through Peeves shed a lot of light on the situation. Both Luna and Hermione had read the note already, but the rest of them still had questions. “Well, what does it say?” Harry asked.
“Well, she has confirmed that indeed the Chamber has been opened a few times in the past thousand years. Some have resulted in students petrified or even death. But these attacks have been rare. The Heirs of Slytherin rarely acted. So either there weren’t many brave enough to attend it or they just were content guarding the Chamber instead of opening it.” Hermione noted.
“If there were attacks and deaths, why was the school not closed at any point?” Neville asked.
“Coverups. What else?” Megan noted. “Back in the time they were even less subtle about pureblood bigotry. Only when it would have affected a pureb
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Harry Potter Pillars of Strength Book 2 CH8
Professor Guliver Nepentes, the tutor for History of Magic for our heroes and as of now, a few of their friends and acquaintances, should have expected it when, due to recent events, he would be asked a serious question. “Professor, can you tell us something about the Chamber of Secrets?” Hermione asked.
“I should have expected that question.” Guliver noted. “Guess it’s best a time as any. Around a thousand years ago, give and take a few years, four extraordinary and skilled magicals founded this school. Godric Gryffindor, Rowena Ravenclaw, Helga Huffelpuff and Salazar Slytherin. They wanted to establish a place where magical people could learn magic in peace.
Now, the legend of the Chamber of Secrets has had many interpretations, but the most well known is that Salazar had a falling out with the rest of the Founders, as Salazar only wanted to teach Purebloods. After th
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Harry Potter Pillars of Strength Book 2 CH7
After Malfoy got his arse handed to him…again, the heroes found Quidditch training and school in general has been quieter. Harry had just entered the hall, back in his school robes after Quidditch training (and not forgetting to clean the mud of himself with a Scourgify charm to not anger Filch) and sit with his friends at the Breakfast table. “So how are things?” he asked.
“Fred and George just reported Quidditch training from the Slytherins, they looked more like green blurs then anything else. Malfoy may have bought himself on the team but those super brooms are going to be tricky to deal with.” Megan responded.
“Actually it may turn out a huge advantage.” They were surprised to hear Ron’s voice. “I couldn’t help but overhear you. Now, it seems cool to have seven of the fastest brooms currently available on the team, there are a few dis
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Jinxy Bits 1-5
Count Cheese ’n Ham was sitting on his throne. He had taken over the city, and hadn’t met any resistance this time. The Earthworm Mobian dictator-wannabe was no Eggman level, but he was glad to be in charge.
Count Cheese ‘n Ham: Hah, playing with the big boys now. The city is under my control, the people are forced to bow and grovel five times a day and I have all the special edition DVD’s of Boilmetal 5 I can dream off. Nothing can ruin this moment.
At that moment a bus drove in and drops off one of its passenger. Everyone’s favorite bat girl, wearing a Hawaiian shirt, sunglasses and carrying two trunks appears.
Jinx: Guess who’s back! Man, that was a long vacation. I have let it run a bit longer then anticipated. But I couldn’t resist that one Lilo and Stitch song in every musical genre possible.
Count Cheese ‘n Ham’s eye twitches. Violently. He grits his teeth as his eyes grow crazed.
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Remake Idea: Harry Potter handheld RPG's
I hereby list a set of ideas I had for if the Harry Potter Games for the Handhelds, in RPG format would be updated and remastered in HD. Because the handheld games were great RPG’s and it would be great to be brought back in the modern age. Even more if the format was continued in future games. Here under will be listed all the differences from the original version these remakes have. If something is not mentioned or listed it means it remains unchanged from the original.
• Of course the graphics will be massively updated with 3D graphics and overhauled.
• Fully rendered cutscenes are also included, plus voice acting.
• The Card Combo system will be revised for Philospher’s Stone and Chamber’s of Secrets to be more like Prisoner of Azkaban. Every card is unique and will not be wasted upon use. Though only one Card Combo can be used per battle. Finally, every Card Combo now has an effect that is a
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Harry Potter Pillars of Strength Book 2 CH6
When Mr. and Ms. Kent, the Defense and Potions tutors saw how much their class has expanded since the last time, their eyes went wide. Sure, they had received extra requests, but seeing a pile of forms and seeing the amount of additional people in person are two different things. Mr. Kent eyed the class. “Okay, since the class has about quadrupled since last time I am going to need to check your skill and knowledge levels first. Those whom weren’t in my class before, take this knowledge test quickly. The ones whom were before, it’s best you revise a few spells form last year in the meantime.” Mr. Kent noted.
So each of them had taken the test, just like it had happened when Harry and his friends were first tutored. After that he asked them to do a few basic defensive spells. Not many outside Harry’s friends group got it quite right. “All right, it seems that you have bee
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Harry Potter Pillars of Strength Book 2 CH5
The  Weasleys were notorious for always arriving in King’s Cross for the Hogwarts Express at the last possible moment. And normally that was due to the hectic nature of the household, with how big the family is, and often they had to drive back a few times to pick up things they forgot. That was until this year.
Hermione had happily provided the Weasleys with a checklist to help them better organize in the morning. With as a result that for the first time in years they got on to Platform 9 ¾ with time to spare. Dobby the House Elf would later curse in Elvish as he missed Harry Potter and was prevented from putting up a block on the portal in time. It seems he had to think of something else to save the Great Harry Potter.
The train ride was quite uneventful but the heroes all at least were able to enjoy their time as friends together. Ginny and Luna had joined Harry’s group in th
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Harry Potter Pillars of Strength Book 2 CH4
Albus Dumbledore felt he could talk himself out of everything. Last year, due to the incident with the Stone they were keeping a close watch, but he felt it would be temporary if he played it smart. After all a lot of people in Britain still admired him. However, in the ICW it was a bit more difficult. Several European countries were grateful for thwarting Grindelwalt. However unlike in Britain they just don’t take people on their word alone.
“Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore, a matter has come to the attention of the ICW. It involves the daughter of Nicolas Flamel, the possibility of the return of He-Who-Not-Be-Named and the treatment of the famous wizard Harry Potter.” One of the ICW’s bigshot, the Japanese wizard Takeshi Hongo said.
“First zhings first…” the French representative, Jacques Delacour began. “What were you zhinking keeping ze daug
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Harry Potter Pillars of Strength Book 2 CH3
As the heroes and their families entered the book shop they tried to ignore the attention the prancing peacock called Gilderoy Lockhart was drawing towards himself. They were looking around the for the books that were not written by him (which in Harry and everyone in their year’s case, one book). Sometimes they stumbled upon a familiar face at school.
For Daphne, she bumped into someone as she was looking at a book not on her list, but catching her interest (something about potions, which was Daphne’s speciality). “Oomph! Oh, I am so terribly sorry…” she tried to apologize towards the other person. She stopped as she recognized the person as Tracy Davis, her former best friend. “Miss Davis.” She said coldly.
“Hey Daphne…Long time no see?” Tracy said, trying to break the ice. Daphne raised and eyebrow. “Well two months can be very long&
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Harry Potter Pillars of Strength Book 2 CH2
Despite the ominous warning of Dobby, Harry continued to enjoy his time at the Burrow. He looked forward to seeing his friends when they would meet up at Diagon Alley and even more when they would come over for his birthday. The Weasleys were preparing for their trip as there was an unexpected, but not unwanted development.
“Xeno asked us if we would take Luna along to Diagon Alley. Apparently Mundungus Fletcher has conned him into believing an Erumpent horn he sold him was the horn of a Crumple Horned Snorcack he is looking for. Luckily no one got hurt, as Xeno and Luna were outside. But Luna will join us as Xeno fixes his fireplace.” Molly noted.
“Mundungus…he always gives me so much work as he can’t resist conning Muggles. If it wasn’t for him I wouldn’t have so many raids. Why Dumbledore vouches for him I never know.” Arthur growled angrily.
:iconkivathedcwizard:KivaTheDCWizard 2 3
Harry Potter Pillars of Strength Book 2 CH1
It had been an exciting first year at Hogwarts for Harry Potter. Despite the fact he had to deal with a Mountain Troll, a manipulative headmaster, a jerk of a Potions teacher, a snobby Slytherin and the killer of his parents possessing another teacher…it was the best year of his life. He had friends, he was at a school where he was allowed to do magic and he wasn’t beat up for doing better then his cousin, whom along his aunt and uncle didn’t have to see again.
The bunch of redheads where he’ll be spending his summer had lined up on the platform. After having said goodbye to his other friends, he was approached by them. A short, stocky woman with red hair, the obvious matriarch of the Weasley family approached them. “Harry, it is so delightful to see you. We weren’t introduced properly last time, I’m Molly Weasley.” She said as she gave a bone-crush
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Harry Potter Pillars of Strength CH13
After a week in the Muggle world, the heroes spent the second week of Easter break at a wizarding home, to be more precise, the Greengrass house. Or actually, the Greengrass manor. “Whoa, this is almost like a palace.” Harry said, surprised at the luxurious manor.
“You shouldn’t be this surprised Harry, your family owes a few like these as well.” Daphne noted.
“They do?” Harry asked.
“Yeah, didn’t you know? You knew your parents were wealthy, right?” Neville added.
“I knew that, but I didn’t think about having a few manors…” Harry noted. “Why wasn’t I told of this before? I wasn’t expected to know, right? I was left largely unaware when I first entered the Wizarding World.”
“Must be Dumbledore again. He made the mistake of putting you in a wrong home, and he doesn’t tell you about any o
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Harry Potter: Pillars of Strength Ch12
Easter break had come, and several people went home for the holidays. While Easter wasn’t as fun as Christmas break, mostly due to the extra homework the teachers had given due to the exams next semester, the quintet of heroes vowed that they would still make time to hang out as friends.
First place they would go to is Hermione’s home. Her parents were happy to see Hermione not only had friends, but they were willing to come over. When they saw Hermione’s parents on the platform, they could see Hermione looked a lot like her mother. Her mother had the same brown curly hair and brown eyes. Her father also had brown hair and eyes, but not the same shade. Hermione rushed at her parents and hugged them.
After they were done chattering and greeting, Hermione introduced her friends to them. “Mom, dad, I want you to meet my friends from school. Harry Potter, Neville Longbottom, Daphne Gr
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Harry Potter Pillars of Strength CH11
Harry woke up with a killer headache in the hospital wing. That reminded him to never take up drinking booze. Luckily it was only for one day instead of several like it could have been if Wispymort would have flown straight through him. Though when Harry woke up he found that his bed was surrounded with more sweets then Honeydukes at Hogsmeade. “Several gifts from your admirers.” And the moment was ruined in Harry’s eyes when Dumbledore opened his noisehole.
“What happened between you and Professor Quirrell is a strict secret. So of course, the whole school knows.” He said in a seemingly half-joking and half-wise manner. But to Harry it was just annoying. “Now, you may have several questions. I will do my best to answer them.”
Harry tried his hardest to suppress a grimace. “Oh really? Well I have a few…Like…why are you locking a little girl up in a magi
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Harry Potter: Pillars of Strength CH10
After having to deal with Fluffy, Devil’s Snare, flying keys and a chess set, Hermione and Harry were forced to do on by themselves. As they got along they soon found themselves in a room with something they really didn’t want to come across. A mountain troll, bigger then the one they fought on Halloween. The troll sat there, seemingly waiting…But then they also noticed it was crying.
“Er…what do you think is wrong with him?” Harry asked.
“I’m not sure. But should we able to get past him? Without being seen?” Hermione asked.
“I wish I had time to fetch my Cloak. Nothing we can do about that. No way we can get by unseen.” Harry noted. Though he looked at the troll sitting there. “You know, he may not be the prettiest guy around but I feel sorry for him if you look at him like that.” Harry noted.
“Harry, Trolls are dangerous, and it
:iconkivathedcwizard:KivaTheDCWizard 3 11


