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This was a writing exercise I was invited to participate in. Four people wrote a story based on the same image prompt ("Shadows by Sharyn Yee" - As Sharyn Yee is the wife of the originator of this little project, the image *is* used with permission) ;)

Please go check out and read the three other submissions:…

Our guidelines were as follows:
Genre? Any.
Words? Let's say under 1k. Going a tiny bit over is permissible.
Rating? Also any.

This piece comes in at 587 words, so it nearly half of the max word count - which I think is a no-no for these types of exercises (I think you're supposed to get close to the max word count) - but this is as long as the story wanted to be. I like the notion of a woman seducing a man in a way that makes him think he's the one doing the seduction!
I will admit that erotica is not my default genre, but it's fun to write occasionally ;)
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I agree with AmyBeth - that was smoking!  I love the flow of the words, building the images.  Well done!