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What have they done to you?
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Published: May 15, 2008
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Oh Sky Blue Red, what have we done to you! You were a content (dead) little fish, and then... WE REINCARNATED YOU AS A PERSON! D=> What have we done? This is all your fault, Doodle.

Yeah, Doodle commented I should turn my fish into a person completely out of the blue, and... well... I... did. So it's my fault, I think. XD

Okay, this literally has a shitload of layers... like... 20 or 30, I don't wanna count. I've never used more than like five before, either... But it worked, I think. Since I don't have a tablet, I just winged it and played around with the settings to do texturizing that I just couldn't with a dinky laptop touch pad.

I would like to formally apologize to AmedRain1 [link] for doing this to her beautiful lineart. XD; But it was a lot quicker than trying to crap something decent out myself then clean it and THEN attempt to color it in photoshop... all without a tablet? x.x

This is probably one of the more 'out there' human characters I've EVER made. o-o; Why is his hair like that, you ask? Well, Sky Blue Red the fish was a Betta, and he was a very beautiful mix of blue and red that I couldn't find a referance for. XD So I just winged it.

Umm, I kinda got lazy at the end (this took me like 6 hours, for the love of god...) Which is why his pants look like that. x.x I was experimenting. I think I like his shirt better. And I must say, I manged to get the weird textures I wanted for his hair and... scaley... colored... patchy things. And his gem looks funky. I likes it.

Now give me critiques! DO IT NOW.

Lineart by AmedRain1 [link]
Sky Blue Red and colors are MINE! Miiiine. *hiss*
Everytime you steal a design, /I/ kill a kitten. >D
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DoodlebotbopHobbyist General Artist
Nuuuu! Not the kittens!

He's a smexy former-fish man. :3 I like the touched fo the patterned scales on his fingers.
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Thankies! 8D Fear his fishiness. ...I want to use him somewhere now. XD I blame you, giving me ANOTHER character to play with.
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DoodlebotbopHobbyist General Artist
:3 Blame me all you like, he looks AWESOME
KivaShirogane's avatar
Well if you accept blame, then, you shouldn't mind when I make you roleplay with him. >8D
Doodlebotbop's avatar
DoodlebotbopHobbyist General Artist
Cool! :D
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