Whisper the Wolf by chibiirose Whisper the Wolf :iconchibiirose:chibiirose 438 92 Secret Agent Greta - Spyro by cloudypouty Secret Agent Greta - Spyro :iconcloudypouty:cloudypouty 49 3 Artisan Spyro - Reignited Trilogy by cloudypouty Artisan Spyro - Reignited Trilogy :iconcloudypouty:cloudypouty 441 26 Sheila the Kangaroo (Redesign) - Spyro Reignited by cloudypouty Sheila the Kangaroo (Redesign) - Spyro Reignited :iconcloudypouty:cloudypouty 165 8 The White Dragon and the Gold Tyrannosaur by Deezer509 The White Dragon and the Gold Tyrannosaur :icondeezer509:Deezer509 83 12 HP Ship Weeks by allyssinian HP Ship Weeks :iconallyssinian:allyssinian 230 37 The Secret Is Out by CrystallizedTwilight The Secret Is Out :iconcrystallizedtwilight:CrystallizedTwilight 499 27 HP - Luna Lovegood +color+ by pandahgirl HP - Luna Lovegood +color+ :iconpandahgirl:pandahgirl 76 14 Looney Lovegood by thundercake Looney Lovegood :iconthundercake:thundercake 582 145 1st year Luna and Ginny by roby-boh 1st year Luna and Ginny :iconroby-boh:roby-boh 295 17 Luna's potion by roby-boh Luna's potion :iconroby-boh:roby-boh 103 6 The Fightin' Weasleys by Deisi The Fightin' Weasleys :icondeisi:Deisi 947 100 HHr: So Happy Together by BerenicePotter HHr: So Happy Together :iconberenicepotter:BerenicePotter 88 26 In the broom's closet: lineart by BerenicePotter In the broom's closet: lineart :iconberenicepotter:BerenicePotter 25 18 Playtime with Teddy - HP by Asha47110 Playtime with Teddy - HP :iconasha47110:Asha47110 106 7 Surprise by HgwrtsExchngeStdnt Surprise :iconhgwrtsexchngestdnt:HgwrtsExchngeStdnt 147 25




• Iolande Murcelago was a Mobian bat whom was one of the orphans adopted after a war in Shamar by Nephthys after her parents were killed the local civil war. Iolande worked hard to keep up with her adoptive siblings, but she was always shy, insecure and repressed. But one day an attack by the Eggman Empire went wrong she got hurt and shrapnel got stuck in her head. This altered her personality forever and she reinvented herself as Jinx.

• As Jinx, she was more open, outgoing, optimistic and extrovert. But at the cost of her sanity. She often does random things and she seems to lack the mental ‘filter’ that blocks the silly or random ideas like with normal people. She makes no sense, but she has a heart of gold.

• In her new state, she could not work alongside her ‘Mama Nephy’ and the Fold splinter cell in the Robotnik Regime and neither could she join her siblings in the Shamar Freedom Fighters. Instead Nephthys encouraged her to seek her own path.

• Jinx wandered before ending up in Soumerca, not joining the local chapter of the Legion, but hanging around, befriending grandmaster Clove and her sister Cassia, and making Razorklaw’s life a living hell. Since no one could capture the unpredictable screwball Jinx they allowed her to stay around. Her presence kept their hopes and morales up and Clove admitted that ironically Jinx helped her keep her sanity and sense of honor.

• Jinx entered a relationship with Clove after Eggman was gone and the Legionnaires were free from the mad dictator. They would later establish a micro nation called Safehaven, where ex-legionnaires and other outsiders could always find themselves a home.

• Jinx has a distant cousin called Fortune, whom Jinx was initially unaware of. Fortune, ended up, like Jinx, braindamaged (though through having her brain zapped with huge amounts of electricity instead of shrapnel). However, unlike Jinx Fortune didn’t have any friends and family to fall back on and her insanity descended into full on psychopathy. She kills for shits and giggles and is as random as Jinx, but more lethal and dangerous.

• The Blowhards are a trio of bounty hunters initially hired to take out Jinx, they end up befriending her instead. They later become part of Jinx’s pirate crew when Jinx got it in her head to become a pirate captain. They consist of Angus ‘Badpipes’ McTerrier, Flint the Blowfish and Piper the Rat.

• Angus McTerrier is a Scottmobian whom used to be a rich magnate until he was bought out by a greedy corporate douchebag and had to resort to bounty hunting. He got the nickname Badpipes because he has a set of bagpipes that can fire missiles.

• Flint was a street urchin with a love for jazzy music. The womanizer of the Blowhards. He has a trumpet that fires strong soundwaves.

• Piper comes from a rich and noble family, though her mother Agatha showed no love and always reminded her she was a failure. She ran away and got involved in the blowhards. Hot tempered, violent and foul-mouthed, she has a magic flutes that can fire solid music notes which can form constructs for her.

• Whipley is the chef on Jinx’s crew. She is a whip scorpion whom has a tendency to make recipes with the weirdest of ingredient combinations. These recipes are hit or miss. She is often polite and not easily deterred by her failures. She is the peacekeeper on the Jinx crew. She is asexual and a huge otaku.

• Lyra the Leech was created as a bioweapon for the Eggman Empire, was created to test alternate means of control. She controls her victims biologically using a venom she injects through stingers on a set of dread-like appendages on the side of her head. Despite being called a leech, she is actually a hybrid of a leech and a parasite wasp.

• Lyra was utterly insane, obsessed with kidnapping pretty females and brainwashing them into pets or dolls to play with. Despite her sadism, literal lust for blood and effectiveness as a soldier, she also acted like an immature spoiled and bratty little girl. She saw Eggman as his father and was one of his most loyal of enforcers.

• Roxy the Leech is the leech whose DNA was used to create Lyra. Though Roxy couldn’t be more different from Lyra. Roxy was tomboyish, vegetarian, and a hardcore gamer. She is awkward about handsome boys though but she was overall a really nice girl. Due to having a crush on a pirate captain, she hoped to impress him by starting off her own ragtag pirate crew.

• Marigold is a minor Chaos Adept. She has the ability to clone herself, and she hence makes up for the lack of members in Roxy’s crew. She is optimistic and hard working but has a habit to take orders too literally.

• Amphitrite the Piranha, or Amphi for short, acts more like a pet then a crewmate of Roxy’s. She is feral, barely speaks and instead mostly makes purring sounds. She also has dog like habits like begging for food, chasing her tail, biting people and burry stuff, as well as some cat-like ones like playing with yarn rubbing against people. No one knows where she came from or how she became like this, only that Roxy just ‘found her’.

• Fiadone the Succubus came from a magical community. She was an avid lover of pranks and causing chaos. However she went too far one time and changed the house of a magical magistrate into a cake. Hence she was turned into an immortal cake creature that is brittle and regenerates constantly. She is denied the ability to taste anything but cake or have intimiate contact (for a Succubus that is hell). For centuries she tries to regain her old form and powers, which is difficult as her cake form greatly reduces her power.

• Fiadone finally managed to regain her old succubus form with some difficulty and made up for lost time by using her magic effectively and have an all you can eat buffet; She still loves to cause trouble, but never means to cause permanent harm. Just have some fun at other people’s expense and shag handsome men silly.

• Fiadone has a familiar, Wick the Will-O-Wisp, whom was stuck as a living candle on top of her head when she was in cake form. She normally goes with Fiadone’s plans, but sometimes has fun at her expense.

• Palette is the self-proclaimed King of Pirates. Though other pirates refuse to acknowledge him as such. He speaks with a thick German accent and has a tacky sense of fashion, though he considers himself the most fabulous pirate ever. Despite his silly antics he is dangerous and is as likely to kill his crew as his victims in bouts of anger.

• The only crewmate whom remains alive and kicking is Wright the Phoenix as his species allows him to revive from the dead. Constantly killed and revived to serve Palette, he has a depressed outlook. He couldn’t fit in the magical world since he was more into technology then magic, and has created Palette’s cybernetics and ship, but doesn’t get any credit or respect for that matter.

• Lambert Chezham, also known as Count Cheese ‘n Ham is a Mobian Earthworm and Jinx’ arch enemy. With delusions of grandeur he thinks he can conquer the world but it is clear he is nothing more then a joke. Jinx always, deliberately or inadvertently foils his plans in comical fashion to his dismay.

• Fiddlesticks is a stick bug and Count Cheese ‘n Ham’s butler. He is polite, reserved and snarky as hell. He had promised his lover, Count Cheese ‘n Ham’s mother on her deathbed to watch over her son, and hence he sticks loyally to his side despite his antics.

• The Spoon Ninja is Jinx’ rival. He is a ninja whose entire gimmick involves spoons. He breathes spoons, lives for spoons and embodies spoons. Despite his silly gimmick he has actual combat skill and ninja magic. He also is a cereal mascot, and has his own brand, Chocolate Shuriken.

• Cirque De La Mer is a pirate crew whom disguise themselves as a floating circus on the sea, swallow ships and use their circus acts to distract and rob their victims.

• Stingmaster is a Mobian Sea Anemone and the Captain and Ringmaster of Cirque De La Mer.

• Giggleheimer is a clown whom also is the muscle of Cirque De la Mer. He constantly smiles and never speaks, communicating through a bicycle horn.

• Leona is a lioness and the animal tamer of Cirque De La Mer. Though she also tames men, using her sensuality and her dominant personality to do so, and enjoys ‘breaking’ them into good little pets.

• Presto is a Mobian rabbit, the showstopping magician of the Cirque De La Mer.

• Cissnei the Spidermonkey used to be a ninja, but wanted the spotlight instead of hiding in the shadows. She became part of Cirque De La Mer just for that.


• Scurvy the Pirate-Hog is a rare Mobian hybrid of a hedgehog and a shark. His father, a privateer was killed, betrayed by the loyals he served and it gave him a jaded view of the world, becoming a pirate and creating his own crew.

• To Scurvy’s dismay, both Abyss and Lyra have a huge crush on him, and to his delight so does Roxy. He is also a close friend (with benefits) to Jinx, whom was a part timer on his crew before she went solo.

• Waylon the Aligator used to be a ninja until he swallowed a clock one day, unable to sneak about again. As a result he had to leave his clan, but was picked up by Scurvy’s crew. He now is their sharpshooter.

• Merkel was a seagull whom was stranded on an island for years and has gone bonkers in the process. His backstory is unclear (as he contradicts himself all the time) but it always involved the Shadow of the Sea, a shapeshifting sea monster that he swears caused all the horrors of his past. It is believed this shadow in question was Mephiles the Dark, but it was unconfirmed.

• Syrena is a tiger shark, she is the chef and nurse on the Scurvy Crew, and at times Scurvys bedroom buddy..

• Anne-Marie is Scurvy’s half-sister. Unlike Scurvy she is not a hybrid but a full hedgehog.

• Deadbones is the ghost of one of Scurvy and Anne-Marie’s ancestors. He is only visible to them and when he talks to them, Scurvy’s crewmates tend to think Scurvy is talking to himself.

• Hector the Monkey is Scurvy’s best friend and first mate on his crew, proficient with daggers and undoubtedly loyal to Scurvy.

• Sissypants is a small rat whom is annoying to a fault and tries to have the pirates to behave as proper people, to ‘set examples to the kiddies’. He is actually a product of a cursed treasure Scurvy stole. Hence he cannot be destroyed or get rid of. Despite the annoyance he causes, he has uses as cannonfodder or distractions.

• Blight is the older evil half-brother of Scurvy. Like him he is a hybrid of a shark and hedgehog. He delved into dark magic, becoming undead and adding those he kills or robs to his crew of undead. Later he adds Fortune to his crew, whom have a twisted form of the friendship Scurvy and Jinx have.

• The only living member of Blight’s crew aside Fortune is Toxic the Sand Tiger shark, and she is a sadist specializing in butchering enemies as well as toxins and poisons, hence her name.

• Scurvy has a rivalry with several other pirate crews, which include Captain Icepick, a penguin pirate captain from Artika, and captain Ironhook, a pirate captain obsessed with Hooks.

• Captain Countula, a Candiru Fish Mobian is a vampire pirate Captain with a more friendly rivalry with Scurvy and an old friend of Deadbones. His crew consists of the baboon Dr. Mad, Frank-Canine-Stein, Argor the hunchbacked Rat, the Werewolf Spider and the Creature of the Black Raccoon.

• Ignis is an alternate counterpart of Blaze the cat from an alternate timeline whom due to interference from her Prime counterpart ended up on Mobius Prime. There she would mostly mess around before falling in love with Scurvy and join his crew. Ignis’ world is referred to as ‘Max Max meets Waterworld, but with more pirates’.


• Radical ‘Rad’ Raccoon (Marine’s older brother), his girlfriend Crystal the Polar Bear and Gadget the Parrot are Team Radical, a Freedom Fighter team from Blaze and Silver’s time period. They hold the fort in the future while Blaze and Silver go out to fix the timeline.

