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i swear
Crouched behind the sun
Time to see what I have done
Washing over me like a wave
Forcing me to try and save
My sandcastle, under the sea
Who is my lover, and the key
To happiness in eternality
Perhaps the snow is just
The barrier before my lust
If they love me they'll let me go
Push my way into the snow
Kiss him gently, one more time
Why must love be such a crime?
He is my light, my guiding flame
So why does society need to shame
The reason why I even came?
I just want to fall asleep at night
Close to him, my shining light
Warm with plenty of time to go
Safe from every flake of snow
I'll take it slow.
:iconkitzy2011:Kitzy2011 1 0
kiss me slowly
god, i love you,
and him.
please remind me
sometimes, that
you love me.
i can feel it
inside of me
don't be afraid
i know its your first
just do it again
kiss me slowly
both of you,
hold me
just understand
:iconkitzy2011:Kitzy2011 4 7
within these lenses
   everything is beautiful
      except for myself.
:iconkitzy2011:Kitzy2011 3 2
i'm not okay (i promise)
save me,
before i drown
in starlight.
i'm so in love,
with you,
my god.
i'm so alone
i just need someone,
right now,
in these city lights..
i walk alone
reaching you..
it's impossible,
every time,
is unreachable.
trust me,
right now,
there's no one else--
as i fall
into you,
the old world
i loved
falls apart.
there are times now
when i am so..
i need you
and my old world
:iconkitzy2011:Kitzy2011 1 2
bound together by love,
three words..
the summery night
a shining light bestows upon me,
in the dark and sullen night..
what can we do,
but give into the light,
when darkness is shining within?
[it is the]
of trust
in the solemnly fading daylight,
all that she
to the one
that brings her
i see you there,
and your silence
is deafening.
but i hope,
deep inside,
that the guiding light is you..
i realize once again,
no matter how i feel for you,
ill never understand.
below the golden tree
i stand solemn
and as we traverse this endless plain
i am a dying soul
floating endlessly through
in its inky depths
consciousness will soon fade
and i am free
more free than i'll ever be
we could watch
this forgotten sunset..
i do not fear oblivion.
the stars are alone
in the oceanic sky.
i know that i am alive,
stars will not shine
so vibrantly
without you,
i will fade away.
maybe someday,
bittersweet calamity
:iconkitzy2011:Kitzy2011 2 0
tread slowly in the light of dawn
she dances,
between the twisted flames;
dreams sparking on her fingertips.
every life,
she touches, glows;
melting the ice that froze her heart.
she held his hand
sweaty fingers intertwined
with nowhere else she'd rather be
he held her,
in his arms, and almost
almost kissed her that night
:iconkitzy2011:Kitzy2011 15 19
scalding silence
and she looked,
upon the sky,
slowly seeing stars for the first time.
why is it so hard to write poetry?
for her to reach up and touch the light
maybe it's because she's never done it before.
instead she sings,
lost in glasses full of gravity,
heart bleeding out onto the table;
she burnt her fingertips on the stars,
for she fell in love with them;
and every time she loves,
she falls,
droplets of blood,
staining the pages.
:iconkitzy2011:Kitzy2011 2 5
six words
i'm just a heartbroken little girl
:iconkitzy2011:Kitzy2011 1 9
eyes wide open
someday ill open my eyes again
to the golden sun of a summer's morning
and remember.
someday ill open my heart again
to the heat of passionate singing
but not miss you.
no, i'll have forgotten all about you
all about the beautiful pain we called love
and call myself a masochist.
i'll think about when i forced myself
to think all about you just to feel the pain
of missing you.
when soft light shines in my grey eyes
that are fully open for the first time in ages
i'll write a poem
i'll bleed my heart onto the pages
galaxy ink of my soul remembering all of this
for sentimentality.
not for masochism anymore
no, that will be when i travel and say
"i remember"
and smile.
:iconkitzy2011:Kitzy2011 1 5
winter nostalgia and lost time
it's almost winter.
it's been almost a year.
why am i so unable to forget
two months
only two months of you
keeping me warm
nothing more than two months
shivering in your arms
warming your chilled heart
i think you've moved on
i think i miss you.
i shouldn't, though.
our friendship has frozen over
arguing breaks my heart
you really don't care, i know
that doesn't stop me
all the times i cherished are lost
between layers of smooth snow.
i tried to help you move on.
i think it worked.
you never looked back though
when i set you on your way
and though you act as if
you're never wrong
i say to you now that by doing that
you were.
if only i had known what i truly had,
instead of missing lost time now
i could have saved myself from darkness
and dwelling on that which is lost.
:iconkitzy2011:Kitzy2011 2 7
CoftheH Short Story Request: MRS711
    "O'Connel!" Called Captain James Cook. "Take this message down to the rest of me crew!"
James O'Connel nodded, and scrambled away, wanting to please the Captain. James was working as a cabin boy, on the ship of James Cook. They were on a long voyage to Hawaii. He knew someday that he would have his own crew, and would sail across the seven seas with his own glorious ship. Until then, he was stuck racing back and forth across this ship, delivering messages and such for the rest of Cook's crew.
    Ocean waves struck the ship in a beautiful cacophony of salty water and blue skies. As James delivered the message, the ship tilted a bit to the side, changing course.
"Land ho!" Cook cried. James grinned and dashed carelessly back to the Captain. Indeed, a green smudge of land could be seen ahead. A tall, mountain like formation stuck out from the center.
"Is that a mountain?" Young O'Connel asked.
"Nay, lad, that be a volcano." Cook replied. O'Connel grinned, for he had never travelled t
:iconkitzy2011:Kitzy2011 0 4
who was it
that said time heals wounds?
for they were
the worst of liars;
my heart bleeds
at the very thought of those moments
maybe it always will
for it's too shattered
to repair it's own  s  e  r  r  a  t  e  d  scars
for i might as well
be doomed to dwell in darkness
for the light within me
fades with every desperate breath
and turmoilous dream of you
my mind refuses to let go
no matter how much time has passed
its just part of me
to dwell on that which will soon
i delude the tides of s
:iconkitzy2011:Kitzy2011 2 0
I stuck around for you.
I took care of you
protected you
treated you as my own
and you stabbed me in the back
my friendships crumble between my fingers
falling away like sand
they're all upset with me
and im not sure what i've done
you know i love you yet you do this to me
I never have taken well to being left
it's a mistake to care about people
they'll just tear you down after they know
that you trust them enough to love.
please dont leave me
i cared enough to care about you
i cant believe you could hate me so.
:iconkitzy2011:Kitzy2011 4 13
so long until good night
since we parted
beneath the glare of icy stars
times i've missed you
hoping that you miss me
to find a love
as passionate as ours..
we were purity
and we were true sorrow
nothing as beautiful
as the love we felt could last
break me down before i fall
i miss you more than you miss me
i know you have found
love anew
but i am lost in shadows
what is it
that defines me so
and prevents me
from moving on.
:iconkitzy2011:Kitzy2011 1 0
i am sorry, return to me now
dont leave me in the shadows
my crestfallen heart has spoken
pleas to keep you close
to keep you within my reach
dont break me down
i had such high hopes
my friend,
dont leave me in the darkness.
my sour heart has been broken
too many times before
and losing friendship such as yours
might just send it over the edge.
:iconkitzy2011:Kitzy2011 1 8
optimistic illnesses
is like a disease
for a pessimist
such as myself
optimism brought light
until darkness befell
expecting the best
will get you killed.
:iconkitzy2011:Kitzy2011 0 19
My newest deviations.

