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X -Instrumental Voicebank Download-



Download to the right as well as:

*Please note that this is his instrumental voicebank
*Keep in mind you will have to use flags and he sounds like chimes

Personal Info
Name: X
Age: Unknown
Birthday: February 23
Type: Instrumental
Height: 1.8 meters
Weight: Unknown
Character Item: Mallet
Part of the band: take me home
Members: MISS, X, BYEOL

Do not claim this UTAULOID as your own.
Do not impersonate the creator.
Do not use this UTAULOID for anything illegal or offensive.
I will not hold responsibility if incidents occur.

Voicebank & Songs

You do not need permission to use the voicebanks.
Please put the name of the UTAULOID if they are used in any of your works.
Do not use this UTAULOID for commercial purposes unless you have permission from the creator.
Do not redistrubute the voicebanks unless given permission.
You may not edit the voicebanks with permission.
Please do not use this voicebank for political subject matter.
You may not create Pitchloids.
You may use art from the creator for images for songs if needed (they would gladly draw one for you)


You must ask for permission before roleplaying as the character.

Fanfiction/Games/Manga/Comics/Fan Art

You may use the character without permission from the creator (But they would like to know if you do so).

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