• Vlad the Vulture, a dark mage, and the evil scientist Vlad the Vulture are recurring enemies of Team Radical in the future.

• The Wild Gang are Team Radical’s personal Destructix. They consist of Jackal the Jaguar, Sneak the Rat, Twitchy the Pigeon and Crush the Mole. They would later be joined by Jackal’s girlfriend Serra the Ferret.


• Princess Matilda (not to be confused with Mighty’s sister) is the princess of Mobius’ version of Japan, Rai-Sun (pun on Rising Sun). She is always accompanied by her loyal royal guards Bladefeather the Falcon (whom would be Matilda’s future husband) and the mute Mushu the Iguana.

• Ruben the Water Panther is part of one of Rai-Sun’s local ninja clans, and wields his clan’s totem, the Wavebuster Collar to allow him to control water.

• Sora Sumdac is a young Mobian fox whom is part of GUN’s chapter in Rai-Sun, liaison to Princess Matilda’s court on behalf of GUN, and future girlfriend of Ruben the Water Panther. Skilled spy and combatant.

• Zira the Ruthless is a Mobian Leopard is a threatening warrior whom threatens the Kingdom of Rai-Sun and is nearly unmatched in the martial arts, only the likes of Matilda and the Bride of Conquering Storm having come close.

• Gina the Spider Queen is a Tsuchigumo (Japanese spider spirit) and leader of a group of Yokai whom terrorize Rai-Sun.

• Mandy the Mouse and Wilson the Dog, the tomboyish tough girl and the skittish but brave boy were Freedom Fighter trainees whom were supposed to study under a Freedom Fighter group set in Rai-Sun. However, the Freedom Fighters had been wiped up in a three prong attack by Zira, Gina and the Egg Legion. Instead they were taken in as apprentices under Princess Matilda.

• Unfortunately for Mandy, her sister Marion was kidnapped and brainwashed into the Grandmaster of Rai-Sun. Mandy hopes that one day she can save her sister from what she has become.

• Roxanne ‘Roxy’ Raccoon (not to be confused with Roxy the Leech) is a cat thief from the future where Blaze, Silver and Team Radical hail from. She is a honorable thief with a tendency to flirt with Rad, to Crystal’s dismay.

• Mauve the Bearded Dragon is a psychotic chemist whom created a serum that gives his voice the power to control his victims through vocal commands. He is mostly an enemy of the Bygone Freedom Fighters, mostly of Perci since she had in the past taken control of her and turned her into his puppet concubine.

• Scarlett O’Hare is Bunnie’s estranged cousin, whom has become a kingpin crime boss. She is a rival of Breezie, having taken over the latter’s territory after her death. She tries to hide her Southern accent under a thick Brooklyn accent. She only cares for two things, money and her son Lance.

• Blizzard the Ice Witch is a Mobian hedgehog sorceress with cryokinesis. She lost her husband and kids to the cruel reign to King O’Hedge, the father of Rob and uncle of Amy and hence wants revenge against his last living relatives. However, her thirst for vengeance cooled down upon seeing Rob and Amy were nothing like the old king. While she didn’t join the Mercian Freedom fighters, she tries to atone for her mistakes and helps them out at time.

• STING is an organization in the future where Blaze and Silver hail from that abide by Robotnik’s ideals and want to create a new Eggman Empire in the future. They are led by the Robian scorpion Scorn, serial rapist Fang the Rattlesnake, weapon expert Razoul the Lion, amoral scientis Swoop the Bald Eagle and ‘attack dog’ Breakdown the Robian Barracuda.
Sonic Mobius 17 Xtra: OC's
After updating my two parts of Mobius 17 due to the new info from the Sonic IDW comics, I decided to come back on a decision I made logn ago. And include several OC's not used before from myself and some of my friends and incorperate them into my very own universe. 

In the other two parts I had included OC's but those oc's mentioend in the previous parts were created to replace existing bad characters or fill in gaps. But the OC's of mine in here are those whom stand out a bit more on their own.

I always wanted to include the idea of Jinx being one of Nephthys' adoptive kids, as in my headcanon Neph kind of took in several kids as her own including the Shamar Freedom Fighters and such. Now I wonder how I'll have Clove react that she has been conspiring the downfall of Eggman from within with her future mother-in-law.

And adding the OC's from my good DA friends :iconmastergamer20:, :iconmixedfan8643: and :iconscurvypiratehog:, due to the close bonds of their oc's and mine, or the oc's that I happen to like the most. I had to tweak a few things to have them fit into this universe, but not too much and I hope they like this and approve. 


• This version of Robotnik starts out like in the Archie continuity. Julian Kintobor was banished from the Overland for his immoral experiments. He sneaks his way in the favor of King Max, eventually becomes Minister of War, and then steals Sir Charles’ Roboticizer to use as a tool for conquest.

• Aiding him throughout it all is Ignatius Snively, a fellow exiled Overlander. Despite being Robotnik’s right hand man, he is treacherous and self-serving.

• Robotnik’s forces consists of roboticized Mobians and Overlanders as slave class, the mass produced Swatbots as the main enforcers, Badnik robots for specialized tasks, and Master Robots whom are more powerful robots acting as commanders in his army. Those whom willingly submit are not roboticized, but turned into cyborgs through Legionizing. An organic commander is called a Grandmaster.

• Originally, Robotnik’s main enforcers and loyal henchmen, and highest ranked Master Robots, were Heavy and Bomb. Heavy is a huge, tall and blocky robot with sheer brute force but a cunning to balance. Bomb, his ‘brother robot’ is a humanoid robot with a bomb for a head, a pyro with a dangerous sense of humor.

• More menacing versions Scratch, Grounder and Coconuts are also a trio of dangerous Master Robots that Robotnik calls upon on occasion. At various points they got scrapped by the Freedom Fighters, though always after some difficult fights.

• After the destruction of his Death Egg during events corresponding those to Sonic 3 & Knuckles, Robotnik dies as he remains on his exploding space station. It also marks the demise of Heavy and Bomb, and results in Snively fleeing.

• However, Robotnik cheats death. He had used the Digitizer he stole of Thomas Ellidy to create a backup of his mind in the digital world, and the new Robotnik, a living program whom can hop robotic bodies, would become the second Robotnik.

• The new Robotnik would, through the slightly faulty process that comes with digitizing one’s mind, slowly grow more insane and violent over time. Unpredictable and dangerous, he takes on the moniker ‘Eggman’, after an insult Sonic always threw at him. The Robotnik Regime would be renamed the Eggman Empire. When roboticizing becomes impossible due to virus created by Nicole, Eggman puts more emphasis on Legionizing.

• This new Robotnik forces Snively to fall back in line again. This time he joined by two new henchmen, Sylvester ‘Sleet’ the Hyena and Deadalus the Dingo (just ‘Dingo’) for short.

• This version of Dingo has nanotech embedded in his very skin which allows his shapeshifting abilities. While not the biggest thinker in the world, Dingo is a lot smarter then his Underground counterpart.

• The more Eggman’s Robotic bodies are destroyed and the more he body-hops, the more fractured his data becomes and the more insane as well. To prevent himself from degrading too far, he is forced to recreate his organic body through cloning, transfer his mind into it, and use a stabilizer from his mind. In his new form (resembling Boom!Eggman, with more cybernetics) he takes on the name Robotnik again. The Empire becomes the New Robotnik Regime.

• Shortly after Eggman becoming Robotnik again, in events similar events to Eggman’s Sonic universe arc in the Pre-Genesis wave timeline (without the involvement of Mecha Sally), Snively plans a final act of treachery with Dingo and Sleet. After a difficult fight that nearly killed him (though Robotnik would not admit that), he puts the traitors down for good. He snaps Snively’s neck, impales Sleet with the Iron Queen’s staff and activates a program in Dingo’s nanites that permanently turn him into stone, before shattering him.

• Now joining him in his tenure as the new Robotnik are Orbot and Cubot. They don’t seem like much, comical even, but looks aren’t everything. Despite their quirks they are malevolent and murderous. They can fold up in a sphere and a cube respectively, and then connect to various mechs or bodies for combat.

• Growing frustrated that he is unable to conquer the world despite his efforts, he eventually grows nihilistic and aids Finitevus in his latest scheme. If he can’t have Mobius, no one else can either. He would leave his Mobius to die and move to another Zone to conquer. It ends up with a final fight with Sonic. No longer having a backup or escape, Robotnik dies for good, after Sonic beheads him with a super powered Spin Dash. Orbot and Cubot end up destroyed by the rest of the Knothole Freedom Fighters.

• Artika’s Grandmaster is Akhlut, the leader of a violent tribe of orcas whom are enemies of the Walrus herd. Akhlut and Sherman have real bad blood with one another and often go for each other immediately during fights.

• Grandmaster Nephthys was originally a military commander responsible for ending a civil war in her home country Shamar. After that she took a break and took in several kids orphaned by the war and raise them as her own. When Robotnik invaded Shamar, she knew they were in for a fight they couldn’t win. She feigned surrender, but allowed some of her children, the Shamar Freedom fighters, to set up an act. It keeps Shamar in a stalemate until Nephthys could find the right moment to make a move and take out the Robotnik Regime from the inside. To do this she gathers allies, and forms a secret splinter cell called ‘the Fold’.

• Beauregard Rabbot is Bunnie’s Uncle. Along those roboticized and cured afterwards, they were treated as second class citizens by the Sandblasters. They were left out in the desert, without food, water and without a means to communicate to anyone, and did nothing as Eggman found them and made them part of his Empire. Later on Nephthys brings him into ‘the Fold’.

• Beauregard, after Eggman becomes Robotnik again, would be demoted and the sickly Overlander Grimer is put in charge. Grimer, unlike Beauregard is completely loyal to Robotnik.

• Clove and Cassia are a pair of Pronghorn siblings. Cassia had contracted an illness that would eventually destroy her senses. Clove, having a military background, had meant to protect her village, but Robotnik was too strong. Cassia wouldn’t survive the trip if they tried to escape so she stayed behind with her sister and a few others loyal to her, and they were forced to submit to Robotnik. Cassia’s cybernetics allowed her senses to function again but she and Clove were completely dependent upon Robotnik. Both of them were brought into ‘the Fold’.

• Razorklaw was an exile from the Felidae, whom was disgraced after losing trial by combat against Locke. After that he was brought in as one of the Grandmasters of Soumerca.

• Drago was a candidate for the Substitute Freedom Fighters, but betrayed his teammates. The rest of the Substitutes managed to escape though. Drago ran with the Destructix for a while before joining Eggman as one of Soumerca’s Grandmasters. Drago’s incompetence and insolence got on Eggman’s nerves, whom blew his brains out. Clove and Cassia then replaced him as the co-Grandmasters of Soumerca, alongside Razorklaw.  

• The Fold would work behind the scenes and would play a part in bringing down the Empire from the inside. Once the cherry bombs were disabled and the Legionnaires were free, those aligned with the Fold or were unwilling were pardoned. The rest would either end up dead or arrested.

• Downunda and the Big Blue Realms (Mobius’ Oceans) were originally controlled by Master Robots, Crocbot and Octobot, but both met their demise at Tails’ hands during his solo adventures (events similar to the Tails miniseries). Their remains would be gathered and combined with those of Scratch, Grounder and Coconuts into the monstrous Egg Chimera. Egg Chimera needed the combined efforts of all Knothole Freedom Fighters and Team Dark to take down, effectively putting an end to the Egg Chimera and all its components.

• Maw the Tasmanian Tiger would become the replacement Grandmaster of Downunda. He is one of the few genuinely loyal to Robotnik/Eggman, sharing his beliefs of order through power and robotics. He has a cybernetic maw that can create a warphole that can trap enemies in a pocket dimension.

• The Bride of Conquering Storm, leader of the Raiju Clan. The Raiju Clan believes in only one thing: power. Doing anything to seek it, even aligning her and her clan with Eggman after formally aiding the Iron Dominion. Though her goals are her own, and her deadly cunning and nearly unmatched combat prowess make her one of, if not the top martial artist in the world.

• As for the Oceans, a greedy pirate woman called Abyss the Squid united several pirate tribes under her banner and Eggman’s, getting to freely raid the oceans in exchange for her services, something she happily obliged to.

