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I've got a thousand pieces of art lying around, so I'm gonna work on uploading them... sllooooowwwlly.


And THIS fine lineart was done by Lapis-chan, and can be seen over here [link] . Get used to it, because I went through a rather LARGE lineart-coloring stage, even after my tablet went kablooie.

Now, this image looks like CRAP, and I'm not sure why... my computer mangled it when I wasn't looking, I think. So now it looks like a three year old got loose with some crayons. SIGH. But you can still see most of the shading, so I'm putting it up anyway.

In case you hadn't figured it out by now, the book I'm writing (working name, Once Bitten, which probably will NOT be the final name... I think it's too cheesy. x.o) contains just a taaaad of homosexuality (read: several of the main characters are gay, get over it). I treat these relationship the same as all the others, so it's not really "yaoi" or anything like that. I'd call it 'realistic', because unlike in most mainstream books, not ALL the characters are straight, and unlike in most 'homosexual webcomics' and what not, not ALL the characters are gay. It's a happy medium, end rant.

Unlike Kyu, the purple haired cutie on top here, I'm VERY bad at coordinating outfits, so a lot of my colors sometimes look like they were chosen out by a blind man, which is no good for someone who's only good at coloring. I'm working on it, so while I would LOVE some tips and pointers, fasion gurus, please don't eat me alive.

Like I was saying, Kyu is the lovely purple-haired lad on top. The reason he has purple hair and maroon eyes is a very good one, I swear. Mostly because about halfway through the story, I opted to explain it rather than leaving my readers with that bitter 'it just is' taste in their mouth. I found that most people didn't actually care though. XD Oh well. As for the oh-so-happy fellow on bottom, that's Triston, the most perverted man I've ever written for in my life. To give you an idea, the original concept written by my dear friend Ne went something like this:
Likes: Sex, flirting, teasing, rum, foreplay, sex, guys, playing around, rum, nighttime, fall, sex, rum, sex.
Pretty straightforward? Yeah, here are his DISLIKES: being alone, no sex, being sober.
Yeah, he's pretty easy to understand, for the most part. Of course, he's not REALLY that shallow, he'd just be much happier if he was.
BLAIREATSPPL Featured By Owner Nov 10, 2008
aw it so cute <3
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May 5, 2008
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