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A Simple Lucina by KivaShirogane A Simple Lucina by KivaShirogane
I've got a thousand pieces of art lying around, so I'm gonna work on uploading them... sllooooowwwlly.


Aaaand we're back to colored lineart! I want to get this stuff up and out of the way. x.o Once again, this is Lucina. There are more people than this in the book, I promise, I just don't think I EVER got around to drawing more of the werewolves then just Lucina and Sistine... poor Sorin! He's the bloody Alpha, and he just gets no love. XD

I'm sure you'll recognize this lineart, and it's from the same source, Kookichan over here. [link] Once again, I throw endless praise at Kookichan, who holds sacred the ancient kindergarten pact of "sharing".

I would like to add that I cannot think straight because my entire house now reeks of sesame oil, a nauseating smell than I cannot abide by, thanks to the carelessness of my mother, who doesn't seem to mind that I puke every time she bloody cooks with it. End short rant.

Anyway, you know Luce here from her picture with Sistine, and this gives you a better idea at how she likes to cover herself... or NOT cover herself might be a better term. She's got a pretty attractive body, if you like that sort of thing. (Girls EW.) But she's extremely pale, with white hair and yellow eyes, so needless to say, she doesn't get much positive attention. XD Poor thing.

Lucina is MINE.
Lineart is Kookichan's. [link]
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May 10, 2008
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