• Originally Armand D’Coolette was roboticized and brainwashed into the High Sherriff and control Robotnik’s territory in Mercia. He would be released of his programming and later deroboticized, able to reunite with his son. Sadly he met his demise, being assassinated by Nack the Weasel.

• Robotnik’s new Grandmaster in Mercia afterwards is Lord Mordred Hood. This slick cobra was once advisor to the King, Rob’s father. Though he supported the King’s tyrannical rule, he was often ignored and not given credit for the ideas he was given. Doing nothing as Mercia was conquered, and hiding in a hole for a while, after the High Sherriff’s rule ended he saw it as a chance to come out on top and become Mercia’s new Grandmaster.

• Originally the Iron Kingdom were Robotnik’s allies and Grandmasters. The Iron King, a Mobian Ox called Jun Kun whom wields the mystical Earth Armor and Tremor Mace, giving him great physical prowess and endurance. At his side is the Iron Queen, an Overmeta called Regina Ferrum, whom has the power of technomancy.

• After the Iron Dominion’s invasion of New Robotropolis, the Iron King was blown all the way out on an abandoned island by the Fan of Jeng Xing, while Regina was imprisoned. She would be busted out by her lover Snively, but Snively met his end at the hands of Eggman. Regina was only knocked out as the mad doctor still had use for her…

• Originally Hugo Brass, formerly associated with the Corrupt GUN, aligned with Eggman as the Grandmaster of the United Nations. Eggman grew bored with him and he was demoted. Regina Ferrum, after the mad doctor had turned her into a loyal cyborg puppet, put her in charge.

• Efrika’s original grandmaster was Taka, an evil lion, uncle of the Efrikan Freedom Fighter Prince Griffith. However, his rule didn’t last long as the Efrikan Freedom Fighters destroyed his power base. As he tries to flee for his life, he is ambushed in the wastelands by a biker gang called the Nasty Hyena’s and killed.

• After Taka, Axel the Water Buffalo came in charge. Leader of the biker gang the Stampede, he united all biker gangs under his rule in Efrika, including the Nasty Hyena’s whom had killed Taka.

• The Battle Bird Armada are descendants of Babylonians, an alien race similar to Mobians aside from the fact they are all Avian species. They brought their Babylon Garden to Mobius with the surviving population of a dead world (their home being the first to be destroyed by the Black Arms) and mingled with the Mobian populace. They Babylon Garden was hidden away, as the damaged warp drive would create a black hole that would destroy Mobius, which the Babylonians didn’t want.

• The Battle Bird Armada are descendants from the military branch, and their pride in their heritage and hatred of non-avians has caused inbreeding over the years, turning many members insane, or losing the ability to fly. Their leader the Battle Lord refuses to accept it and believes by uncovering their homeland the Babylon Garden would bring them back to glory and heal them.

• The Battle Bird Armada would be encountered by Tails in his early days and would wipe the floor with them. These birds were forced to align with Eggman to restore their fleet. Though once they found the Babylon Garden they would act on their own again. The Babylon Garden would end up destroyed by the Freedom Fighters.

• Eggman was not happy the Battle Birds acted out of line, and nearly caused the creation of a black hole (“Seriously, how am I to conquer the world if you flying turkeys had destroyed it?”). He did a culling, gathering the few worthy members while blowing the unworthy members up through the cherry bombs in their cybernetics. Only three percent of the Battle Birds were considered worthy enough to live. Neither the Battle Lord, Speedy or Doctor Fukurukov were among them.

• The first Metal Sonic was created to gather the Time Stones on Little Planet. This version ended up busted for a while, until Robotnik rebooted him during events similar to Sonic 4. After that, events similar to Sonic Mania happened that restored Metal Sonic 1, but he ended up flung through time and space after this defeat…

• Metal Sonic then ended up in the future, in Blaze and Silver’s timeline. Tinkering with the remains, Captain Whisker thought of a new powerful crewmate. Instead Metal Sonic got a mind of his own, became Captain Metal and became his own villain, eventually becoming the future Trinity’s biggest enemy.

• Mecha Sonic was an improved model first used during the first raid on Angel Island. First defeated by Sonic, later recommissioned by Snively after Robotnik’s first ‘death’ to try and steal it again. Mecha Sonic, despite using some of the Master Emerald’s power was defeated by Knuckles and tossed of the Island.

• Mecha Sonic resurfaced and now acted of his own. His first solo act attracted the attention of those whom would become the Chaotix. He, experimenting with his new free will and power, and some Power Gems, turned into the giant Titan Mecha Sonic but ended up defeated. But not destroyed…

• Years later, after some time to get used to his new powers, he reformatted into Metallix (Neo Metal Sonic) with aspirations of godhood. This sets events similar to Sonic Heroes in motion.

• Metallix and Captain Metal would meet during time travel. Both worked on repairing and upgrading the Death Egg into the Egg O’ War which would allow the two ‘brother’s to become living gods. They merged with the station, and it took the Trinity of both present (Sonic, Tails and Knuckles) and future (Silver, Blaze and Marine) to finally destroy them forever, channeling their prowess to vaporize them so there was nothing left to rebuild any of them from.


• Chaos is still a water deity with most of his backstory intact, and the patron of the Chao. He and Tikal’s spirit, after his first defeat, move into the Chaos Force, only appearing if something of divine power or spiritual nature would threaten Mobius.

• Light Gaia, after able to befriend the heroes, and be moved about the beauty of Mobius, doesn’t just seal Dark Gaia away after defeat. He and his brother, both sides of the same coin, join together into the normal Gaia again. This Gaia was no longer about destruction and rebirth. Instead it became a neutral force, interfering when final judgement was reserved.

• Aurora is a genuine deity in this universe, and when speaking to a mortal, she appears to them in a form of how that person sees her. Her true form cannot be comprehended so that’s why she does this. She has no ties to echidna’s or Enerjak. She makes sure the people whom are close to death can pass on peacefully or get judged for their crimes, or gives second chances at life to those she feels deserve it, like with Knuckles.

• Enerjak is the leader of the Nocturnus here, a warrior whom is a perfect blend of Dark Chaos Energy control and Cybernetics, close to a god. Even when physically destroyed, the spirit of Enerjak still remains in the Chaos force until he summoned or is able to possess a worthy host again. Knuckles, after being possessed by him once, looks for a way to destroy him. Hyper Knuckles would drag the spiritual manifestation of Enerjak onto the spiritual plane and would destroy him there, dispersing him to a point he could never recover from it again.

• Argus is a deity whom is the center and manifestation of the Twilight Cage. His abduction of the Nocturnus and other tribes across the galaxy were the results of attempts to escape into the normal universe and take it for its own. Finitevus tricked the Freedom Fighters into destroying Argus, ending the Twilight Cage and make sure the Nocturnus could return to Mobius permanently.

• Mephiles and Iblis are part of Solaris, a deity that is the equivalent of the devil in many Mobian cultures. Mephiles is the mind and cunning, Iblis the raw power and bestial rage. Its components had to be split apart and separated through time and space. However, both halves would reach out to the minds of the twisted, and a cult would gather in their name to release them from across two timelines.

• Mephiles was sealed in the Dark Scepter, in Soleanna. Iblis was sealed into the Hellfire Stone in Onyx City, in the future from which Blaze and Silver hail. From two fronts the heroes worked hard but Mephiles and Iblis would reunite and Solaris would be reborn, only to be destroyed by Super Sonic, Super Silver and Super Shadow.

• These events did not evolve a reset button or princesses kissing dead hedgehogs!

• Though Solaris was destroyed, it would not be the end of the trouble he caused. Despite his death, from his remains minor deities were born. Less powerful then Solaris and unable to have the deity be reborn from any of them sure, but still dangerous and lethal. These included the Ifrit, the Time Eater and most dangerously the Phantom Ruby. One by one they were sought out and destroyed systematically.

• Infinite was originally one of the cultists worshipping Solaris and was delighted to find the Phantom Ruby and continue his master’s glorious work through the power of the mysterious gemstone. Infinite would be destroyed by the Sonics of two timelines.

• Lyric is a cyborg snake from ancient times. Originally part of a group of Guardians he studied the Chaos Emeralds. His research was cut off due to the instability of the Emeralds, but went behind the back of his fellow Guardians to continue, getting himself injured and forced to wear a mech suit to remain alive for thousand of years.

• Lyric blamed his fellow Guardians for properly warn him of the consequences of his research. He also came to think of nature as inferior and technology as superior and had started a campaign for mechanizing the worlds, eons before Robotnik even did. He ended up sealed by the other Guardians in a temple on Bygone Island.

• He was released from his prison eons later by Robotnik, but turned on Robotnik and drove his forces from Bygone island and started his own campaign of conquest. He would be opposed at every turn by the Bygone Freedom Fighters Dulcy, Perci, Sticks and Tangle, making him the only arch-enemy of a Freedom Fighter group not associated with Robotnik’s Empire.


• Doctor Finitevus is a Nocturnus Scientist whom one day turned insane due to experimentation with dark chaos energy, and developed a nihilism, seeking the end and destruction of everything. Serving Enerjak in hopes to steer his master into said destruction, after the mad deity’s initial defeat, Finitevus sought out ways to bring him back, under his control.

• Finitevus was in charge of the Nocturnus in absence of Enerjak. His henchmen are a pair of mindless but powerful Nocturnus warriors, per Finitevus’ modifications. Scylla controls fire and the female sibling, while Charyb is male and controls water.

• Finitevus nearly brought about the end of Mobius, and tricked a disenchanted Robotnik in aiding him. Finitevus would turn himself into the newest Enerjak during this scheme. It ended when Enerjak was ripped from Finitevus and destroyed by Knuckles on the spiritual plane.

• After that, Finitevus was vulnerable. All his Warp rings were gone besides the one in his glasses. Knuckles shattered the ring as Finitevus went through it, and Finitevus ended up in a zone in between zones. A white space where is no time, only a white void. Unable to escape, Finitevus doesn’t need to eat or sleep, just exist and won’t age. But if he is unable to escape, it is eternal torture. To his nihilistic mind it would be extra torture that he won’t even see his own end as there is no time…

• Ixis Naugus is the last troll on Mobius. He seeks to gather various means to enhance his magic and return the troll race to life, rule the world that is conquered by the trolls. Serving as a court Wizard for King Max, he plotted to overthrow King Max with the help of Robotnik. Robotnik backstabbed him and sent him and King Max to the Void. Naugus would escape and be imprisoned in the void several times through the years, always making enemies of the Freedom Fighters.

• Mammoth Mogul was an ancient Mobian, whom had a meteor impact and embed itself in his chest. That Meteor is the black Emerald, giving him great control over chaos energy, keeping him ageless and immortal. Having made enemies with the Chaotix and Freedom Fighters of Knothole, he would see Tails as a personal enemy, after being humiliated in a fight against Hyper Tails, whom mopped the floor with his previously thought invincible super form, Master Mogul.

• Mogul could survive for a while when separated from his Emerald, giving him enough time to always recover it should the need arise. But once his Black Emerald ended up destroyed forever, severing any connection with the chaos force, Mogul would rapidly age into dust, marking the end of the so called immortal.

• When not doing villainy, Mogul poses as a philanthropist and casino owner. He has his own henchwoman, Breezie the Hedgehog, whom is his personal ‘Mercy Graves’. After Mogul’s demise, Breezie takes over his empire and becomes a high ranking crime boss. She has a nasty habit of lusting after Sonic. This would come to bit her in the ass when Sally one day ended her by planting one of her ring blades in her gut.

• The Fearsome Foursome consisted of the disgraced ninja Lightning Lynx, military turned merciless mercenary Sergeant Simon Simeon, Mercian serial killer Flying Frog and ex-Battle Bird Predator Hawk (whom Mogul had his flight restored). They initially served Mogul but they would at times be hired by other villains for the right price.

• Later on, Drago Wolf, Nack the Weasel, Bean the Dynamite and Bark Polar Bear would join the Foursome and rename themselves the Destructix. Drago would go on to join the Eggman Empire and die shortly after, Lightining, Bean and Bark would leave due to a conflict over morality, leaving the Destructix a Foursome once more (but they kept the Destructix name because it sounds cool).  

• The Black Arms is an alien race to whom Shadow is related. Since Shadow didn’t suffer amnesia in this timeline or isn’t stupid Black Doom is forced to take control of him from the start of their meeting. Until Maria/Emerl and Rouge snapped him out of it.

