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March '06 Desktop - Technus

By Kitzira
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Whee, ya'd think all I post are desktops and wallpapers that I've done.

This is this month's or so. The drawing itself is from [link] 's sketches she posted on LJ awhile back. I just colored it with Photoshop's pen tool.

The colored artwork will not be found online ever, due to respecting the orginal artist.
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I want that as my backround
FatesGuardian's avatar
So... Effing... Cute!
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EEEEKKK! that is soooooo cute! Technus is one of my most favorit chars from the show. :giggle:
Porcelain-Postmortem's avatar
Zoooomfg Technus is all cute. *squeals*
Soraka-chan's avatar
Thank you for crediting me, although, next time, please tell me before you post art of mine anywhere I don't know about, aky? I would greatly appreciate that. And, again, great job on the coloring ^^
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Yea, that's why I didn't post the thing as a wallpaper. A screenshot of my desktop kinda makes it unusable for anyone else to really do anything with.

And I could never figure out how DA does the name linking to other DArtists. So I just had to do a direct link to ya! The FAQ here needs ta be better. x.x
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I would of been so so piss off if you didn't credit Soraka work :rofl:... I mean, now days, we get alot of art thieves.. Does *Soraka-chan know about this oO?
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