Random Favourites

the end. by ocean-whispers the end. :iconocean-whispers:ocean-whispers 24 11
Milky Way
my body is a road map
of hazard signs
& do-not-touch-me's.
but on the days
when the mirror
is nice to me,
i can hear
whispering voices
like little racing
beneath my skin:
you are not worthless.
you are strong.
your ribcage has a meaning-
these bruises are
con            ons,
   ste     ti       & you are the Milky Way.
:icondearpoetry:DearPoetry 387 85
don’t make me
fall in love with you,
I don’t want to remember you,
those Sunday morning
wake-me-up kisses,
or the way your
lost boy eyes always,
always found a way
to find mine.
There are only so many times
I can allow you to slice
through my scar tissue
before I finally
ap art.
:icondearpoetry:DearPoetry 673 132
Loneliness by DearPoetry Loneliness :icondearpoetry:DearPoetry 163 49
No more than this
You are nothing
to me -
everything -
a sweet, sweet
of words
and smiles
which I
like my
life's blood,
down into
the secret
of heart
and soul...
So when
I die,
I will
the bitterness
and the
all at once
as the light
and the music
and one last
sigh -
hear it,
feel it...
as I am
no more
than this...
Not any more
than this...
:icongudrun355:GUDRUN355 40 0
Your Poetry Sucks
Yes, roses are red
And violets are blue
But you have to understand
Who said they had to,
Its about imagination
Emotion and orignality
Not the reiteration
Of dead men's practicality
These words,
They are your sentence
To a world that has to listen
As you create the difference
Whether it be
With angst poem against love
Or how you set your heart free
To fly like a dove,
For these words
Whether or not they be true
Their beauty and ideals
Will be used to define you,
So yes,
Hope ,in fact, has feathers
And like a caged bird it sings
But these words will only be tethers
That strip you of your wings,
Those are their words
Meant for their time
And meant for their herds,
But this your time
Meant for your words
And whether they  be meaningful, stupid
Or completely absurd
I'm sure they'll be amazing.
:iconcrumbledwings:CrumbledWings 960 193
She corrodes star shapes into
the hearts of sleeping poets,
slowly, methodically.
:icondearpoetry:DearPoetry 152 37
Universe Girl
fell in love
with Pluto
while he was
still a planet;
she could only manage
to fall in love
with shooting stars
in the glare of your eyes.
what more could you truly ask
from a universe girl?
:icondearpoetry:DearPoetry 393 37
God called in sick today
God called in sick today,
and the sky is dancing.
People walked hand in hand
singing in tune with the damned.
Running without stories
‘this is what tragedy feels like’
dead is the new alive
but misery loves company.
Racing with the devil
one doesn't dare stop against
the lord of the damned
he laughs against the concrete.
Can one play with madness
as they dance on clouds of mind?
Heavens a lie when butterflies are flying in hurricanes
And God takes a day off.
Wasted time throwing rocks at stars
souls refuse their eternal rest
they drink a cup of galaxy for breakfast
hymn of the shameless.
Obsession is an ugly word.
When dead becomes the new alive
the devil walks the earth
and God takes a day off work.
:iconoilux:Oilux 329 120
Rainy day by arsenixc Rainy day :iconarsenixc:arsenixc 3,855 135
9729 kilometers away, to be exact.
i have these bones like flowers-
fragile and finely plucked,
these lily stargazers
are kissing ocean beds,
making love to sirens
while yearning
for a taste of her
i want to tape maps to my limbs-
throw caution to the wind
as i gather up
every love letter receipt,
from every false attempt
i ever wrote her
& forget for just a moment
that even still
light-years away,
she does not love me.
:icondearpoetry:DearPoetry 179 51
pretty little poet fingers
fabricated gods rest between the
languid crevices of
her fingertips, scribbling profanities
all over her skin.
she's just mismatched bones
& blue bruises, telling of forbidden
love through archaic letters.
a tongue made for
wanderlust, & eyes made
for the stars,
even the devil fears her.
:iconlupus-astra:lupus-astra 122 55
I Am
I am the shadow, and I am the light
I am the sunlight, and I am the night
I am the battle, and I am the fighter
I am the water, and I am the fire
I am a raindrop just ready to fall
I am the world, and yet…
No one at all.
:iconmikkimarie:MikkiMarie 2,811 688
DancingToDubstep by wwolf5 DancingToDubstep :iconwwolf5:wwolf5 1 12
~Until the Day I Die~ A Britain x Reader One Shot