• There is no Black Death, as Eclipse the Darkling is the secondary Black Arms Hivemind in this universe. He has more of a free will and tries bestowing this onto his fellow Black Arms. They don’t know what to do with it and they couldn’t cope, ending up easy targets for their deaths at the hands of GUN, leaving Eclipse and his Dark Arms as the sole surviving members. Until Team Dark caught up eventually and ended them of course.

• The Metarex were originally the people of Seedria. The world’s inhabitants lived in harmony with nature and developed a symbiotic bond with plants. When the Black Arms tried to invade, the people of Seedria had no good defense. So scientist Lucas of the Seedrians did something similar to roboticizing and legionizing to robotify most of his people. It worked as they drove the Black Arms off but they would lose themselves, becoming all part of the bigger being that is Metarex. Metarex had now one goal in mind: assimilate everything in the universe into the Metarex.

• The Deadly Six are the last of the Zeti race. After their actions had ravaged their homeworld Hex, leaving not much left of it then a few patches stringed together in an oversized flying continent, they would set out and drain the life from other worlds to restore their own.

• GUN, the corrupt Overlander defense agency is led by Commander Lloyd Bishop. He is an Overmeta with an enhanced healing factor, allowing him to appear in his twenties even after fifty years ago, when he personally shot Maria. He shares Robotnik’s views of power and survival of the fittest, but has different methods, seeking to create biological weapons, hence his funding of Project Shadow and the Biolizard.

• Bishop not only seeks to bring Shadow back under his control, but also to discredit Sonic and the Freedom Fighters as they were close to uncovering his hidden agenda, hence blaming Sonic for Shadow’s thefts in the media. It failed in the end.

• Bishop, in his final stand, is confronted by Shadow. Due to his healing factor he can recover from anything Shadow can throw at him. Shadow got around that by locking the corrupt commander in a pod, and shooting him off into the sun, from which the evil man cannot regenerate.

• Before Captain Metal, Captain Whisker was the arch-nemesis of Blaze, Silver and Marine. A scientist from the future whom admired two things; pirates and Robotnik. Modeling himself after both, and replacing most of his body with robotics he became a dangerous enemy in the future. He is assisted by his right hand man and life partner Johnny. (note there is no Eggman Nega as a result)

• Phage is a virus born when Nicole purged herself of her dark aspects, and they took life on their own. Phage seeks out to absorb data and become more powerful, and have everything become her. She seeks to add Nicole’s data to hers so she can become complete again, and as a result they fought each other very often. Nicole could not defeat Phage as she was part of herself. However, Nicole finally accepted her darkness, absorbed Phage back into her and locked her in the back of her mind permanently, in a cage created by her happy memories where Phage could never escape from.


• Feist was once a powerful sorcerer with ambitious dreams. However he was punished by the gods for trying to usurp them and was tasked with guarding the gateways to the Special Zone, the pocket dimension where six of the Chaos Emeralds were originally hidden, only giving them to those whom are worthy, whom he tests through various trials. Mogul would destroy the Special Zone to prevent the Emeralds from being hidden again, and Feist with it.

• Big and Froggy (whom is a Mobian Frog here) own a fish restaurant where the heroes love to eat in their spare time. They are merely background characters, not actively involved in any plot. Mighty and Ray take their place in the Adventure story, and Team Rose in the Heroes storyline consists of Amy, Silver and Blaze.

• Vanilla and Cream also exist, but they are also not involved in any story. Vanilla runs a Chao adoption center, with Cream helping out. Cream is also a member of the Freedom Fighter Fan Club.

• Cosmo is the only remaining Seedrian not assimilated in the Metarex and came to Mobius to warn our heroes. Super Sonic and Super Shadow destroy the Metarex. Cosmo had a crush on Tails, but it was not returned due to Tails already loving Fiona. Coupled with the fact that Mobius’ atmosphere, due to heavy pollution from all of Robotnik’s factories, means that her lifespan would be cut short, and Cosmo leaves for space. She remains on friendly terms with our heroes and keeps in contact with them.

• The next time they meet Cosmo, she has joined the galactic police force. She has now has been trained in combat and firearms. Her partner is the Wisp Yacker, whom has also joined the Galactic Police, and now inhabits a Mobian-sized robot suit to better interact with people and help him on the job. They met up with the heroes in their function chasing intergalactic bounty hunter Katella.

• Mina Mongoose was a young girl whom Sonic saved from Robotnik’s forces one day and since then she had been heads over heels for him. She tried to join the Freedom Fighters to be with him…though she proved to be inept at fighting and stealth and had no powers, so that fell flat. Though Sonic only saw her as a friend, and she was forced to admit his heart was with Sally. They didn’t hold it against her, and advised her to chase her dreams and do something she is good at.

• Mina Mongoose then became a singer, and founded a band. Together with Mach the Rabbit, Maximus ‘Max’ the Monkey and Sharps the Chicken, they are the Forget-me-Knots. Through their music they keep the spirits of the people up, inspiring hope. That way Mina learned that there are other ways to help people, and in a way, with her songs about courage and hope she supports the Freedom Fighters in her own way.

• Nicolette ‘Nic’ the Weasel is the sister of Nack the Weasel, and like him a bounty hunter. The two hail from a rich family but ran away when they were young, unable to cope with their parents’ snooty and snobbish attitudes. Despite similar interests, Nic and Nack don’t like each other. While Nack is self-serving and back-stabbing, Nic has a sense of honor and pride. Due to these conflicting attitudes they are at odds, to the point Nack tried to kill Nic at times.

• Nic, as the more benevolent Weasel, is the one to take in Fiona and train her. They have a sisterly relationship, and even when they went separate ways they remained close.

• Later on, Nic formed her own group with Lightning Lynx, Bean the Dynamite and Bark the Polar bear, all whom left the Destructix as they couldn’t stand their teammates’ immoral nature. This group would call themselves the Mavericks.

• Nic would finally kill Nack after a final shootout, shooting him through the eye, the bullet going right through his brain.

• The Babylon Rogues, consisting of Jet the Hawk, Storm the Albatross and Wave the Swallow were a trio of turncoat Battle Birds and treasure hunters whom made an annoyance (but not really a challenge) to our heroes on several occasions. The trio were a lot more selfish at first, but after the Babylon Garden activated and would almost destroyed the world they came to the aid of the heroes to stop it, and do so successfully. After that, they promise never to mess with the Freedom Fighters again and leave.

• The Mobian Council was created as an initiative by Elias so not only the Royal family holds all the power and so the people would also have a say in the running of the Kingdom. The members include Elias himself, Harvey Who, Verita the Aquihotl, Stretch the Giraffa Beetle, Cupcake the Sardine and Gruff the Gecko.

• Verita is a bluntly honest girl coming from a family of nobles whom still live in the past and think they should be treated as royalty due to their bloodline. Verita thought that was stupid and tried making a name for herself.

• Stretch was an unconventional lawyer, specializing in bending rules and loopholes. His oddly laid back attitude was refreshing and he got voted on the council as a result.

• Gruff the Gecko is the most by the book member of the council. He has a mother, Gilda, whom is in a state of dementia. Naugus once offered Gruff that he could restore Gilda’s mind in exchange for him helping gain power in the new Republic, but Gruff refused, as he knew his mother would never forgive him.

• Cupcake was part of a gang called the school, a bunch of marine based Mobian youths whom got into mischief and minor vandalism due to their hard childhoods brought up to the war. Cupcake decided to turn her gang around and made sure they got to find their place in the world and the less privileged would thrive. She is the least formal of the Council.
Sonic Mobius 17: Part 2
Part two of my Sonic essay and also the final part. With this I am glad to close the sonic chapter of my life.

Enjoy everyone. 

EDIT: I added Captain Whisker, Phage and the babylon Rogues. Can't believe I forgot about them.

EDIT 2: Added Bride of Conquering storm. How stupid of me to forget about her. 

EDIT 3 (August 18th): Added the Council of Acorn (or at least the OC's I created eons ago for the replacement of the ones from the comic, as the Substitutes made no sense), as well as Lyric. Also did a bit of a general cleanup. 


• The world of Mobius is not a future Earth. It is a different world.

• Chaos Adepts to the Mobians are what mutants are in the Marvel Universe or metahumans in the DC Universe; few born with supernatural prowess. All can further empower themselves with Chaos energy, a select few can assume Super Forms or similar forms.

• But beyond the Super form, there is the Trinity, three Mobians whom are born every few generations and are able to surpass Super form and assume the Legendary Hyper form.

• Overlanders look like humans but have great differences: four fingers and toes, their hearts are moved more towards the center, and they have hair and eye colors humans can’t have in real life.

• Overlanders also have their very own Metahumans, though they are even rarer then Chaos Adepts, and they don’t draw power from the Chaos Force. They are called Overmetas.

• Another super-Mobian is an Esper, whom always have enhanced mental capabilities, like telepathy, telekinesis ect. They are unrelated to Chaos Adepts.  

• Only Seven Chaos Emeralds exist and one Master Emerald. Mammoth Mogul instead has a Black Emerald embedded in his chest. Emerald Shards are small Chaos Emeralds that couldn’t form and are the cores of Chaos Drives. Power Gems are similar to Chaos Emeralds but not nearly as powerful.

• There are only two Time Stones, and they look like their Satam counterparts, as part of an Owl mask.


• Sonic’s parents are still Bernadette and Jules Hedgehog. His uncle Charles ‘Chuck’ Hedgehog is his godfather and inventor of the Roboticizer. Charles’ adopted son and apprentice is Alfred ‘Muttski’ Muttskowitch.

• Muttski is affectionately referred to as ‘cousin’ by Sonic. He started out in his adoptive father’s tech lab as an assistant, but he was not very skilled. His true passion liked in music, and pursued it to become the musical genius Weird Al Muttskovitch.

• Sally Acorn is the daughter of King Maximillion Acorn and Alicia Acorn, and sister to Elias Acorn. Her caretaker, tutor and godmother is Rosalynn ‘Rosie’ Woodchuck.

• There is no nasty breakup between Sonic and Sally. They get engaged and happily marry. In the future they have two children, Manic and Sonia. Sonic now teaches at a school/dojo for young Chaos Adepts and other Gifted. Sally, having given up her royal title but serves as a peace ambassador.

• Jules gets restored to normal alongside the other Mobians.

• In this universe, Alicia’s marriage to Maximillion was originally arranged due to her family’s desire to control the crown and people, but wanted nothing to do with their political games. She turned things around, exposing her family and aligning herself with the Acorns. As a result Max and Alicia fell in love for real.

• Elias Acorn doesn’t end up on Angel Island, but raised by the Wolf Pack in this universe. There he would meet his future bride Lyco. They would marry and have one daughter, Alexis.

• Elias would voluntarily create the Council of Acorn as the ruling body of New Mobotropolis, not following a stupid civil war, but because he doesn’t want absolute power and want his people to have a voice.

• Miles ‘Tails’ Prower is born to General Amadeus Prower and Rosemary Prower, and the nephew of the wizard Merlin Prower. Raised by Rosie alongside the others orphaned by war with Sonic and Sally looking out for him as older siblings.

• Rosemary and Amadeus were not abducted by the BEM (whom don’t exist in this universe) but by Intergalactic Gladiators to become the next opponents in the ring. They held out for years until Tails and Sonic managed to save them with Merlin’s help.

• Tails’ pet, T-Pup looks more like a robotic Shepherd dog-like robot, and has several gadgets and modes, like Rush from Mega-Man.

• Fiona Fox was orphaned by the Robotnik Regime, taken in and trained by Nicolette ‘Nic’ the Weasel. She met Tails on one of his solo-adventures and became good friends with him. She later joined the Freedom Fighters and fell in love with Tails. This version of Fiona is older than Tails but younger then Sonic and the other Freedom Fighters.

• In their adult years, Fiona and Tails marry. They have two children, Artemis and Skye. Tails now owns a company called FreedomTech, while Fiona works as a doctor.

• Bunnie Rabbot is born to Augustus and Verucca Rabbot, a pair of Extremists. Augustus’ brother Beauregard couldn’t have Bunnie raised in a family of madmen and took her away. Augustus and Verucca as Extremists, wanted to destroy the crown with great prejudice, and their deaths were as violent as their lifestyle. They made deals with the Overlands against a common enemy in the crown of Acorn, end died being backstabbed by the Overlands.

