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Hello DA

it's been.....over a year since i've used you.
and as usual you have changed (visually) againnnnn xD

i just went through my gallery for absolutely no reason.
how nostalgic =u=

maybe i'll start using my DA again.

though i have to admit i haven't been scribbling/sketching as much as i used to. or at least not in my sketchbook oho. drawings are on....many scattered pieces of paper xD;;;;


back to work fufufufu
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DA has changed while I was gone.

btw, paper children are fun to make when you're procrastinating

shit, I still have so much work to do *cries*

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I don't know why I felt like writing here

I don't even know what to write

m(__ __)m

(´┏_┓` )oO[知らない 知らないだよ。]
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So...yep, been it for a while

summer school starts next week.
Ah, my mom keeps bothering me about a job so I just passed around some resume's after volunteering this week. (so lazy)

2,250 kiriban (chibi of anything - plz note/screencap me)
^mostly out of boredom har~

*goes back to playing Crisis Core*
(not having Phoenix Downs suck D: )
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I was in Japan for 2 weeks!

best time of my life =3=
I'm so poor from that and Anime North aha, even though I didn't do much at AN har~ oh wells.


I miss being in Japan and all the Japanese students and the excessive cuteness everywhere T.T

3 years
grad trip ne~~

oh and Happy 27th Birthday Reita!!! *super glomp*
ha, I swear the only things I've been uploading ever so "recently" are birthday gifts aha~ I phail.
o.k. so I owe for not posting in this journal for almost a year ne.

HANNARI TOFU, it's so cute ne~ (and omg I changed my featured art aha~ *is shot*)

jetlag sucks.
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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

have a happy holidays people's :3
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wow...I come back and find mass deletion of my stuff here. not that I care that much because I hardly come here, but all the ones DA deleted were pretty much all my wallpapers.(all my DAID's are gone too). Apparently it is a "copyright violation" or I don't know really know the details >> Despite my not caring much, I do question as to why they were deleted, I credit stuff and I don't outright take an image alone, stick on a flat colour background and call it a wallpaper or a DAID, nor do I take random pictures I like from the internet, stick them in my gallery and say "hey! look what I made!". Plus more than half of those were submitted a year ago (so why now if they've been there for ages?).
I could blab more on the why I see nothing outrageously wrong with what was deleted. (do I not follow the Berne Convention of Fair Use?)
-I did submit an inquiry about this though so I hope to get a reply-
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the last time i actually blog was the end of the last school year xD
oh wells.
eh...yes I shouldn't be procrastinating.
really learned that this past week. finished 2 projects in one night. of the projects was done already just had to mount it. got 4 hours of sleep that night (studio courses all at Sheridan meaning most projects are due on the same day ~A~). only managed to function for the whole day thanks to yummy milk tea (ha~ caffine...)

never procrastinate in university children, at least not when you're in art x_x;;; (glad i don't have exams though)
o.k. i'm not really procrastinating right now, i did finish my work this time. cept one, waiting for response from my TA. coding frames sucks Dx frames suck, why must we use them for our assignment? (stupid frames D< )
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zomg, I'm totally procrastinating right now xD

ha...yeah..I suck for not updating very much but mehhh..I ish lazy (and I have nothing decent to your show you people anyway x3)

DA shoutout to LilyKnotwise:iconlilyknotwise: (Leahhhh*le glomp*) it was her birthday this past weekend. (And she happily spent it at AN yayyy)
[btw Leah - go to my blog later for AN pics and your birthday videos from Sunday x3]

and that's all I have to say children x3
oh, forgot to mention that the *cough*crap*cough* thing I uploaded is also the base for my domain layout ('s all spring-y-like even though it's not spring anymore xD ha, shut up I don't care <--I managed to code the site validly in CSS and xhtml too - oh the pain, there's actually still 1 error in the xhtml, but that's from the haloscan code and I can't fix it =.=;; )

:iconlilyknotwise: :iconanimenorthclub: :iconsushi-sama16: :iconkeyeternal:(<-hey AP member yayyy *huggles*)
heh...sometimes i wonder why i have a Deviantart account (besides sticking my random stuff in it xD) anyhoo...

uploaded a 2 wallpapers i did recently (from procrastination time xD) i actually did 3 this week, but the 2nd one was ugly so i didn't bother to upload it (it's too much of a pain to upload 3 walls x3) if you want to see it you can find it here:
the rejected/ugly wallpaper Dx

and....i should stop sleeping late xD (video games and doing random graphics at 2am is definitely not good for me x333)

no gallery update, but this is just funny xD

Kiuuri's Gallery Stats Summary
kiuuri has 716 pageviews total and her 88 deviations were viewed 6,345 times. She watches 6 people, while 17 people watch her.

