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The Pone Wars 3.6: Clone Car



I still don't like doing battle scenes, but I made an effort for this one.  I know it was supposed to have six princesses in it, but I didn't feel inspired to make more than one new model; if you look at panel 6 just above Moon Moth's ear you can see Lady Gallivant (based on Adi Gallia, a background Jedi Master in the movies and one of the protagonists of the Jedi Starfighter series).  We'll just pretend the others are off-panel :)

I've started to run into a problem with my workflow whereby I have poses which have or lack various accessories and I often overlook them when compositing the images - I had to go back to this page and add Luna's crown back in, since prior to this she'd mostly appeared in informal settings and wasn't wearing it.  It's not a major difficulty with most characters, but it can be troublesome with characters like Skywishes who aren't symmetrical (so I frequently have to go and swap out which cutie mark she's displaying if I designed a pose facing left and end up flipping it).

This page ended up being a mashup of two pages, so I had to cut a whole bunch of exposition that explained why a hive full of changedlings would be so keen on watching princesses get torn apart by wild beasts, but it basically boiled down to 'not everychangeling is as much of a wet blanket as Thorax' (this page was created before 'To Change a Changeling' aired, so that worked out nicely once again). In any case, this hive's livelihood is manufacturing weapons, so it kind of goes without saying that they'd be much less hippyish than their ancestors.

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