• Bunnie would be raised by Beauregard, but ran away from home when her Uncle told the truth about her parents, and refused to accept it (until years later after she got confirmation). She got halfway roboticized before the process was interrupted, becoming a cyborg.

• Bunnie was forced to give up her Robian parts for new cybernetics and her only chance to become fully human again, otherwise her lifespan would be cut short. She learned to live with it though and came out stronger emotionally as a result.

• Antoine Depardieu was the son of Colonel Jacques Depardieu. His mother Marie died in childbirth. Antoine initially acted arrogant and cowardly in his younger years, but with Bunnie’s help and tutoring he became a brave warrior.

• Antoine later inherited one of the Legendary blades of the Knights of Avalon, the one and only Caliburn. Able to wield Soul power as a result, he gains power on par with that of a Chaos Adept.

• Antoine and Bunnie are the first couple on the team to get married. Though Bunnie couldn’t have children due to her status, the pair adopt a pair of Mercian orphans, Jacques and Belle. Antoine would become head of the Royal Guard (later Republican Defense) while Bunnie owns a beauty salon.

• Rotor Walrus was born in Artika. Though his family loved him, they know Rotor’s tech savvy mind would not be at home in the more spiritual Walrus Herd and allowed him an apprentice program in the Kingdom of Acorn to help develop his talents.

• Rotor mentored Tails in his early days alongside Uncle Chuck. Even when both became the brains of the team, both were of use. Rotor’s expertise were weapons and demolition, and Tails’ is vehicles and Chaos-based tech. Rotor also doesn’t get crippled.

• Rotor in his adult years works at FreedomTech. He remains single his entire life, preferring tinkering over romance.

• Amy Rose was born in Mercian nobility, and whisked off to Knothole for her safety by her family. She becomes infatuated with Sonic. Despite her one-tracked mind when it came to Sonic, she had a kind side and would put others’ need above her own. She was eventually forced to accept Sonic belonged with Sally.

• Amy Rose displayed minor magical prowess, first shown when her magic summoned her signature weapon, the Piko Piko Hammer. After at first centering her fighting style around it, after trying to get over Sonic, she turned her focus on further developing her magical abilities under the tutelage of Merlin Prower.

• Lily Bluebird was a former member of the technical department of the Battle Bird Armada. Meek and easily pushed around, she took the chance to leave the Armada after Tails crippled them on Cocoa Island. She eventually met Amy Rose in Station Square during the Chaos incident. After Amy saved her and offered a home in Knothole, she fell deeply in love with Amy, though was too shy to act upon those feelings. Her knowledge of Extreme Gear helped improve the Freedom Fighters’ vehicles.

• Lily finally managed to win Amy’s heart after the latter got over Sonic. Amy managed to heal the genetic damage on Lily that all battle Birds had, restoring her natural flight prowess. The two eventually marry. Lily would work for FreedomTech, while Amy becomes a teacher at Sonic’s Academy for the Gifted. They adopt a daughter, a woodpecker girl called Scarlet.

• Nicole was born Nicole Ellidy, daughter of Thomas Ellidy, inventor of the digitizer. Nicole was a terminally ill Esper. Thomas invented the digitizer to save her mind. However, the project was usurped by Robotnik to use her powerful Esper mind to create a supercomputer. However, Nicole, in her new form went out of control, forcing herself to erase everyone’s memories of herself, before wiping her own mind.

• In her new form she was so powerful, she felt slowly being corrupted by her powers, hence the measures. She, in her computer form became Sally’s assistant and support. Only the actions of the Iron Queen accidentally unlocked her old powers and memories. Her Iron Nicole persona was a result of her repressed dark emotions refusing to be put back in the cage she created for herself. Iron Nicole would plan to break free from the Iron Queen and gain control.

• Sally went inside her mainframe and reach out to her childhood friend. Nicole breaks free, uses her will to banish her darker self and force control over her powers. However, the dark parts she rejected would later receive a life on their own…

• Nicole would later create a solid hologram and later a robotic life-like body to interact with the physical world. She is able to assume her own Super form, Nicole Upgrade. As Nicole Upgrade, she is nearly omnipotent in the digital realm.

• Shard, in this continuity is the version of Silver Sonic sent to attack Station Square before being defeated and reprogrammed as its guardian. After Shadow wrecks him, his remains are gathered and he is rebuilt as Shard by Charles for the Secret Freedom Fighter project. After his role there was done, he joins the main team of Freedom fighters, and would develop feelings for Nicole.

• Though both inorganic, using both their data, Nicole and Shard digitally create a ‘daughter’, Victoria, or Tori for short.


• Knuckles is the Guardian of Angel Island. And he is not easily duped like in the game, and having had the education he had in the comics. Knuckles’ real name in this continuity is Nu’Kells and ‘Knuckles’ is a nickname. Knuckles’ near-extinct tribe is called the Diurnas tribe.

• There are far less echidnas in this universe. One of the few still alive is Knuckles’ father Locke. Locke dies sacrificing himself in this timeline as well to release Knuckles from Enerjak’s thrall.

• Knuckles’ grandfather, Athair on the other hand, is part of a pact of mysticals, to which Sir Connery and Merlin Prower also belong, gathering forces to fight against dark magic or prepare for huge chaos-related cataclysms.

• The other group of surviving echidnas are a tribe called the Nocturnus, whom have less benevolent goals then the Diurnas. Only one of them, a young soldier girl called Shade, doesn’t agree with their violent methods, breaking away from them and joining Knuckles’ Chaotix.

• Knuckles and Shade become life-mates. After finally allow others to help in securing the Master Emerald, Knuckles could in his adult life focus on his own dreams, that of a treasure hunter. Shade would take over the Nocturnus and turn them in a fighting force for good. They would have one daughter, Nyx.

• Espio is the son of Nage, the Bride of Constant Vigil, whom is the leader of the Shinobi Ninja Clan in Chun-Nan. Espio is betrothed from a young age to fellow Shinobi Liza but he really does love her. Espio marries her in his adult years, becomes the new Clan Leader, and has two daughters, Salma and Juanita.

• Vector the Crocodile was part of a group of orphans in Downunda, to which Bill and Barby also belonged, raised by Moss the Sloth on one of his walkabouts. Vector’s temper and headstrong attitude clashed with Moss’ peaceful methods and had a falling out, but made up in later years.

• Vector would fall in love with Elisabeth the Swan, a waitress at a café in Station Square. They would marry in later life and have one son, Argyle. Vector would run a detective agency.

• Charmy is the Prince of the Golden Hive Kingdom. He is sixteen in this universe, not six. He also doesn’t get his brain fried in this universe. He is a minor Chaos Adept, not able to access Super form, but gifted with great strength for his size and the ability to shrink to a small size. He has no natural stinger, but uses a pair of electrified stinger-like weapons in his gloves.

• In this universe, Charmy’s love interest is a more interesting character then Saffron. Instead of Saffron, we have Mari the Ladybug, a childhood friend of Charmy. She acts as the mediator of the Chaotix. Her signature weapon is a yo-yo.

• Mighty and Ray have the sibling-like relationship they always had. Mighty’s power doesn’t come from Mogul, but he is a minor Adept with super-strength, while Ray is also a minor adept with the power to fly instead of glide. Since they are minor adepts they don’t have Super forms. Mighty and Ray leave the Chaotix for a while, first to look for Matilda, and later to study under Moss.

• Relic the Pika is an unofficial member, an archeologist whom found herself on Angel Island by accident. Though not much of a fighter, her knowledge proved invaluable and she became the little sister of the team. She has a robotic assistant, Fixit.


• Shadow doesn’t lose his memories at any point. He is still driven by his desire to protect the world Maria envisioned.

• Since he didn’t lose his memories and he wasn’t stupid, he didn’t believe the Black Arms from the start, and they were forced to brainwash him from the start before Rouge snapped him out of it.

• GUN is a corrupt law enforcement force, and it is the actions of Shadow, Sonic and Abraham Tower whom see it disbanded and stopped. It is replaced by a better organization, Project: Genesis. Shadow and Rouge join it, and with Omega form Team Dark.

• Shadow and Rouge eventually marry. They have one daughter, naming her Ruby (after Rouge’s favorite type of gem).

• Emerl is the only True Gizoid in existence. Originally a Nocturnus project that went awry. The Gizoid project would prove too powerful to control, and had to be mind-wiped and banished to the Prime Zone…where Gerald Robotnik found him. Prior to his arrest, Gerald managed to save Maria’s soul by placing it in the Gizoid. However, near the end the process was interrupted, and Gerald was forced to eject the Gizoid out of the hands of GUN.

• The Gizoid was lost for many years until found on the beach by Sonic one day…cue the events of Sonic Battle. At first the Gizoid would be called Emerl, but after meeting Shadow, Maria slowly remembers, until the Gizoid programming overtook her, and Super Shadow had to end Maria’s suffering. Though Maria lived on by transferring her soul in one of Robotnik’s Phi robots.

• The body of the Gizoid would be recovered and retooled into Gemerl by Robotnik until the Freedom Fighters defeat it. Then they delete Robotnik’s programming and put Maria’s soul back in, and equip her with a holoprojector to assume her human form again.

• Maria then became the official fourth member of Team dark. While powerful, is peaceful by nature and hardly ever uses her full power to make sure he doesn’t hurt too many people.

• Aside from Team Dark, there is a Team Light, an all-female Elite Team of Project Genesis. They consist of Hope Tower, Babel ‘Babs’ Tower, Elise du Soleil and Sara Noire.

• Hope Tower is a retooled Hope Kintobor, and the granddaughter of Abraham Tower. She is an inventor, and she pilots a huge mech with super strength on par with Omega.

• Babel, aka Babs, is Hope’s older sister, and the sniper of the team.

• Elise is a Duchess from Solaria, whom wants to prove it’s not because she is of noble upbringing that she is defenseless. She wields a rapier, which has chambers for various colors of Chaos Shards for different effects. She is a retool of Princess Elise of Sonic 2006. She doesn’t kiss a dead hedgehog and she is not involved in a time travel plot either. She only shares names with that version, not much else.

• Sarah Noire is a Overmeta. Her power is the development of feline traits. She has a cat tail and ears, enhanced agility and flexibility, retractable claws, sharp teeth, night vision and enhanced senses. She is a huge fan of the Knothole Freedom Fighters and she and Elise run a fan club. She is a retool of Princess Sara of the Sonic OVA.

(Note that the members of Team Light refer to Team RWBY of the webshow RWBY of course)

• There is not hate and grudge on Tower’s behalf towards Shadow, and his mission was even to bring Shadow back to the light like his sister by anything of blood, Maria, wanted.

• Other members of Project Genesis include Amarill Topaz, Madonna Garnet (whom is also an ex-singer) and Segata Sanchiro (consider the top Overlander Martial artist).


• Blaze and Marine are from the future, and are part of the Future Freedom Fighters, alongside Silver and Gold.

• This version of Blaze and Silver first met our heroes in similar events to Sonic heroes, with Silver and Blaze meeting up with Amy and forming this universe’s version of Team Rose.

• Marine has full-fledged hydrokinesis in this universe.

• Silver is both an Esper and a Chaos Adept, the only one whom is a hybrid of this kind.

• Silver and Blaze are romantically involved. In the future they marry, rule as King and Queen over Blaze’s kingdom, and have one son, Pyro.

• While Sonic, Tails and Knuckles are the Trinity of the past and able to use Hyper form, Blaze, Silver and Marine are the Trinity of their timeline.

• While Silver’s super forms are called Super Silver and Hyper Silver, Blaze’s forms are Burning Blaze and Blaze Inferno, and Marine’s are Aqua Marine and Marine Tsunami.

• Gold was a former crew member of Captain Whisker in this universe before she defected. (More on Captain Whisker in the villains section next part). Her telepathy is much more powerful too, and can control the weak minded with enough concentration. Gold is bisexual as per her creator, Evan Stanley’s headcanon.

• Whisper the Wolf comes from an alternate timeline where Eggman won the war, somewhere in between Sonic and Silver’s time. She was heavily traumatized by the war and is distant and only speaks in a few words, and mostly in whispers. Despite her loner persona she agreed to join Silver’s crew for a chance to prevent the horrors of her timeline.

• She would grow to see Silver as a close friend and brother, she would fall for Gold and the two get in a relationship.

