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  • Listening to: Doesn't Remind Me - Audioslave
  • Reading: my lovely giant-ass mythology book
  • Playing: Twilight Princess (again)
My LORD, it feels like I've been gone from DA for forever! But really, I don't even think it's been a year... Anyway, one or two of you might know me from my old account, considering the only difference is a dash between Kiva and Shirogane. Considering how cluttered the old account was, when I decided I wanted an account to comment with, I just started a new one. Not that.... there's anyone here to be listening to this. o.o; I guess this is just in case anyone wonders, considering I doubt I'm gonna be getting anyone paying attention to me. XD I'll be uploading art here as I go, and it'll range in quality from OH MY GOD FAIL to not too bad, mostly because I haven't uploaded in like a year and wanna get some of the darned stuff up, old and new. While I CAN splurt out fairly not-too-bad images if I sit down and work my ass off for a while, I really enjoy doing crapass, god-awful sketches that no one understands but me. Teehee? I'll try to stick all of those in scraps, though, but hey, if you want a laugh, at least ONE of them is bound to make you giggle.

But Kiva, what else do you do?
Other than art, I'm writing a book that's actually gonna get PUBLISHED (oh ma gaw). If anyone expresses interest in reading it, I might upload some teasers or something. And if anyone wants to know about it, drop me a note and I'll talk your damned ears off. XD

Who ARE you?
Oh, what, me? Oh, I'm a college-bound student, ready to get ass raped by the world, eeeeer, that is.... face the world! I'm sixteen, graduating early, and moving out, every teenager's dream. I love those little tag-journals, and I miss doing them something awful. I like everything except people (especially children), spiders, and needles. If you approach me thinking I'm an asshole, you won't be disappointed, at least. My major is Marine Biology, and I am a fishy nerd, which is smellier, damper, and generally weirder than any other kind of nerd. I enjoy petting sharks and swimming with crocodiles, but I'll swim away from jellyfish. I play tuba, and love it. I collect statues, and I STILL want a pony.

This is Kiva, and I'm even more insane than you think I am. ^o^ Toodles!