"I'm sorry, Miss (l/n). The results came back, and it's positive. We weren't able to catch it soon enough, but we'd be more than happy to make you comfortable if you'd like to check in."
You looked at your fingers solemnly, tears welling in your eyes, "No, I'd rather not be confined to a bed."
"I understand, but you know that we can prolong the time if you'd stay here."
"I do, but it's not really my last days unless I'm spending it how I want to.."
The doctor's eyes softened as he glanced over at you again. "You're right, (f/n). I hope you make them the best they can be." He turned to go out of the door. "I'm estimating a week from today, however I could be wrong. I'm truly sorry," he said as he passed through the doorway.You clutched the paper in your hands, eyes glued to the ugly words written in bold. POSITIVE. It was only a few weeks ago that everything was normal and now, all of a sudden, you were dying from cancer. With not e
:iconangelicdusk:angelicdusk 507 194
Shrine to some favorites.


I'd like to say thank you for everyone that's given me favourites, comments, or anything of the sort within the, wow, what, last few months?
I'm not going to respond because I know it's been a long time and I feel like it'd just be annoying if I were to now.
I haven't really had the resolve to be on here, and I don't know that I do now.
I just thought I'd let you know where I'd gone.
I've been around, but haven't really had the urge to write or read or respond to anything here...
I'm sorry.
If you are still watching me, I love you, and I appreciate it.
If you are not, I am sorry to see you go.
Thanks guys.
And you know, if you happen to feel like finding me, and you happen to play Minecraft, you can find me on
See you around, my dearest friends.
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United States
Photo done by this gloriously wonderful artist/my bffae, wwolf5 ;D


Welcome aboard to my profile, and the fabulous journey I hope my gallery shall take you on. I am Kitzy2011, also known as Kitz, Kitty, and Kitzy.
I mostly do literature, though I have the habit of posting random sketches and miscellaneous artwork upon occasion.
I don't really have anything else to say here.
If you want to know more about me, shoot me a note.
I love comments, favourites, conversations, debates, watches, notifications, notes, and smiles from those who can carry on an intelligent conversation.
I love comments, favourites, watches, notes, and notifications from all.

I play a lot of Minecraft.

I'm a total My Chemical Romance/Gerard Way fangirl soo
If you are too feel free to randomly chat to me about that ;v;
My favourite quote ever:
"One day your life will flash before your eyes. Make sure it's worth watching.
-- Gerard Way

And yea. Any other questions, ask :)

Also, I thank for everything, it's my policy. If you don't want me to thank you for favourites, watches, etc. let me know and I won't. :)

My Beautiful Flag Map ;v;

Flag Counter
Put up on 3-23-2013

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Hi, and welcome to my donation pool! Since it seems you may have taken an interest, I will go into small detail.

Once I get a PM, I plan to try and get ones for SummerStorm98s and wwolf5. Once that is accomplished, I will work on giving points to those who need them the most, and getting PM's to others. After all, I have no real use for the points besides that.

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