• Moby is a Cave Bear whom was frozen in ice for centuries before being thawed out in Sonic’s time. He befriended the Freedom Fighters, but joins Blaze and Silver’s crew, aiding them out in exchange for a chance to get back to his own time.

• The mentor of the team is an owl spirit called Nicolas O’Tyme, or Nick for short. He is also the Guardian of the Time Stones. This version of him has mannerism similar to Dr. Who.


• The Arctic Freedom Fighters protect the cold north. They consist of Rotor’s father Sherman Walrus, Guntiver the Wolf, Erma the Ermine, Augustus the Polar Bear, Flip the Penguin and Celia the Sealion (Celia is Sealia, but the spelling altered so it sounds less obvious).

• Sherman, aside form being a Freedom Fighter is chieftain of the Walrus Herd. A noble warrior, one of his tusks (broken off fighting Robotnik’s forces) is replaced with a mystic totem of his tribe which grants him ice breath.

• The Downunda Freedom Fighters consist of Duck ‘Bill’ Platypus, Barby Koala, Emu Guru, Walt Wallaby, Stu the Wombat and Trash the Tasmanian Devil.

• Trash has no backstory involving echidnas and he is not a hypocrite anti-hero. He is a genuine good guy and freedom fighter.

• The Freedom Fighters of Mercia consist of Rob O’The Hedge, Friar Buck, Marion Vixen, Alan Quail and Little John.

• Robert O’the hedge is still Amy’s cousin. He is also still an accomplished archer, but he is less technologically impaired and basically a Mobian Green Arrow.

• Robert’s father, unlike Robert and Amy was a cruel man whom was responsible for prosecuting Mighty and Matilda’s parents for stealing from the rich and give to the poor.

• Rob’s wife in this continuity is Marion Vixen, a fox. She is the Black Canary to Rob’s Green Arrow (though has no sonic scream).

• A version of Little John, a Mobian brown bear, is Rob’s best friend and the powerhouse of the Mercian Freedom Fighters.

• Originally, the morally corrupt Sand-Blasters consisting of Jack Rabbit, Tex the Lizard, Avery the Bear, Shift E. Wolf and Jolt the Roadrunner ran Sand Blast City. Being as bad as the worst of Grandmasters, they would be overthrown and jailed. Jack Rabbit would escape, but would die having his neck broken by Bunnie when she protected her Uncle from him, while the rest rotted in jail for a long time.

• After the Sand Blasters were overthrown, a new Freedom Fighter group took its place. They consist of Johnny Lightfoot, Tekno Canary, Ebony the black cat sorceress, Porker Lewis and Shortfuse.

• Shortfuse, in this continuity is a squirrel boy whom managed to, by accident steal a battle armor from a Robotnik compound.

• Geoffrey St. John and Hershey the Cat, alongside the Substitutes Arlo Armadillo, Penelope Platypus, Larry Lynx, Dylan the Porcupine and Hamlin Pig are the Secret Service. They are a special group of Freedom Fighters traveling the world to gather intel.

• Geoffrey is not Naugus’ apprentice, though the evil wizard kept his teammates prisoner and blackmailed him in trying to help in one of his schemes. Naugus was thwarted though and Geoffrey got reunited with his team…

• Hershey wasn’t trick in trying to kill Sally. In this continuity, she was a new recruit like the rest of her team whom came to be under Geoffrey’s leadership. She and Geoffrey would fall in love and marry.

• Arlo is closer to Mighty in terms of design.

• Hamlin would not enter politics. Neither do the other substitutes (and neither do Charles, Rosemary and Rotor). Hamlin dies during the rescue of the team from Naugus’ imprisonment, being roasted by one of Naugus’ fire spells.

• Hamlin would be replaced by his brother, the good natured but simple bro-like jock Leonard Pig. Hamlin always felt overshadowed by his brother’s achievements, though Leonard never meant to have Hamlin feel this way. Despite his attempts to mend with Hamlin prior to his death, there was always a rift.  

• The Wolf Pack are a group of wolf-only Freedom Fighters, and the ones to take in Elias and train him in this continuity. The team in this universe consists of Lupe, her husband Lobo, their natural son Marcos, adopted Overlander daughter Athena, twins Lyco and Leeta, Canus, Reynard and Diablo.

• Lyco and Leeta are still twins but have more pronounced personalities. Lyco is the calmer and more level headed twin, with Leeta more fun loving and brash. Lyco is Elias’ wife in this universe, while Leeta would fall in love and marry Larry the Lynx.

• Elias composes a special team of Freedom Fighters when Naugus had infiltrated and disguised himself as a candidate for the soon to be elected Council of Acorn. The team consists of Elias himself, a time traveling Silver (he was in the neighborhood), Lyco and Leeta, Larry (only member of the Substitutes to not be captured, as he was taking some time off to visit his parents) and Shard (before he joined the Knothole Freedom Fighters). Harvey Who is their advisor and director, while Charles Hedgehog is tech support.

• Spike the Porcupine, Trevor Burrow and Sonar the Fennec are still the Shamar Freedom Fighters but there is more to them then there is in the comics…

• Trevor Burrow has more golden fur to make him look less like a Rotor copy and more like his intended species, the Golden mole.

• Ken Khan is a more respectable character, calmer and more likable and less rape-y in his initial debut, showing more humanity, or Mobianity.

• Ken Khan leads two incarnations of the Chun-Nan freedom Fighters. The first incarnation consists of himself, Sanzo the Overlander martial artist, Kappa the Turtle and Baizen the elderly but powerful boar. This team is a reference to characters from the Journey to the West. Ken Khan is forced to kill his teammates under the control of the Iron Queen, to his horror.

• Though overcome with grief and guilt and despite initial reluctance, Ken gets to redeem himself and lead a second team of Freedom Fighters. The new members of this team are Jian the Tigress, Orchid the Mantis, Grace the Crane and Mei the Viper. This team refers to the five animal styles of Kung-Fu.

• Jian the tigress, still Ex-Legionnaire in this continuity, escaped the cherry bombs by, in a risky move, put an electrical wire to her head to fry it. She ends up as Ken’s love interest and future wife, hence Queen of Chun-Nan.

• Grace the Crane lost her fiancé to the Eggman Empire. Since as a Crane she mated for life, she has been really vengeful and is outright brutal and sadistic in dealing with Eggman/Robotnik’s forces. She tends to cross the line a few times.

• Mei is a minor Chaos Adept whom is able to expel any kind of poison, from corrosive to paralyzing to deadly. She cannot control this power and has to wear a mask when not in battle.

• Dulcy the Dragon, first serving as a Knothole Freedom Fighter for a while, would at one point arrive on Bygone Island, her natural prowess as a dragon making her a great defender. Alongside Perci the Bandicoot, Tangle the Lemur and Sticks the Badger they are the Bygone Freedom Fighters.

• Sticks is still paranoid, but it is not played for laughs, and it is a result due to trauma, from seeing her family die in front of her after one of Robotnik’s raids.

• The Oceanic Freedom Fighters consist of Phantom the Manta, Bottlenose the Dolphin, PB the Jellyfish, Clamp the Bivalve and Razor the Shark. Coral the Betta and Pearly, Phantom’s little sister, are not official members but are supportive, and allow their temple as a headquarters.

• In this new incarnation the Oceanic Freedom Fighters are anthros like most marine Mobians in the Post-Genesis reboot.

• Phantom is Ray the Manta, renamed to prevent confusion with the flying squirrel from the Chaotix.

• Bivalve is renamed Clamp the Bivalve, as ‘Bivalve’ is a species name.

• Efrika is protected by its own group of Freedom Fighters. They consist of Griffith the lion, Prince of the conquered kingdom Leonus, his fiancée Lana the lioness, powerhouse Tusk the Warthog, trickster Monty the Meerkat, scout Glide the Hornbill and their teacher and mentor, Mizaru the Baboon. It is obvious these guys are based on the Lion King characters.  
Sonic Mobius 17: Part 1
Part 1 of 2, of the essay that will be how I close the chapter in my life that is the Sonic fandom. 

I think I let the chapter speak for itself. I just hope everyone enjoys it. 

EDIT: Reece gave me a couple of good suggestions. I renamed Metahuman Overlanders 'overmetas'. Sounds cooler. Then I learned from Reece that officially, Emerl's soul was based on Maria's. Now I can't unsee it. So Emerl/Maria gets put on Team Dark and Shard on the Knothole Freedom Fighters, and ends up with Nicole instead. 

Thanks Reece, for helping me make my reboot better. 

EDIT 2: Added 'Rookie' to the substitutes.

EDIT 3: Added Tangle the Lemur to the Bygone Freedom Fighters.

EDIT 4 (August 18th): 'Rookie' is replaced by Leonard the Pig, a minor OC I invented as Hamlin's sibling long ago. I also added the new character Whisper the Wolf from the new Sonic IDW comics, replacing Fang. Also Moby the cave bear from the comics is included on Blaze and SIlver's team. Furthermore, just a bit of cleanup. 
It is a song based on this indie horror game Bendy and the Ink Machine; And since I don't like horror I'll never play the game or see a walkthrough but dang if this song isn't awesome.

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The message from the Grey Lady passed on through Peeves shed a lot of light on the situation. Both Luna and Hermione had read the note already, but the rest of them still had questions. “Well, what does it say?” Harry asked.

“Well, she has confirmed that indeed the Chamber has been opened a few times in the past thousand years. Some have resulted in students petrified or even death. But these attacks have been rare. The Heirs of Slytherin rarely acted. So either there weren’t many brave enough to attend it or they just were content guarding the Chamber instead of opening it.” Hermione noted.

“If there were attacks and deaths, why was the school not closed at any point?” Neville asked.

“Coverups. What else?” Megan noted. “Back in the time they were even less subtle about pureblood bigotry. Only when it would have affected a pureblood the ones in charge would act.”

“If they were to purge the school they weren’t really thorough, were they? Because few victims were attacked.” Luna noted. “They were either afraid of being found out too easily or whatever they are controlling needs some care and vigilance.”

“The most recent attack happened fifty years ago, and it resulted in the death of a Muggleborn. The perpetrator was seemingly caught and expelled and the attacks ended.” Hermione explained. She went over the note again and her eyes turned wide in horror as she read in more detail. “This can’t be right!”

“What is it, Hermione?” Harry asked. Hermione couldn’t speak out loud as she handed the note to Harry. Harry went over it quickly. “Hagrid? No that can’t be right. He hasn’t got a bad bone in his body. He was a Gryffindor.” He

“He had an affinity for dangerous animals so of course they immediately suspected him.” Daphne realized. “He named a Cerberus ‘Fluffy’ and says he always wanted a dragon.”

“To Hagrid’s credit, Fluffy was kept in a corridor that was forbidden to enter, and he never endangered any student, he has in fact helped us a lot.” Harry noted. “It has to be a mistake.”

“We need to research this. Maybe Hagrid was in the wrong place at the wrong time, just like we were with those other two boys.” Hermione said. “This is a chance to solve this and clear Hagrid’s name.”

“Whom do we know whom were here fifty years ago…a few teachers like McGonagall and Flitwick attended at the time, they could know. And Dumbledore was a teacher back then. We could also ask Hagrid something, but that may be painful for him.” Daphne pondered alongside Hermione.

“I’m not asking Dumbledore after the stunts he pulled but I’m all for the rest of the ideas.” Harry noted.

“There is also a ghost that is apparently the last victim attacked by whatever attacked the others. But like all other ghosts she is under a secrecy vow so I don’t know if we can get anything from her.” Hermione noted.

“We can try still.” Neville noted.

“It’s Moaning Myrtle.” Hermione added.

“Who?” Harry asked.

“A ghost girl whom haunts the girl’s bathroom on the second floor. She  got her nickname because of her excessive moaning, complaining and somber outlook. If you die that young, you should for less.” Hermione noted.

“I rather don’t talk to her because being around her makes me depressed. It may also be a sensitive subject for her too. Let’s first talk to the living, ok?” Megan noted.

“I suggest McGonagall first, she has helped us out a great deal in First Year.” Neville suggested. Everyone agreed with that.

As they went towards McGonagall’s office, they bumped into her on the way. But she was joined by two students whom were carrying what appeared to be a statue. But upon closer look, it was not a student. “That’s Colin Creevey!” Harry blurted out. The Gryffindor first year was petrified, and he had held his trademark camera in front of him even in his condition.