Overall, her deviations received 90 comments and were added to deviants' favourites 216 times, while she commented 44 times, making about 0.09 comments per day since she joined DA. This means that she received 20 comments for every 10 that she gave.

Her deviation with the most comments is Sakura Service with 10 comments, receiving an average of 0.71 per day in the first 2 weeks, and it is also her most favourited, with 35 favourites, averaging 2.5 per day in the first 2 weeks. Her most viewed deviation is Angelic Night with 961 views.

24 favourites were given for every 10 comments.

Every 5.4 days she uploads a new deviation, and it's usually on a Wednesday, with 44 (50%) of her deviations.

Her busiest month was September 2005 with 44 (50%) of her deviations.

The majority of her deviations are uploaded to the Manga/Anime gallery (27), while her favourite category was Drawings > Fanart with 39 deviations.

Comments per deviation: 1.02
Favourites per deviation: 2.45
Views per deviation: 72.1
Comments per day: 0.18
Favourites per day: 0.45
Views per day: 13.24
Pageviews per day: 1.49

now the only really false statement is about me uploading every 5.4 days on a Wednesday xD
but yesh...that's an interesting DA feature that i never noticed out of laziness xp lol
it's an update *shock*
and it's not including wallpaper *shock* o.k. one was a wallpaper but... yeah whatever liar, fwa

just uploaded drawings from my sketchbook *cough* the one that's technically for my portfolio hahaha...meaning I might end up ripping the anime pages out xD

oh wells, they'll go on my portfolio site (*cough* really though, it's so empty because of my laziness xD all i have is a few webwork and photo junk bleh)

wow. honestly i never thought i'd have to deal with stuff like this (with my graphic skill being crap and all) but this is kinda a slight rant
PinkPrincessLacus ripped my wall, ne ne:


-first and foremost, hers was submitted a little over a month ago, while mine was done at least 2 months ago(on Animepaper)
-is it just coincidence that she did the exact same editing in the exact same spots as me? (the hair vector spot, the bow around Lacus' waist is blurred in my attempt to fix the bad quality of the original scan)
-is it also just coincidence that Lacus is positioned exactly the same as mine is and when overlapped is also the same?:
teh comparison-->…
-the concept you can say is ripped from mine too (and i spent a good couple of days to think of the theme that would work for Ayu's contest -thankies to Ayu for the prize btw^^ *chuu*-)
yep, other than that, i will have new art up sooooonnn...(when i finish colouring fwahahaha >D)
sorry for the rantage, anyhoo though i did just report her to MT(damn my bad searching skills, i would've gotten this issue over with sooner i didn't *blah blah blah* x3)
Yay a new featured art from my gallery xD
(yes, i still heart KH/KH2 xDDDD)
the artpiece, is actually for another fanart contest (again xD yes...i will fail..again xD)

Other stuff is mostly old wallpapers that i did a month and beyond ago xD (yes...I should upload my sketchbook stuff shouldn't i? x3 teh laziness of me xp)

enjoyith x3
hahaha...aren't I just incredibly active? xD
hoho hahaha. I suck oh well

puu...some new stuff...I really lazy right now I probably won't bother to upload the other art from my sketchbook...but it'll get here.... eventually (nyaaa x3)

enjoyith my ugly line art
i just noticed I haven't added anything in 2 months actually do have a little more to add (I'll do it later after homework), but anyhoo enjoy what I have for now, when I get time (later) I'll put up some of my recent drawings from my sketchbook :p
a little late, but Happy Valentines day anyway^^
uploaded some of my recent arts and a few scraps into the Scraps section. my Valentines Day artpiece is up too :3
and here's an extra little cg blend just for fun^^ (Happy V-day^^):…
hahaha...haven't updated in ages^^;;;

anyway, just updated with the latest wallpaper i did from a couple of weeks ago. made myself a new avi and deviantID too lol.

enjoy nya!

i'll probably be back soon with my Valentines Day art ;3
lol, yep, i'm still here, and it's been a while since i submitted something new lol.

well...i've put up the new wallpapers that i've been doing in the past few weeks/months/days xD

*note to self, must make a new avi and id-card xD*

and although this is late, i hope everyone had a great new year^^

enjoy the new stuff :P
yep, this one is my current entry for a Blend Challenge on a graphics forum I go on hehe, enjoy!

and new favourites too (isn't the wallpaper smexy? x333 *hearts Itbit*)
Will, probably change my avatar and profile id card soon(because it's starting to bore me xD)
new wallpapers to come soon as well (because I found awsome scans for Gundam Seed and Seed Destiny and oiii, they are wallpaperable x3333)