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Blas Teoxihuitl by KivaShirogane Blas Teoxihuitl by KivaShirogane
I originally had this wonderful lineart, courtesy of AmedRain1 [link] set aside for Sorin from my book... x.x But I wound up breaking and using it early for (another) randomly created character named Blas Teoxihuitl. (I don't REALLY have an Aztec obsession... I SWEAR. << >>;)

I was invited to a new board by a friend, and while the RP level is decidedly under what I'm used to, it's small and the people are friendly. So I'm more or less going to use it to play all those stupid stereotypes that we all love (DON'T LIE YOU HAVE ONE TOO) and get them out of my system so I can concentrate on being serious for my other work. XD;

This is Blas, foreign exchange student from Mexico who fits absolutely none of the known stereotypes. Maybe that's because he went to Britain and not America, or maybe it's because ALL AMERICANS ARE ASSHOLES. XD Who knows? Either way, he's totally possessed. I've always had a fondness for possessed characters, but it's covered in Mary Sueism 101, so I've avoided it since the first time. (See Kari and Shige, about three years ago. XD)

However, he's possessed by a totally nice guy. More nice than he is in fact, which is why they don't get along.
"Nooo, Blas, don't use your powers to kill that small kitten!"
"SHUT UP! *wasn't planning on killing the kitten but does it just to spite the guy*"
You get the idea.

I'm glad this is fantasy/scifi setting or else I'd NEVER explain why there's a seventeen year old Mexican with white hair. But possession TOTALLY makes you look weird, right? Right? Right. Agree and go about your business.

Lineart is by AmedRain1, GO WORSHIP THE AWESOMENESS NOW. [link]
Blas Teoxihuitl the character and this coloring is MINE. Whenever you steal, I kill not just any kitten, but every single kitten that is destined to be the only happiness in the life of an old lady who lives alone. THINK OF THE KITTENS AND THE OLD LADIES!
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May 19, 2008
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