“I’m afraid there has indeed been another attack.” Professor McGonagall said. “Poor boy, and it was his first year…”

“Professor, we need to talk to you, about the attacks…” Hermione noted. She leaned in closer and whispered. “And about the same attack fifty years ago.” So the other students couldn’t hear them.

Minerva’s eyes widened. She nodded. “You two bring Mr. Creevey to the hospital wing, I’ll catch up in a moment, I’m bringing Professor Dumbledore with me.” She told the two students carrying Colin, whom did as told. She would bring them to her office for a talk. “How did you find out about it?”

“Someone managed to bypass the secrecy oath. Now we know. I don’t know if teachers are under the same oath, but you can’t break an oath if we already know what it is. All we need are just details. Can you tell us, Professor?” Hermione asked.

“Well…I was a young student at the time. The staff tried to assure us they had it under control but no one knew what was going on. It was a time to be afraid. And then…poor Hagrid. I never thought he did it. But his heritage and his affinity made it difficult for people to look past that.” McGonagall said.

“Heritage?” Harry asked, raising an eyebrow.

“He is half-giant. Giants don’t often get a good reputation so it was hard for Hagrid to be taken seriously.” McGonagall explained.

“Then he could not have been the Heir. If Slytherin’s family was that prejudice they would never involve themselves with non-humans, right?” Neville noted.

“They needed to be seen doing something, and as you may have realized a lot of wizards and witches don’t have much logic to them. Only Dumbledore’s interference caused Hagrid to not be sent to Azkaban. If this goes on, I don’t know if it stays that way, cause Dumbledore has lost a lot of his standing.” McGonagall continued.

“Not that he seemed to be using his influence to get Hagrid a trial after he became a member of the Wizengamot.” Harry noted. “And he could have if he really wanted. I know Hagrid still has some respect for the man, but I don’t.”

“I had asked Dumbledore many times about Hagrid too. He said he was working on it but was blocked at any turn. Though it would not be unusual if they did block him in that regard, I also take anything he says with a grain of salt nowadays.” McGonagall assured them.

“Is there anything else you can tell us, anything that may be important?” Harry asked, desperate for anything. He wanted to help Hagrid so badly.

“Hagrid had kept an Acromantula as a pet, hidden from the rest of Hogwarts. They thought it was the monster but Acromantula’s cannot petrify people. And then there was the boy whom caught him…Tom Marvolo Riddle. A favorite student of almost every teacher. He grew up in a Muggle orphanage and didn’t want to go back there, he didn’t want the school to shut down. It was his word against Hagrid’s…” McGonagall continued.

“You think there was anything malicious intent on this Tom Riddle’s part?” Luna asked.

“I don’t know. Maybe he was desperate to not get sent back to that orphanage. He was a model student though. I personally always felt he was…off. I could never put my finger on it. Several of the people he hung with would become Death Eaters. But Tom Riddle was never heard of again after school. I don’t know if he is even alive to tell the tale. Probably either betrayed and killed or in hiding from his former classmates, or something else entirely. I cannot say for sure. The only other thing I know is that he got an award for busting Hagrid and it always left a bad taste.” She said as she removed her glassed and rubbed her eyes. “That’s all I can say.”

Minerva checked the time. “I think I have said all I could. It’s something I wanted to get off my chest for ages, but I was sworn to secrecy all this time from my time as a student up until now. I advise you to be careful though because some people don’t want you to do that. But since you are loyal to Hagrid as a friend I cannot blame you if you would. I advise to remain vigilant.”

“We will professor, we will.” Harry assured her.

“Now, I have to go fetch Albus, show him the new victim and hope I can get his arse in gear to actually do something. He hasn’t done nothing in terms of getting Mandrakes elsewhere.” She muttered as she got up and left.

“Maybe we should also ask someone else about Mandrakes…” Hermione said.

“I can ask my dad if he has some business partner or contacts whom can help. But the import laws are closely monitored and I hope there may be a way around that.” Daphne suggested.

“But first…we better check out this Riddle character. I don’t know, but I have a feeling about this guy, not exactly pleasant, but I feel we need to learn more about him.” Harry suggested.

“He was involved in the mess at the time so it would make sense.” Luna noted. “If he got a special award, it should be visible in the trophy room or school records.”

“That’s where we should be going next.” Hermione checked the time. “But let’s do that tomorrow. It’s getting late.” With all that, they went to bed, though all had trouble sleeping.

The next day they were surprised to learn there was a Duelling club being started off. They thought it should be interesting, since people can learn a lot about Defense from it. They decided to check it out since it may be useful. They wondered whom would be teaching it. “I think it may be Professor Flitwick; he was a dueling champ in his youth. It would make sense.” Hermione said.

“As long as it’s not…” Harry said as he saw whom stepped forward. “Goddamnit!” It was Lockhart.

“Can anyone see me? Can anyone hear me? Good. Now, Professor Dumbledore was so friendly to allow me to run a Duelling club. Very useful in this time of need. And whom better to learn from then me? Professor Snape is so friendly to assist me, having told me he knows a bit about dueling. No worries, you’ll still have your Potions professor after this.” Lockhart rambled.

“It would be great if they destroyed each other but let’s be fair, Lockhart’s going to lose badly.” Megan pointed out.

“No doubt!” the rest of the group replied in unison.

They were right in that it was a short fight. Despite Snape’s mostly apathic attitude nowadays, he had his trademark scowl when going up against Lockhart. Even he didn’t like him. And he ended it with a single Expelliarmus. The heroes noted they should remember that spell. After Lockhart was sent spinning through the air and flung on his arse he got up. “That was a good use of the Expelliarmus spell. I could have blocked it but I thought it would be more of a teaching experience if I allowed them to see what the spell does.”

“Yeah, and my Uncle is running in the Olympics.” Harry muttered softly and sarcastically.

“Maybe the students should learn to block enemy spells first?” Snape suggested.

“Good idea. We’ll need some volunteers. Potter, you can come up first. I’m going to show you how to do a good shielding charm. Now as for an opponent…” Lockhart ranted.

“ME!” Draco Malfoy said as he stepped in the dueling ring. Of course the blonde little git couldn’t resist making a fool of himself. Harry was convinced Malfoy proved the fact that most Pureblood were moronic due to inbreeding. The fact he fails to learn from his mistakes would make sense in that regard.

Harry could have refused to duel Malfoy. But on the other hand, he could use a good laugh. “Fine by me.”

“I’m going to wipe that smile of your face, Potter.” Malfoy sneered.

“You got your arse kicked by me and my friends every time we have a confrontation.” Harry pointed out.

“I never lost!” Malfoy denied.


“I’m not listening!” Draco said, putting his fingers in his ears. Harry sighed. It was like fighting against a child. Harry wondered if Malfoy had hit his head during that fall at Quidditch. On the other hand, it would have not made any difference.

Lockhart had tried showing some fancy moves in his wand in a way of how to cast a Shield Charm but he dropped his wand and then scurried off. Harry knows that he shouldn’t do what Malfoy does. He and Malfoy raised their wands, turned their backs towards each other, took a few steps as Lockhart took the word. “At the count of three you cast spells, but are only allowed to disarm. One, two…”

“Everte Statum!” Draco fired a spell.

But Harry had expected it and just leaned his head to the side, and the spell whizzed by harmlessly. Harry then shouted: “Expelliarmus!” and knocked Malfoy out of the fight, making him drop the wand. “Whoa, this is a good spell. I should thank Snape for teaching it to me…come to think of it that is the first time he properly thought anything.” Harry thought.

Malfoy had lost but he picked up his wand again and shouted: “Best two out of three.”

“I just defeated you with one spell. Even when you cheated. Or you can’t count, wouldn’t put any of those beside you.” Harry mocked.

Malfoy turned pink in rage as he raised his wand as he suddenly got an idea. He pretended to try and charge up a spell meant for Harry, whom prepared to dodge, but at the last second aimed at Hermione. “Densaugeo.” Harry knew Malfoy was about dirty tricks but hadn’t expected to fire in the audience. The blast hit Hermione in the face, and her front teeth began rapidly going. “Don’t know about you, but I don’t see the difference!” Draco taunted maliciously.

Harry became enraged and fired a volley of spells at Malfoy he could not avoid with the speed they were cast. “Rictusempra, Diffindo, Flipendo!” Stunned by the ticking charms, his pants shredded by the Severing Charm exposing his underwear and a Flipendo knocked him on the back.

Malfoy was being laughed at and it drove him mad. He could not deal with Potter’s spellwork, so Malfoy had to summon a little friend to help him. “Serpensortia.” And a snake popped out of his wand.

“They don’t teach that spell at Hogwarts, where did he learn that?” Neville noted.

“Probably from his dear old dad.” Daphne said in disgust, trying to comfort Hermione as her front teeth had grown up to her chin.

Snape had stepped in to try and remove the snake, but Lockhart had used a spell first, and it had shot the snake in the air, before the snake came down hard. And it now looked ticked off as hell. The snake looked for someone to take out his aggression on and eyed Harry’s friends. “Leave them alone!” Harry shouted. But it while he meant to say those words, out of his mouth came something else. The sound of hissing. The snake, to his surprise backed down and curled up.

“Vipera Evanesca.” Snape said lazily and the snake vanished.

Everyone, aside from his friends (whom looked worried), looked fearfully at him. Harry didn’t know why they looked like that. His friends sensed his confusion and took him away from the prying eyes, while in the mean time bringing Hermione to the hospital wing. “Harry…you’re a Parseltongue.” Megan said, blunt as usual.

“I’m a what?” Harry asked.

“You can talk to snakes.” Daphne explained.

“I know, I talked to a snake in the zoo once, it told me it wanted to go to Brazil.” Harry noted. “But I still don’t get it, you saw me tell the snake to leave you alone.”

“We heard only hissing Harry. We knew you told it to back off since it did once you spoke to him, but to us it sounded like hissing.” Luna explained.

“How can I talk a language without knowing it. And why is everyone so afraid of me now?” Harry asked.

“Harry, Parseltongue was the special gift of Salazar Slytherin, that’s why his house crest included a snake. Now they will think you are the Heir of Slytherin.” Neville spelled it out.

“But I’m not. I haven’t attacked anyone.” Harry assured them.

“We know that, and you know that, but people will draw their own conclusion. With the current situation and people afraid…” Daphne said. It broke her heart a bit telling Harry. Because she knew wizarding prejudice will kick in again.

“But…It’s not fair. I never knew…and I would never…” Harry said, as he was close to breaking down. Hermione, whom couldn’t speak due to her enlarged front teeth instead took his hand. Her touch was comforting. Her eyes said all.

“NO matter what Harry, we stand by you and we will not abandon you.” Neville said, putting his hand on Harry’s shoulder. “We’re brothers, remember?”

“And you got yourself some sisters watching your back too.” Luna added.

“And no one talks smack when we’re around. They’ll rue the day. Starting with Draco for letting his idiocy ruin things for you again.” Megan added.

“We’re in this together; We’ll find the real Heir, stop him and clear your and Hagrid’s name. We will not back down.” Daphne added.

“Thanks guys…” Harry said, a bit relieved. “But I’m afraid things get worse before they get better.”

“But they will get better, eventually.” Luna assured him.

Harry hoped they were right. He was not looking forward to seeing eye to eye with his other classmates. But for now he would focus on bringing Hermione to Madam Pomfrey, and then he would figure out what to do next.

Only two people were glad. The Heir grabbed the book more tightly as a grin formed on its face. While it was pathetic people would suspect Harry, at the same time the Boy-Who-Lived would be miserable and that was just fine.

As for Albus Dumbledore, he was waiting for something to happen and it did. He hoped to turn his whole Chamber of Secrets to his advantage. He knew he could before but the new revelation of Harry’s Parseltongue abilities would make things so much easier. His plans for the Greater Good was back on track and that made him happy. He felt like celebrating with a lemon drop or two…

Harry Potter Pillars of Strength Book 2 CH9
Well, it couldn't be avoided. Things get worse before they get better.

The heroes are better at doing research, but they couldn't hide the Parseltongue. YOu may ask why Harry still has Parseltongue even if he no longer has a Horcrux in his head, I will explain that in a future chapter; so don't ask. 

Next time, a bit of a fallout from the duelling club. 
It is a song based on this indie horror game Bendy and the Ink Machine; And since I don't like horror I'll never play the game or see a walkthrough but dang if this song isn't awesome.

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